Dance Dance Dance! Don’t Miss Οut on These Fall 2021 Music Anime

Fall anime season 2021 is well on its way, and we are so happy to see several series with music at their core. Every season we get a few idol anime, but in this one, we have variety and quality!

We are going to take a look into Takt Op. Destiny, a visually and musically stunning sci-fi adventure, Muteking the Dancing Hero, a colorful 80s revival superhero anime, and Visual Prison, a fujoshi-friendly anime with vampire rockers. By the end of this article, we hope that you will have discovered a new music anime obsession!

Classical Music Galore in Takt Op. Destiny

Takt is a music prodigy but unfortunately, he lives in a society that does not allow music, and for a very good reason. Alien organisms, the D2s, have invaded Earth and their killer instincts are activated by the slightest tunes, just the first notes of a musical piece, and then they wreak havoc on whole cities. Together with Destiny and Anna, Takt goes on a journey to New York City.

With such a zany premise, we didn’t know what to expect from Takt Op. Destiny, but it has really turned around our preconceptions, with sci-fi, epic fights, and classical music, combined beautifully. We recommend Takt Op. Destiny if you love anime with beautiful visuals, a crisp classical score, and if you believe that impressive post-apocalyptic fights go well with the sound of the grand piano.

80s Retro Goodness in Muteking the Dancing Hero

Muteki moves to Neo San Francisco, a futuristic metropolis made to resemble our collective imagination of the 1980s. There he reunites with his grandma and meets DJ, who introduces him to the many spectacles of the city. Bright colors and funky music abound, Neo San Francisco is, unfortunately, threatened by austere Ceo, a tech billionaire who wants to turn the city into his monopoly, a minimalist two-tone area lacking the fun complexity and grit of its current state. Muteki, when dancing, can turn into Muteking, and defend Neo San Francisco against Ceo.

Don’t get discouraged by the low score: Muteking is a PG-13 anime, in old kids' animation style. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does not mean that it is not a good show. In fact, if you love old tokusatsu-style anime, retro aesthetics, and don’t mind a bit of predictability in the plot -- at least, until episode 5! -- Muteking the Dancing Hero is a solid, fun watch, with a great soundtrack and frenetic energy.

Visual Kei is Undead in Visual Prison

Ange Yuki is a dhampir, half-human, and half-vampire, who finds out about “Visual Prison”, the vampire music competition, under the Red Moon! Two bands, ECLIPSE and LOST EDEN, represent two factions within the vampire community: the first want to maintain the status quo while the latter want to stop protecting humanity and pursue their bloodlust. Who will win?

We have already featured Visual Prison, a niche music anime that takes its concept very seriously. This is all about visual kei, a flashy, glam, and goth-inspired, rock music genre from Japan, abound with beautiful costumes. The soundtrack is excellent, so if you love this genre, you have to give Visual Prison a go.

Final Thoughts

We are stoked to see so many good music anime this season, and we think they all deserve your attention. Which tunes are you going to dance to? J-rock, or perhaps 80s dance music? Or perhaps you are a fan of classical music performed with passion and precision? There is something for everyone! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite music style, and thank you for reading!

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