Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!

Flames shall rise to unravel the secrets

Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: miHoYo Limited
  • Developer: miHoYo Limited
  • Release Date: Sept 5, 2018

Who it Caters to

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!

Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest update will be introducing awesome new features to the blockbusting mobile game title!

The Story Continues: Honkai Impact 3rd story fans will be greeted with the all-new Chapter 6 as Kiana ventures deeper in the Siberian Campaign.

NEW Characters: This update will introduce 2 new Valkyrie battlesuits: Yae Sakura's A-Rank Flame Sakitama (Fire element DPS) and Theresa’s S-Rank Celestial Hymn (superb support for your lineup) for Captains to try out and master.

NEW Bonuses: Half-year anniversary for Honkai Impact 3rd to delve into as well!

This update is packed full of goodness for Honkai Impact 3rd fans and new players alike! Continue your campaign in the Third Honkai War and keep reading to see what you can expect from the September update and our thoughts on it!

What to Expect

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!
New Valkyries, new missions, a new chapter and several added events are just a few things waiting for players who download Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest update. This free update will give players the opportunity to continue the Honkai Impact 3rd story with a new chapter and will also be featuring new girls to unlock for your team! Known as Soul Awakened characters, these Valkyries will become new powerhouses for your team and unleash utter devastation upon your enemies.

The half-year anniversary event launching on September 13 will surely please fans who have continued to support Honkai Impact 3rd, the definitive ACG Action title for the mobile platform. And the best part is that you will also be getting this great, juicy update packed full of goodness and over-the-top battlesuits for free! That's right! FREE with all the love from the Honkai Impact 3rd developer miHoYo!


HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!
Honkai Impact 3rd’s Story continues with Kiana joining her mother, old man, and Aunt Theresa in the Siberian Campaign against the Second Herrscher. As she delves deeper in the heart of the mysterious Babylon Base, she began to unlock secrets that should be kept hidden. Can the Valkyries make it out of this place unscathed? Find out by getting this latest update and beat the challenges of the official Honkai Impact 3rd Story! Valkyries make it out of this place unscathed? Find out as you dive into Chapter 6 of Honkai Impact 3rd!


HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!
Okay folks, let’s skip right along with this review. By now, you should know all about Honkai Impact 3rd. This free-to-play third person action title has already been out for nearly half a year and developer miHoYo has not stopped in getting new content out there to keep you busy and committed to this awesome game.

For this update review, we’re going to dive into the content you’re going to be enjoying by breaking it down into sections and explaining what we loved about each element. Let’s get right down to business in our update review for Honkai Impact 3rd.

TWO NEW VALKYRIES: Players will first notice is that Honkai Impact 3rd has added not one but two new Valkyries! Yae Sakura has acquired a new A-rank samura-themed battlesuit Flame Sakitama, while Theresa—the best principal in the world—has also gained the new angelic S-rank Celestial Hymn battlesuit. While these two new Valkyrie battlesuits might be the same girls you’ve grown accustomed to, they pack quite a punch with some slick new abilities. Yae Sakura, already OP enough on her own, will be dishing out wicked combo moves with her Flame Sakitama battlesuit, allowing her to literally slice and dice through enemies while reducing them to burning cinders. What’s great about the Flame Sakitama suit is that getting it isn’t based on how lucky you are with the crate drops! You can make her yours by collecting Soul Shards to unlock the fiery Samurai warrior via the Open World adventure tasks and missions you can take!

NEW STORY: Chapter 6. The new chapter in this new update continues the Honkai Impact 3rd official campaign with a dozen new missions and fantastic CG cutscenes. We blitzed through the new chapter pretty quickly in an about an hour or so, but Story missions are offered at harder difficulties for extra EXP and matz. There's also bonus missions that can prove quite a challenge if you're under the level requirement. The worst thing that we found about the Honkai Impact 3rd update is that we have to wait a bit longer for Chapter 7 and that might kill us with anticipation.

NEW ELEMENTS: Raids and Memorial Arena. The September update for Honkai Impact 3rd will be featuring new events such as the Soul Throne Raid and Memorial Arena for Captains who have reached LV50 or higher. New missions in the form of the Snowwolf Raid will put your team work to the test and allow you to demonstrate your mastery of Valkyrie fighting skills to other players. All this will leave you occupied and praying for more game time!

Half-year Anniversary events and outfit: Starting from September 13 to October 4, Honkai Impact 3rd will be launching the St. Freya's Homecoming Fair as its semi-annual event! Take part in new activities for a chance to win a mouth-watering new outfit: Aeterna Purum, and we know that we're going to do everything we can to earn that mouth-watering dress (and put it on our waifu Mei) once the event goes live!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!
At first glance, you might think Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest update isn’t as large or glamourous as the previous one we saw in the summer. Yet, with two new Valkyries, several new missions, a new fighting arena, tons of high ranked weapons for lvl 50s and over as well as a special activity that will be launching on the 13th of September, this update packs quite a bit of content for those still loving Honkai Impact 3rd as much as we are. We are itching to rise up the ranks and hope to nab some of the newer Valkyries and weapons we are itching to try out on our girls. Once more, if you for some reason put down Honkai Impact 3rd we recommend downloading—the once again free—update that should keep you busy for quite some time. Seriously, we only wonder if Honkai Impact 3rd will ever get boring…probably not if we’re being honest.

Honey's Pros:

  • Two new Valkyries with new skills and fighting styles
  • Several new missions and events
  • Chapter 6 will give you even more story mode to enjoy and reveal more of this mysterious tale unfolding
  • New weapons and costumes to obtain
  • Once again completely free

Honey's Cons:

  • Honestly just more time we now will lose as we continue our addiction to Honkai Impact 3rd

Honey's Final Verdict:

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!
We’re honestly amazed, folks. Developer miHoYo Limited continues to keep releasing content—that is FREE!—for Honkai Impact 3rd and it just adds upon the greatness of this awesome mobile game. Instead of making players constantly shell out money for new gear, girls and items, Honkai Impact 3rd rewards players that continue playing with free items for daily log ins and just for playing the game naturally and normally. Folks, we aren’t trying to sell you Honkai Impact 3rd but are telling you that you need to try it out, especially since this new update will have some events that are going to only last for a limited amount of time! However, are you already playing Honkai Impact 3rd like we are? Let us know in the comments below and tell us your thoughts on this new update while you’re at it. Keep stuck to our hive for more game reviews and news curtsey of us writers here at Honey’s Anime.

HI-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-capture-560x420 Honkai Impact 3rd - Firing it Up This September!


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