Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) 1st Cours Review – Fighting Fire with Fire

Fighting Fire with Fire

  • Episodes : 24
  • Genre : Action, Supernatural, Shounen
  • Airing Date : July 2019 - Ongoing
  • Producers : David Production

Contains Spoilers

Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)

In the future, most of Earth is burning and the surviving humans try to live their lives in peace. But for some unknown reason and without warning, some humans burst into flames and lose all their consciousness as they attack others mercilessly. They’re called Infernals, the first generation of victims of the “Spontaneous Human Combustion”. Second generation and Third generation survivors don’t lose their human form and even gain powers, which is why most of them join the Fire Force, a special group of Firefighters who have sworn to destroy the Infernals and find out why the fire keeps going and destroying what’s left of humanity.

Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic who can burst flames from his feet, has just joined the Special Fire Force Company 8. Although he was blamed for the death of his mother and younger brother, Shinra is determined to become a hero and save innocents from the flames. But as he realizes that being a hero is harder than he thought, he and the Eight Company will find themselves flung into a huge conspiracy that could engulf the world in flames.

Why You Should Watch Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)

1. The Plot Is Very Original

Let’s be completely honest here: Pyrokinetic Firefighters are a winning concept. Fighting fire with fire is a valid strategy in real life, and Enen no Shouboutai takes it to the extreme. And as the story advances and we find out about the conspiracy within the Fire Force itself, it’s impossible to figure out what the next twist will be.

2. The Fire Animation Is Gorgeous

Fire is not easy to animate while still making it look both beautiful and menacing when you have a week to make each episode. And yet, Enen no Shouboutai has fire everywhere. Everyone’s powers have a distinctive look and even the infernals manage to be different from each other. Just for that, every episode is worth watching for the great effort of the animators.

3. Every Character Is Special

Shounen anime sometimes don’t have the time to develop every character except for the main one and maybe his rival. But in Enen no Shoboutai everyone gets the spotlight, even more than Shinra himself. We get to see every Fire Force member’s past, as well as their reasons to join the force, and because of that, it’s easy to fall in love with all of them.

Why You Should Skip Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)

1. It Takes a While to Get to the Main Plot

While the anime is a lot shorter than the manga, and it doesn’t have any filler episodes, it still takes some time to show the real villains of the piece. Enen no Shouboutai has an interesting world-building and most the first half of the season is dedicated to it so we don't really get to see the big bad villains until episode 9. If you are not a fan of slow-burn stories, Enen no Shouboutai my not be for you.

2. The Comic Relief Characters Can Get Annoying

With a story that relies on people being burnt to death, it’s not surprising that Enen no Shouboutai needs to lighten the mood from time to time. For this, we have characters like the incredibly dense Arthur, and the unlucky Tamaki. Unfortunately, while the mood change is welcomed most of the time, after a while of seeing Arthur just not get what’s going on or Tamaki getting naked yet again, their presence can be tiresome to some.

3. The Fanservice Can Be Obtrusive to The Plot

Fanservice is a part of anime, we all know that. But we also know that there is a time and a place for it and that the middle of a hugely important battle where children's lives are at stake may not be it. With Tamaki's "Lecher Lure" bad luck power that leaves her naked and in precarious situations with every male around her, the fanservice in Enen No Shoboutai can interrupt important scenes, so if that’s not your cup of tea, we recommend you avoid the series.

Final Thoughts

If you like original shounen with a likable cast, menacing villains and an intriguing story, Enen no Shoboutai, or Fire Force, is going to be worth your while. If you’re a fan of the manga, the adaptation is fast and loyal to the story, so you will enjoy it too. Of course, if you have already watched it, we’d love to hear your opinions on the story, the plot and the characters. Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Enen-no-Shouboutai-Fire-Force-300x450 Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) 1st Cours Review – Fighting Fire with Fire


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