Top 10 Coolest Characters in Hero Mask

Drawing heavy influence from big-budget Hollywood action movies, Hero Mask is an anime filled to the brim with high-octane action. However, you can't have an action movie, without cool characters to go along with it. Luckily, Hero Mask has no shortage of cool characters to make the most out of its story. Today, we are going to be looking at these characters as we countdown the top ten coolest characters in Hero Mask. We will be looking at all of the aspects that make the characters cool. Whether that is their character design, the action scenes they are in, their personalities, or the way the characters are handled in the story each character will have at least one of these aspects that help make them stand out amongst the other cool characters in Hero Mask.

10. Jasper

An unusual choice for our first entry on this list, Jasper is the most inconsequential character on the list. Many of the characters on the list don't get a lot of screen time, but Jasper really only has a few scenes to make the most of his character. Serving as Anna's bodyguard and secretary, Jasper doesn't really get to have cool action moments, but he does it one episode where he really shines. The great thing about Jasper though, is that even when he is standing around doing nothing he still looks cool.

Although we don't get to see much of him, Jasper does have one thing that helps him make the list and that is his design. Jasper dresses dapperly and has a no-nonsense attitude. Jasper also gets to take part in one of the more interesting looking scenes in the whole series. While this may not seem like much, Jasper really stands out amongst the cast, looking like one of the strongest and coolest guys around.

9. Anna Whinehouse

Anna may not be the first character that comes to your mind when you think of cool characters, but there are plenty of aspects of her character that make her cool. Despite her less than a positive attitude, Anna was able to build up a pharmaceutical company and make it one of the most powerful corporations in the country. Anna is a driven individual who is able to strong arm her way into anything she wants. Anna is far from the most likeable character in Hero Mask, but there is no denying how awesome she is.

Another thing that makes Anna so cool is her design. With her demeanor and her wide array of facial expressions, Anna really looks like a bad guy. The serious expressions she makes pair perfectly with the rest of her character, showing off the negative personality traits that make her character so great. Although Anna doesn't get much development into her character, the little bit we do get a show just how cool she is.

8. Sarah Sinclair

After the death of Monica, Sarah dives head first into the investigation. Although she could have left it up to the SCC, Sarah is determined to find the truth about Monica's death. As a prosecutor, Sarah's never faced any kind of danger, but after doing some investigating with James she gets her first taste of a life-threatening situation. Even when facing death, Sarah pushes on in hopes of solving the mystery behind Monica's death.

Unlike everybody else in Hero Mask, Sarah is an average person and that's what makes her cool. It may seem weird to say she is cool because she has no special qualities, but in the world of Hero Mask, it really is an amazing trait to have. Sarah is surrounded by people that are stronger, smarter, and more influential than her, but despite all of that, she is able to continue on and work her hardest to solve the case. Her tireless work and her determination make her not only a cool character but a character you can empathize with.

7. Theo Lowe

Theo is a simple man that just wants to see his family one last time. Theo's life gets turned upside down after a series of terrible events that ended in him becoming a test subject for the masks. Now, Theo finds himself as one of the people who has gained powers in exchange for their life and freedom. Getting two episodes dedicated to him, we get to experience Theo's journey from beginning to end.

While we've looked at characters that had cool designs and characters that are cool because of their personalities, Theo makes his way onto the list in an unconventional way. Theo is a pretty cool character that is easy to like, but what really makes him stand out is the journey he goes on. With death awaiting him, Theo is willing to go to any lengths to help the SCC if it means getting to see his daughter one last time. Even when it looks like he won't be able to see his daughter, he still uses the last of his strength to help out Edmond. The way he approaches life and the sense of pride and honor he shows makes him pretty darn cool.

6. The Quartet

The quartet are a group of assassins that are hired to kill Fred Faraday. The group consists of a stoic femme fatale, a fun-loving explosives expert, a man who loves being in the middle of a firefight, and a guy who is too serious for his own good. Each member of the group has their own quirky personality, but they all share a strange pleasure they receive from killing. With James and Harry standing in their way, the quartet gives it everything they have to complete their mission.

It may be considered cheating to put a group of four people as one entry on the list, but since none of them actually have names and they are never seen by themselves, this kind of works. The quartet has a lot of qualities that make them cool. Each member of them quartet is a talented musician and a talented killer, they all also get at least one major action scene to really show off their fighting prowess. While some of the members may have been great enough had they gotten more time to develop as individual characters, the group makes a good entry for the halfway point on our list.

5. Lennox Gallagher

One of the heads of the SCC, Lennox serves as the leader of the mask investigation. The savvy veteran is a compassionate leader that is willing to help lead the SCC and help its young talent grown. Lennox takes James under his wing and tries his best to keep James' antics to a minimum. No matter what problems plague the city, Lennox does everything in his power to keep his people save.

Lennox shows off the true essence of being a cop time and time again. Despite being past his prime, Lennox still finds himself thrust into the field in order to save the city. Lennox is willing to do anything, even going as far as to sacrifice his left hand for a second time in order to bring peace. Lennox combines the best aspects of Edmond and James and rolls and pairs that with his many years of experience to be one of the coolest members of the SCC.

4. Edmond Chandler

The brain behind all of the SSC's latest and greatest inventions, Edmond serves as a foil to James with his serious attitude and always wanting to do things by the book. Although he has an important role at the SSC, Edmond can't help but compare himself to James. Edmond is somewhat unsure of himself and knows he isn't able to compete with James when it comes to pure physical talent. We get to see Edmond decide to overcome his shortcomings and devotes himself to finding out the secrets behind the mask.

Edmond may not have any awesome action sequences or supernatural powers, like some of the other characters on this list, but what he does have is a cool story. Edmond is a much more relatable character than any of the other main characters and we really get to see him struggle with some of his perceived inadequacies. This makes for the most inspiring side story in Hero Mask. As we see Demond grow throughout the story, we really get to see him come into his own, and become of the coolest characters in the whole series.

3. Grimm

Grimm is a really interesting guy. A serial killer who supposedly died in person, Grimm may be a little crazy. Despite his bloodthirsty nature, Grimm is a really cool character. In his relatively short amount of screen time, Grimm participates in some pretty awesome fights and is able to show off a couple of the coolest powers in Hero Mask. Whenever Grimm is on the screen, you know you are in for some epic and enjoyable moments.

While Grimm's fight scenes and unpredictable personally show off the coolest aspects of the character, he also just has a really cool design. Most of the characters in Hero Mask have designs that are fairly realistic, but Grimm's design is more like a typical anime character. His unique design really helps him stand out in Hero Mask's large cast of characters. Overall, Grimm is a character that is easy to hate in the context of the story but is also one of the coolest characters in both attitude and design.

2. Harry Creighton

Harry is a former police detective that left the SCC in order to help his ailing wife. With no regular doctor able to cure her, Harry turned to an underground doctor in order to save her life. Now working for the LIVE Corporation, Harry finds himself at odds with his fellow colleagues as his job is to hunt down and kill the mask users. Serving as a kind of rival to James, Harry is one of the few people we ever get to see stand up to James and give him a run for his money.

Harry has a lot going for him that makes him cool, he's got a mysterious and edgy design, he's somewhat of an antihero, and he has some very impressive combat skills. We get to see Harry in action when he fights James in the middle of a busy street. With cars, fists, and bullets flying by, Harry is able to stand his ground and go toe to toe with James. This is one of the better action scenes in Hero Mask and it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the greatness of Harry's character.

1. James Blood

Without a doubt, the coolest character in Hero Mask is the protagonist James Blood. James is the rebel of the SSC and does anything he has to in order to capture the bad guys. His stubbornness and willingness to break the rules in order to finish the job may not go over well with his superiors, but it adds to his characters edginess and overall coolness. With James willing to do anything to capture a criminal, he often gets in troublesome situations, but no matter how troublesome they may be, James always manages to find a way out.

James gets most of the best action scenes throughout the series, with each one showing off just how cool James can be. Whether it is epic car chases down busy streets or some close quarters combat, James is always able to win in the most stylish way possible. No matter what the situation is, James is always able to find a way to complete his job and look awesome doing it. James is really the total package when it comes to being a cool leading man, as he combines a rebellious attitude with a heroic spirit to go along with the skills of a badass action movie star.

Final Thoughts

That's it for our list of the coolest characters in Hero Mask. With the heavy action movie influences in the anime, it is no surprise we get to see so many cool characters over the course of the anime. Which character do you think is the coolest? Are there any characters you think should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

105 Top 10 Coolest Characters in Hero Mask


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