Hero Mask 2nd Season Announced to Start August 23!

HERO MASK 2nd Season

Drama, Action, Police

Airing Date:
August 23 2019

Other Seasons:

Studio Pierrot

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(This is the second season of Hero Mask)

A mysterious being named Mask appears in front of detective James Blood. The being behind it is someone who should not exist. So... then... what is this mask…?

Set in a beautiful city, the curtain on this crime and action story rises.

Characters & Voice Actors List

James Blood

Voice Actor: Yasuyuki Kase

Sarah Sinclair

Voice Actor: Yuuko Kaida

Lenox Gallagher

Voice Actor: Junpei Morita

Edmond Chandler

Voice Actor: Kentarou Takano

Harry Creighton

Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

Geffrey Connor

Voice Actor: Yuzuru Aoyama

Steven Martland

Voice Actor: Takayuki Sugo

Richard Burner

Voice Actor: Yutaka Nakano


Main Staff
  • Director: Hiroyasu Aoki
  • Series Composition: Hiroyasu Aoki
  • Character Design: Takahisa Katagiri
  • Sound Director: Souichirou Kubo
  • Music: Hisaki Katou

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