Fight On! Best Fights in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi (The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace)

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi (The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace) is full of intense, colorful, bloody, outrageous fights, and we are here for it. Easily king of the season if epic fights with a hilarious twist are your thing, Idaten entertains and shocks. We picked our favorite encounters between the crazy powerful deities and the demons, and rated them based on shock value and fun factor! Let’s take a look!

4. Prontea vs Hayato (Episode 4)

Encounters between these two are pure fun as Prontea teaches Hayato to use his power and speed effectively. The ordeals Hayato has to go through are some of the most fun instances in Idaten, and when he is against Prontea, we get a super entertaining duo. Hayato is a blockhead who jumps into fights without thinking about technique, so it is amazing to see what he can achieve when it’s spelled out to him how to leverage his speed. So, this is one of our favorite battles between OP characters. Even if we know that Prontea has the upper hand, it’s awesome seeing Hayato becoming even stronger!

3. Piscalat vs Ysley (Episode 5)

Ysley is not strong like Rin and Prontea or quick on his feet like Paula, but he is super smart. Using his quick wits he manages to capture Piscalat, a formidable enemy and the General of the Zoble army. This is a different demon breed, they are far more intelligent and resemble humans with the strength of demons. However, as Ysley explains, the demons’ new traits can also be a disadvantage, as they now have feelings like fear, shame, and pride. He tricks Piscalat, shames her by casting an attack that rips off her clothes, and drugs her with poison. This is the end of Piscalat as we know her because she’s soon going to be brainwashed by Ysley and turned into the Idaten’s minion.

2. Rin vs All Her Students (Various Episodes)

Ok, if you walked into Idaten without a clue about the story, you would have been horrified like us by Rin’s treatment of her students. It’s a shtick that doesn’t get old. Hayato is thrown off into the air, crashes into mountains, and gets his heart beaten out by his sensei. Prontea is forever traumatized by Rin, avoiding her for hundreds of years, because of the strict training he underwent with her. Paula and Ysley get back to their training routine when the demons reappear, fully knowing that they are going to regret that decision. Students getting training by an OP sensei is a staple in many action anime, but we don’t see a brutal teacher such as Rin often. It helps that the Idaten are immortal and can start over after a near-death beating!

1. Queen Brandy vs Rin (Episode 7)

The thing with Idaten vs demons is that we know the Idaten are insanely powerful and the demons don’t have much of a chance against them. Still, Brandy has to fight against Rin in a battle to the death and, for a moment, she thinks she might win. Brandy’s strategy of hiding among the dead bodies and controlling them with her hair, casting a razor-sharp, invisible net around Rin is a genius idea. Rin is the ultimate OP fighter but not the brightest, so she falls for the trap and loses her limbs. However, she does manage to recover and she swiftly eliminates Brandy. We have mad respect for Brandy’s effort, even though the demons are the “bad guys”, they do show bravery against literal gods who can wipe them out in a single breath.

Final Thoughts

And there you have them, the weirdest, goriest, most fun fights you will see in The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace! We’ve got an OP sensei training students to death, demon queens against powerful deities, genius kids against army generals, and more! All these scenes are delivered with the trademark dark humor of Idaten, which makes it stand out from many other action anime.

Have we featured your favorite fight? And, who do you think is the strongest of them all? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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