Cool Little Details in Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) – Prince Bojji’s Disability


Bojji has been labeled as useless and dumb simply because he can’t hear. Worse is that he has also been looked down upon, especially as a candidate for the throne, because he is viewed as weak. While he isn’t necessarily a carbon copy of King Boss, his evasiveness is also nothing to scoff at. Even so, that doesn’t seem enough to convince the others of his strength.

Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in real life. Some people mistake deaf people’s inability to hear as a reflection of their intelligence. Of course, that is not true. While communication may be a bit different, a deaf person has only lost their hearing but not their cognitive ability. That is given that they don’t have any other condition affecting their cognition. Similar to Bojji, many deaf people are also discriminated against in the workplace. In fact, landing a job in itself is already a problem for a lot of deaf people regardless of their qualifications. Why? Discrimination.


One of Bojji’s interesting abilities is lip-reading. Lip-reading isn’t an entirely new concept in anime as a lot of characters, mostly those regarded as geniuses, know how to do this. A common stereotype, however, is that deaf people can innately do this. It is true that some deaf people are benefitting from this, but not everybody can lip-read. Just like any skill, it requires studying and practice. Also, lip-reading isn’t really just observing a person’s mouth. It also requires observing facial expressions, gestures, and context. Even with all these factors present, only a fraction of what is spoken can actually be lip-read. While these prove how difficult lip-reading can be, it also highlights how amazing Bojji is.

Residual Voice

Another interesting detail that Ranking of Kings shows is Bojji’s vocalizations. It is another misconception that deaf people are also mute. It is true that most of them cannot speak like a hearing person, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the ability to use speech. What happens is that they aren’t able to use it given the fact that they’ve never received any stimulus to learn from. In simpler terms, it’s the same as not knowing how to speak Slovakian simply because you’ve never had the chance to study it. By extension, being deaf doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t make any sound, just as what Bojji shows in the anime.

Another interesting fact is that there is a population of deaf people that can actually speak. While there may still be some notable differences to a hearing person’s speech, it is more than functional for daily conversation. This is usually done by learning how to produce individual sounds and eventually stringing them into words, then sentences.

Final Thoughts

Ranking of Kings has been a pleasant surprise this season, and the fact that it has these interesting little details just makes it better. In addition to that, it also doesn’t romanticize nor over-focus on Bojji’s impairment. It’s presented as nothing more than one aspect of his character, and we love that. If you think we’ve missed something or we’ve got anything wrong, feel free to educate us in the comment section below.

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