Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review

Save the world with anime girls

Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: miHoYo Limited
  • Developer: miHoYo Limited
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2018

Who it Caters to

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Are you an anime fan who loves all things anime and need an anime inspired game? Equally, do you enjoy playing mobile games but don’t want to have to pay a dime for them? Then we here at Honey’s Anime have some good news for you mobile gamers out there. Honkai Impact 3rd aims at delivering all that we mentioned above and a lot more. If you need an action brawler which is 100% free to play and can be played on either the Android or iOS, you’re going to want to hear what we have to say about Honkai Impact 3rd.

What to Expect

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Honkai Impact 3rd is a free to play third person action title with action in the form of cute girls kicking some serious butt. Players will take control of several girls who must do battle with an alien force. Use various characters who each use different weapons and battle against numerous foes. Level up your girls and their weapons to gain an upper hand in combat. With several difficulties to choose from, several girls to control in combat and new events being added, Honkai Impact 3rd is already showing potential to be one of the better mobile games around.


HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Honkai Impact 3rd tells the story of the Earth facing a terrible event due to an alien race invading dubbed as the Honkai. In order to combat the Honkai threat, elite female warriors are trained called Valkyrie. Able to harness the powers of advanced weapons and abilities, Valkyries are the only means of preventing humanity from being wiped out by the Honkai threat. Take control of a new captain boarding the battleship Hyperion as you take command of a group of Valkyries. Only your group of battle ready girls stands between the Hyperion and world destruction.


HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Recently, we here at Honey’s Anime began playing a mobile game called Honkai Impact 3rd and we already dove into it with an advertorial explaining our time with the game. However, after now having played a greater portion of Honkai Impact 3rd, we want to actually give the game a proper review. Join us, readers, as we dive into Honkai Impact 3rd and talk about our thoughts on it. Here is our review of Honkai Impact 3rd for Android and iOS devices! Let’s begin by talking about what Honkai Impact 3rd is really all about.

Honkai Impact 3rd takes players into the world of anime inspired girls called Valkyries who are the only hope for the world left. Players will take control of various Valkyries such as Kiana, Mei and several others girls who each control in varying ways. Kiana—the first Valkyrie you’ll gain control—is a dual gun wielding warrior who is akin to an all-around warrior while Mei is a shinobi-like warrior with agile moves. Yet, here’s the question probably on your mind at the moment. What are you actually going to do with these attractive but tough Valkyrie girls?

The main premise of Honkai Impact 3rd is to beat the living heck out of various enemies called Honkai. Players will need to punch, shoot, kick and slash numerous enemies with the Valkyrie they take control of. Each Valkyrie handles essentially the same but their combos and how they are utilized does differ greatly as some enemies are strong to some of the girls and equally weak as well. Mei—as we mentioned above—is nimble and able to dodge moves via a dash skill but equally lacks the attack power Kiana has. Another girl you unlock named Bronya doesn’t use her own fists but has a mech that can shoot attacks out giving her ranged abilities. Dodge attacks with proper timing and you can slow down time to defeat enemies and unleash huge hits with special attacks or combos. As of writing this review, there are several Valkyries that players can use and while the controls all handle the same for them, thanks to how Honkai Impact 3rd plays, each Valkyrie feels very different in design.

There is also an RPG element to Honkai Impact 3rd in the form of leveling up your Valkyries and equipping them for combat. Players can use other girls called Stigmata, which can be equipped to a Valkyrie giving them boosts to their various stats. You can also level up weapons via breaking down materials and/or other weapons for reinforcement purposes. Even if you don’t like a particular Valkyrie, we do recommend leveling them all up as some will come in handy during different stages—of which 5 stages of several levels each are available to play—and not having them might make your time a bit more difficult in combat. Level up your girls and make them stronger so hard mode stages will be a breeze to get through!

Now we mentioned earlier in our review of Honkai Impact 3rd that this is an anime inspired game. Well folks, we weren’t just saying that to hook you. Honkai Impact 3rd has every element of an anime with characters and visuals that mirror anime-like themes. What’s even better is that these visuals could be almost compared to a console download title. Honkai Impact 3rd is easily one of the most gorgeous mobile games we’ve played in some time here at Honey’s Anime and the fact that it looks like an anime title is just icing on the cake. Honestly, if Honkai Impact 3rd becomes an anime one day, we won’t be surprised, and we’d gladly review that series when it finishes airing.

Finally, let us talk about another element we really love about Honkai Impact 3rd and that is that it’s free to play entirely. Players of Honkai Impact 3rd can make purchases in-game via microtransactions—these are for items like more stamina to keep playing, material to level up and stigmata to use—but none of these items are needed to thoroughly enjoy Honkai Impact 3rd. Even when we played for quite a bit during our review sessions, we found ourselves doing a dozen or so missions and never running out of energy to use. Plus, leveling up is easy thanks to multiple difficulties that add more experience earned and items to gain. A lot of mobile games pretend to be free but require players to invest a lot of cash to get the whole experience. Honkai Impact 3rd isn’t like that and the actual real-world purchases are just going to help you get leveled up faster but aren’t needed if you don’t want them.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Honkai Impact 3rd is easily one of the most impressive mobile games we’ve played in quite a long time here at Honey’s Anime. Not only do the visuals look incredible and the combat is both smooth and responsive, but Honkai Impact 3rd has potential to keep getting better with the events and updates already releasing for it. What makes Honkai Impact 3rd even better is that it is 100% free! Sure, there are in-game purchases you can make that will help you level considerably faster but honestly, we had no issues leveling up normally by just doing the missions on harder difficulty. Honkai Impact 3rd is a title we think you folks will really like and should download it as soon as you can.

Honey's Pros:

  • Impressive almost console level visuals
  • Responsive and simple controls
  • Anime-like story and presentation
  • Free to play
  • Several characters who each play quite differently

Honey's Cons:

  • Could use some more environments to fight in

Honey's Final Verdict:

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review
Mobile games can either be quick games that lose enjoyment fast or require so many in-game purchases that they really aren’t free ultimately. That isn’t the case with Honkai Impact 3rd. We really are loving Honkai Impact 3rd as it is free but looks and plays like a game that we could easily see us paying $20 dollars or more. With constant updates and new events being added, Honkai Impact 3rd is looking to be a game we won’t grow bored of any time soon. Download Honkai Impact 3rd for free today and we highly doubt you’ll regret it! Are you thinking of trying out Honkai Impact 3rd? Tell us in the comments below and for all your gaming reviews and article needs be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3-capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd - Android/iOS Review


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