Fantasy & Action Anime, Luck And Logic 2nd Season Confirmed!

luck and logic

What You Need to Know:

  • Today is was announced via anime news blog, Yaraon, that hot spring anime Luck and Logic has been confirmed to be getting a second season!
  • The following is the frst season's plot synopsis: In the Year L.C. 922 humanity has now reached a new crisis. In the land of the gods, Tetra Heaven, a war lasting centuries has come to a close. Searching for a new home, the gods chose Septpia and began an assault on this new planet to take it over. The Logicalists, acting as part of the organization ALCA, are a special division of police that keep the world safe. However now, foreigners, the gods, are now invading and the must fight against them. Some Logicalists though, depending on their abilities, are able to “trance” or fuse with a goddess from the other world in order to fight back against the invading gods. One day, a normal, everyday citizen, Yoshichika Tsurugi, who lived happily with his family and lacked “Logic”, suddenly meets the goddess Athena when an attack happened. In her hands she holds the “Logic” that Yoshichika desperately needs in order to fight back. Together the young Logicalists take “Luck” and “Logic” together to make a future for themselves…
  • Be sure to check out the page here for the first season and get excited for the second season!
Luck and Logic Second Season Announcement

Source: Yaraon Blog

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The card game must be selling well...
If it's going to get a second season, the studio needs to try a bit harder in the drawing department.
The drawing is fine... it's the scripts that need a bit of a touch up!
This is sort of sudden... lolololololol

honey's anime character
Luck and logic was fun! I'm looking forward to this.

honey's anime character
I happen to agree with commentor #3. The character design could be a bit better and more clean.