Figuring Out Relationships Is a Pain (How Do We Relationship Vol. 1)

  • Mangaka : Tamifull
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yuri
  • Published : June 9, 2020

Introduction (No Spoilers)

When it comes to relationships, most of us are absolutely clueless during the first time. During that time, a simple gesture like holding hands can send a crippling chill down our spines and keep our hearts beating on week’s end. We get it. That’s normal, but we still can’t help shuddering reminiscing about it.

In How Do We Relationship? we witness how one newly formed lesbian couple wades their way through a swamp known as “relationship”.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

How Do We Relationship? tells the story of Miwa and Saeko. From the unconventional way of ending up together to how they fix relationship problems together. The series tackles each issue properly without passing it over as trivial. It also does a good job of portraying realistic reactions of both the main characters and the not-so-main characters. The good thing is that the series is not all about the downsides of things, but the fortunate circumstances as well. They are both lucky to be surrounded by a supportive and reliable group of friends.

Why You Should Read How Do We Relationship?

1. Hot Yuri Action

Right after flipping through the first few pages, we are already greeted with some hot scenes. The first volume also ended with the same amount of heat. No, the series is not hentai. Although there are plenty of scenes detailing their sexual encounters. The good thing about the series, though, is that these scenes are not just fanservice. The plot actually calls for it, and the author simply adheres to it. They are hot, but also sensical.

2. Reality For Most People

The stories of Miwa and Saeko are just two representations of what most closet lesbians/bisexuals are experiencing. Nonetheless, they are a precise representation of the struggles they do face. Miwa’s uncomfortableness to open up about her sexuality due to societal pressure is very common in the community. In addition to that, Saeko’s experiences of being betrayed, viewed as some sort of monster, and being left alone are also as real as it can be. The series tackles these issues in a very realistic manner.

Why You Should Skip How Do We Relationship?

1. Lacking Romantic Build-up

The series is a bit too fast into making Miwa and Saeko a couple. They get drunk, then Saeko asks Miwa to go out with her, and they are ultimately a couple. That kind of thing does not happen in real life. Especially if they are not yet that acquainted with each other. The author does explain the reasoning behind it at the end, but their relationship still will make more sense if some sort of build-up happened.

Final Thoughts

How Do We Relationship? tackles realistic struggles that most lesbians experience. It starts a bit weird, but it does great in the long run. We do understand that it’s still the first volume, and it’s too early to put a decisive verdict on it, but we are certain that we like what we’re reading. If you are tired of the cliched yuri manga, then give this series a try. Once you do, we’ll love to hear your thoughts about it too!

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