Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!

New Valkyrie and Summer Fun

Game Info

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: miHoYo Limited
  • Developer: miHoYo Limited
  • Release Date: June 20, 2018

Who it Caters to

Honkai Impact 3rd Weapon - Oath of Judah

Fans of Honkai Impact 3rd, rejoice…again! A new update has become available adding quite a bit to the already huge Honkai Impact 3rd experience. For the summertime, new outfits have been added for your lovely girls and even new Stigmata are feeling the summertime heat. However, if dress up isn’t your thing, there’s a new story mode that might pique your interests! Grab your mobile devices now and download the FREE update for Honkai Impact 3rd. If you need a reason why, stay for our review and we’ll be sure to convince you all why Honkai Impact 3rd isn’t done with its big updates yet!

What to Expect

HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!
Once more, Honkai Impact 3rd has shown it’s got plenty more to unleash on your mobile device of choice. Not only are there summertime events to get some of your lovely ladies in scantily clad clothes, but a new story mode event has been added as well. Players will assume the role of a young Valkyrie named Theresa who feels the way of her organization goes against her principles. Take down numerous threats and reveal a back story contained hidden in the story’s narrative. If you’ve been craving a reason to reenter Honkai Impact 3rd, this might be the time to do so, folks!


HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!
Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest update brings forth a new story that takes place in the past. Following Theresa—who later becomes one of the leaders of the Valkyries—we see the nun-like warrior go from B rank to S rank. Players will also gain some unseen info into the world of the Valkyries through data reports that explain the testing process and how Valkyries weren’t always a successful venture. Theresa had something to prove when her friends/comrades were in danger and thus, she armed herself and headed into the Honkai fray. What transpired is the story you’ll see unveil itself before you in Honkai Impact 3rd’s summer update!


HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!
Honkai Impact 3rd apparently isn’t done with us fans yet, ladies and gentlemen. Not long after the last big update which had us taking control of a katana wielding warrior named Sakura Samsara, we are once more thrown into a big update with a new Valkyrie, new story and new missions to undertake. Have you put down your phones to give Honkai Impact 3rd a break? Well, we here at Honey’s Anime are about to tell you why you need to boot up Honkai Impact 3rd for the latest update in our update review! Join us as we explain what to expect from this new summertime content.

We’re going to assume you played Honkai Impact 3rd and are aware of the gorgeous anime themed visuals and awesome 3rd person action elements. With this update review, we’ll just explain what you’re getting and if it’s worth caring about. With the latest update for Honkai Impact 3rd, you’re going to see several new events pop up. One will be a summertime orientated event where you fight Honkai with your team to help unlock new Stigmata and outfits—bikinis and such—for your beautiful Valkyries. However, the biggest addition to Honkai Impact 3rd comes in a new mode that has players following Theresa and that is where the crux of the new content comes from.

In Theresa’s story mode, players will see the world of Honkai Impact 3rd from the past as a young Valkyrie rose up the ranks as she battled various threats. This multi staged event gives some pleasing amount of backstory—told through still cut scenes and voice narration—and allows players to engage in new locations against some new Honkai variants. As a whole, the gameplay remains the same, but Theresa herself is easily one of the coolest Valkyries with her long-ranged attacks and area of effect skills. Theresa carries a gigantic cross on her back—reminding us a bit of Vash the Stampede’s Nicholas D. Wolfwood—but uses psychic attacks and unleashes missiles and other powers from her cross when she activates it. It doesn’t change the gameplay up for Honkai Impact 3rd, but her moves and abilities make for fun combo heavy abilities and once you unlock enough of her puzzle pieces, you’ll gain her as an invaluable Valkyrie to use for your team.

Aside from her character, the new story mode for Theresa is pretty neat. We loved the dialogue as it tells about the Valkyrie project and equally gives some insight on the world of Honkai Impact 3rd. The missions themselves are also clever as some of them are 2 staged where you’ll need to create teams of two to survive multiple encounters. On normal, your overpowered Theresa will lay waste to the enemies, but on Hard mode, you’ll find the challenge a bit tougher but for some good rewarding chances. Is it worth playing through Theresa’s tale for her character? Yes, absolutely and you’re going to want her for the more daunting missions in the other summertime events.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!
The latest update for Honkai Impact 3rd continues the trend of adding so much content we even struggle to do it all. Not only does Theresa have basically her own story mode, but the path to getting the swimsuit costumes and new Stigmata will make sure you’re kept busy for at least a dozen or more hours. As fans of Honkai Impact 3rd, we don’t mind more to do and we doubt others will disagree. Can you nab all the summertime swimwear for the Valkyries and save the world through the eyes of the little warrior Theresa? If you think you can, go and download the new—free—update for Honkai Impact 3rd right now! You don’t even need to ask us, we of course recommend nabbing it as soon as you can to get all perks before they end!

Honey's Pros:

  • Theresa kicks some serious butt
  • New swimwear to fit the summertime season
  • New story mode with tons of lore and new events to take on
  • More Stigmata to nab to increase the power of your team

Honey's Cons:

  • Honestly, you’ll just struggle to find time to play even more Honkai Impact 3rd and that doesn’t seem like a big deal to us

Honey's Final Verdict:

HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!
Honkai Impact 3rd has been out now for several months and honestly, it has become one of our all-time favorite mobile games! Developer miHoYo continues to keep pumping out new updates that give players even more to do and it’s still consistently free. Will Honkai Impact 3rd ever grow old? We doubt it, folks, but let us know in the comments below what you guys and girls are thinking about Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest update if you’re playing it. For all your gaming reviews and news, be sure to keep stuck to our awesome hive here at Honey’s Anime. Now if you’ll excuse us, we still need to put in more time to get even more out of Honkai Impact 3rd before the summer is up!

HU-2-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x273 Honkai Impact 3rd - Changing It Up For the Summer!


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