Devils Line Review - The Brooding Vampire and the Gentle Girl

The Brooding Vampire and the Gentle Girl

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, Vampire
  • Airing Date : April 7, 2018 to June 23, 2018
  • Studios : Platinum Vision

Contains Spoilers

Devils Line Introduction

Tsukasa Taira has enjoyed a normal college life with her friends, but she has recently started feeling as if she is being watched. Things get even worse when she learns of a string of young girls being brutally murdered. Tsukasa’s fears are realized when she encounters the person who attacked the other girls and he turns out to be a vampire. Tsukasa is saved by Yuuki Anzai who is able to easily defeat the vampire. However, Tsukasa soon finds out that the man who saved her is also a vampire and that vampires don't need to drink blood to live, but they do turn into uncontrollable monsters when they get a craving for blood. Tsukasa hates Anzai at first due to his cold and brash nature, but the two start to grow closer as Anzai protects Tsukasa from the vampires that come for her.

Why You Should Watch Devils Line

1. The Main Characters

Anzai and Tsukasa are the most interesting part of Devils Line. With Anzai and Tsukasa being the perfect foil for each other, the differences between the two of them is what carries the majority of the story. Everything from their attitudes to the tone and emotion in their voices are the exact opposite of each other. Anzai and Tsukasa are able to bring out different aspects of each other's character, making each of them deeper and more interesting characters than every other character in Devils Line.

2. Action

Whenever there is a battle between two vampires, the viewer is granted with an action scene that is both exciting and visually pleasing. Everything except the fast-moving chase scenes are executed well and the actions scenes provide a good bit of graphic violence without ever going full blown gore.

3. The Sound Design

Perhaps the most impressive part of Devils Line is the sound design. Everything fits so well with the show, from the sound effects to the background music, none of the sounds feel out of place and add to the overall tone of the show. There are a few actions scenes that seem to be lacking with the sound effects, but every other scene is executed very well. Devils Line also has a great opening and ending songs.

Why You Should Skip Devils Line

1. A Trope Filled Story

Just about every vampire romance trope you can think of is featured in Devils Line. Many of the tropes are hard to get away from due to the nature of the story and Devils Line doesn't do itself any favors by having generic setups and executions to its relationship between its main characters in both their romantic and everyday lives. Outside of the tropes, Devils Line also has a big problem with its story going mostly nowhere in terms of the advancement of the romantic relationship between Anzai and Tsukasa. While they do grow closer over time, Devils Line continuously teases the viewer with a bit of progress in the relationship only for it to nowhere.

2. Too Serious Too Often

The two main aspects in Devils Line are the romantic relationship between Anzai and Tsukasa and the fighting between the vampires and the government. With both of these being serious in their own way, it would be nice to mix it up with a bit of humor or more lighthearted moments. However, Devils Line decides to mix up its serious moments with even more serious moments, never giving the viewer a moment of respite from its dark and gritty world.

3. Lackluster Visuals

While the action scenes may be impressive at times, the rest of the visuals in Devils Line are uninteresting and bland. The backgrounds are very plain and lack anything to set it them apart from a typical anime set in a big city. Also, the character designs leave much to be desired with generic designs for the supporting cast and static facial expressions.

Final Thoughts

Devils Line has some interesting storylines and plot elements that are often let down by the tropes and poor execution. Despite its flaws, Devils line isn't a terrible anime by any means. With a dark and gritty world, tons of action, and an intense romance, Devils Line has enough here if you are a fan of the genre.

What did you think of Devils Line? Is it worth watching or is it not worth your time? Let us know in the comments below.

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