First Impressions of the Aquarail in PUBG

Aquarail-PUBG-1-560x338 First Impressions of the Aquarail in PUBG

What You Need to Know:

  • Miramar is officially out for players to skydive their way into for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and we’re so thrilled to be a part of the entire experience. For so long, we’ve yearned for an opportunity to be able to finally discover a new world outside of Erangel, and now Miramar allows us to do so in an incredible way. Along with the new map comes new vehicles and the one we’ll be looking at is the fun and exciting Aquarail!
  • We wrote an article previously on what vehicles we’d love to see introduced into PUBG and one of them was the Jet-Ski. Just a couple days after we published that article the PUBG team unveiled the Aquarail, the latest vehicle addition to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and we must say it’s a very impressive addition! The minute we hopped on the Aquarail it became very clear that this would become the quintessential escape option for those who choose to take their battles to the water, because of its great handling and above average speed.
  • While the motorboat is much larger and provides slightly more protection than the Aquarail, it lacks in speed and it doesn’t handle very well especially when it comes to dealing with tight corners. The Aquarail on the other hand can zip across the open water seamlessly, allowing you to zig-zag your way out of trouble and with the second seat available, your teammate can dish out the damage with no issue.
  • Your point of view seems to be increased as well since we were able to look directly behind us to see if we were being followed. That in itself makes it a much better get-away vehicle than the motorboat. Our only gripe with the Aquarail is the design, which we only assume is a placeholder and will be modified in some way come full release. The wooden exterior just looks strange to us and would much rather prefer something a little more stylish in the long run.

Aquarail-PUBG-1-560x338 First Impressions of the Aquarail in PUBG
That Wave Race 64 music had me dying! Haha
Aquarail-PUBG-1-560x338 First Impressions of the Aquarail in PUBG
It really does move fast on the water! I imagine some funny moments when players start shooting at each other on them.