Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara

Time for one serious update

Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: YummyYummyTummmy
  • Developer: YummyYummyTummmy
  • Release Date: May 9, 2018

Who it Caters to

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara
Have you poured hundreds of hours into Honkai Impact 3rd and just have run out of things to do? Don’t worry, we feel your pain as we love Honkai Impact 3rd and still replay missions but want more out of this wonderful action-RPG title. Thankfully, developer YummyYummyTummy has heard our cries and has released a one gig--free--update titled Sakura Samsara. With several big additions and several hours of new content, Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara will give you plenty of reasons to dive back as your favorite Valkyrie girls and kick some butt. Get ready to dive into another story in Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara!

What to Expect

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara
Adding not only an open world adventure, several new playable Valkyries one being named Yae Sakura, and tons of new items, Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara isn’t your regular update. At nearly one gig, Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara gives you a multitude of reasons to return to your anime babes and once more beat the living hell out of enemies. Players will enter another strange dream-like place where they will learn of Yae Sakura and her struggles against the Honkai threat in her village. Players will explore a rich new location that is all too similar to an older Japan and see a more adventure based action-RPG title this time around. Can you help Yae stop her village from being obliterated by the alien threat? Find out as you slash, shoot and beat down opponents in Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara.


Kiana once more finds herself in a rather weird situation. For reasons unknown, her mind and body have been seemingly transported into what looks like an older Japan. Kiana soon meets a fellow Valkyrie by the name of Yae Sakura. Due to an unusual Honkai invasion, Kiana must team up with Yae to rid this beautiful land of the aliens before innocents get massacred. Is Kiana truly a savior as Yae makes her out to be or is this yet another strange dream? Regardless, Kiana only has one focus on her mind...to defeat the Honkai and help her new ally in saving her home!


feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara
Not too long ago, we here at Honey’s Anime entered the world of the Android and iOS game called Honkai Impact 3rd. Needless to say, we loved every second we had beating down enemies in the quick paced action gameplay that meshes anime seamlessly. That’s why when we heard a big update was coming for Honkai Impact 3rd, you could bet we were going to review it! Titled Sakura Samsara, this update adds a lot of new content to the already huge Honkai Impact 3rd experience, but is this update truly worth the one gig of space your phone will need? Let us find out in our review of Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara!

For those new to Honkai Impact 3rd, we’ll give you a quick course of what to expect when playing it. Players take control of girls called Valkyries as they take down an evil alien menace called Honkai. In the base game, players clear stage after stage usually by controlling one of several Valkyrie each armed with different abilities as they hack and slash their way through numerous foes and then to an end boss. However, with this new update called Sakura Samsara, Honkai Impact 3rd gains a much needed new mode that allows for a more open world adventure.

The open world for the new Honkai Impact 3rd update is actually rather nice. We loved the rich Japanese style that breathes a very much needed new color into the Honkai Impact 3rd experience. Being able to also break away from the rather formulaic stages from the base game is a nice touch too. In this new location, players can take on quests, explore various locations, beat up new baddies and gain some new story material that was rather fun to witness. Besides the open world, we did love the other big add on in Sakura Samsara and that is the form of one of the new Valkyrie girls called Yae Sakura.

Yae is a mixture of Mai and Kiana in that she is quick and combo orientated. While Yae isn’t as strong as either of the girls, her power comes into play with her ultimate ability. Yae can use a move that marks nearby enemies and allows her to perform damage dealing moves to not just one enemy but several. We loved that Yae feels so different for Honkai Impact 3rd and, once you clear specific requirements, you can use her for all the game modes available in Honkai Impact 3rd. Now you must be wondering is there anything bad about this update when it seems like we’ve praised everything? Well, there is one minor issue which we’ll go into detail about.

With the new adventure mode, we found ourselves gleefully going about the new location but equally were disappointed with one thing. It’s quick to see that Yae’s village feels kind of dead and empty. Outside of the few NPC you’ll come across, we often found ourselves wishing there was more people to talk to and interact with in general. However, we do also realize that this is a completely free update and being overly greedy with our expectations seems kind of pointless. That’s why while it might be a flaw for the adventure mode, we don’t think it's one that removes the overall fun of experiencing a new location and beating down several new foes in the process.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara
Already, Honkai Impact 3rd has given us here at Honey’s Anime--as well as many readers out there as well--hours awesome gameplay all within a visual experience that mirrors anime series. That’s why with this new update called Sakura Samsara, we were more than happy to see what YummyYummyTummy could do to make an already amazing game, even better. Turns out it wasn’t that hard for them as Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara adds a bevy of new missions, an open world to dive into, a new Valkyrie and new stigmata/items to boost up your Valkyries even further than before. Needless to say, if you are still playing Honkai Impact 3rd then you need to download this update--which is simple as all you need to do is play the game itself--to enjoy even more great gameplay. Honestly folks, this is a no brainer. We fully recommend veterans and newcomers to Honkai Impact 3rd to go and download this impressive update as soon as possible!

Honey's Pros:

  • Nice prequel story for fans of the lore
  • Open world exploration giving you freedom unlike the base game
  • New Valkyries, especially Yae Sakura kick butt
  • New enemies to face off against
  • New stigmata and items to use to upgrade your Valkyries in new ways
  • Free of charge

Honey's Cons:

  • Open world can sometimes feel a bit lifeless due to a lack of NPCs

Honey's Final Verdict:

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara
Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara really is an amazing update in that it provides an already great game with more life for those who might have done everything already in Honkai Impact 3rd. Plus, you’re getting all this new content for absolutely free! With an open world to explore, new enemies to defeat and a brand Valkyries, Honkai Impact 3rd: Sakura Samsara is easily one of the more impressive cell phone updates we’ve seen in some time. Are you excited to get back into Honkai Impact 3rd with this new update? Tell us in the comments down below. Be sure to keep coming back to our hive for more game reviews and articles curtsey of us here at Honey’s Anime.

feature-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-500x261 Honkai Impact 3rd - What's New With Sakura Samsara


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