Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game - What's It All About?

Today at Honey’s Anime, we have a special treat just for you. We played a new 3D brawler/action game for mobile devices called Honkai Impact 3rd by the developers miHoYo and we wanted to share with you some information on the game. Why should you care about this iOS/Android game and equally is it any different than the other mobile games out there? Let us explain all of that as we present to you a look at Honkai Impact 3rd! A bit of a warning for you all, folks, be prepared to be amazed just like we were!

What Is Honkai Impact 3rd

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Honkai Impact 3rd puts players into the role of a bevy of beautiful ladies who also just so happen to be tough warrior girls known as Valkyries. A tragic event has befallen humanity causing them to endure against a powerful threat dubbed Honkai. The Earth, in response to the Honkai invasion, has assembled a team led by a new captain—the player’s unseen character—who must guide their Valkyrie ladies to defeat the Honkai and keep Earth from perishing. Use special abilities and power up your Valkyries as they are the last line of defense in this epic war for survival! Do you have the skills needed to command and rescue Earth’s various populations from the Honkai? Find out in Honkai Impact 3rd!

Essentially, Honkai Impact 3rd gives players the anime treatment by making them the commander of a myriad of beautiful—but all too deadly—female warriors who are destined to save the planet with their amazing skills. On paper, Honkai Impact 3rd just seems like your everyday mobile title but clearly it is so much more. With a drive to be like an anime themed video game, Honkai Impact 3rd represents this in a multitude of ways like having girls who are well endowed or representing a specific arch type as well as presenting impressive anime visuals with anime inspired character designs. We here at Honey’s Anime could honestly see Honkai Impact 3rd one day becoming a 13+ anime series and we’d be perfectly fine watching it, to be honest.

Console level graphics and action

HN-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-Capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game - What's It All About?

As gamers here at Honey’s Anime, we were awe struck by the impressive graphics and responsive controls of Honkai Impact 3rd immediately upon playing the first mission. Honkai Impact 3rd could be compared to a console level video game with smooth anime inspired graphics and simple but intuitive controls. Players will unleash a barrage of quick attacks as one of the several Valkyrie girls in Honkai Impact 3rd all while dodging attacks to unleash powerful counters that occur by timing the dodge just right. Honkai Impact 3rd is easily one of the most impressive action games we have played for a mobile game and we think you guys and girls will agree with us!

Now, we talked briefly about the combat, but let us dive further so we can better explain why you’re going to enjoy Honkai Impact 3rd if you’re a fan action games. If you’re a fan of games like Bayonetta, then it becomes a bit easier to understand how the basic mechanics of Honkai Impact 3rd work. Choose a Valkyrie such as Kiana, Mei, Bronya and Himeko each delivering a different style of combat and skill sets. Mei, for example, is a fast Shinobi-like warrior whose attacks might not be strong but are swift. Meanwhile Kiana—the main female Valkyrie protagonist—is an all-around fighter who uses her dual handguns with an assortment of martial arts moves. Despite the controls being the same for each warrior, Honkai Impact 3rd feels different depending on who you control and some of the girls need to be used as their strengths help against enemies’ various styles that might counter their own.

Free to play!

HN-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-Capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game - What's It All About?

Now you’d almost expect such a beautiful looking game to cost a few dollars at least on the app store of your choosing. Well folks, you will be amazed by the fact that Honkai Impact 3rd is free to download and free to play! That’s right everyone, you don’t need to spend a single dime on Honkai Impact 3rd if you don’t want to, but there are in-game microtransactions for various little goodies and to speed up progress, but these purchases are completely optional. Never did we feel like a microtransaction was necessary while playing Honkai Impact 3rd and we always appreciate any developer who doesn’t force you to feel obligated into buying items or special perks to get the most out of their game. Honkai Impact 3rd is free to play entirely and with constant updates being made adding in more stages to play on, we applaud developer miHoYo for making such an awesome title free.

Now, if you do so decide to invest a bit of extra money into Honkai Impact 3rd, you’re probably curious what is available to purchase that is worth your extra pocket money. Honkai Impact 3rd shares its free to play aspect with other mobile games by allowing the player to keep gaming as long as they sufficient energy to do so. If the player runs out of energy in Honkai Impact 3rd they must wait a certain amount of time before going back in and saving the world once more. However, if you don’t want a break from kicking Honkai butt in Honkai Impact 3rd then you can purchase more energy for various price amounts that range from a dollar to more. Aside from just energy to keep Honkai Impact 3rd going, you can also get items ranging from new weapons for your Valkyrie girls, stigmata—which are essentially buffs in the form of cute girls that get attached to your Valkyrie—and weapon materials to upgrade your armaments to further levels. As we said multiple times already though, none of these items need to be bought to fully enjoy Honkai Impact 3rd as they are just meant to give you slight boosts to leveling up faster and making your warrior girl of choice stronger in the field of battle.

Final Thoughts

HN-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-Capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game - What's It All About?

Already we have put several hours into Honkai Impact 3rd and we can’t see ourselves stopping any time soon. With multiple girls to play as, several difficulty levels, new events and console level anime inspired graphics we just can’t show our love enough for Honkai Impact 3rd. Whether you an Apple phone user or an Android one, we strongly recommend going into your app store of choice and downloading Honkai Impact 3rd as soon as you can to begin your mission of saving the world quickly and to get in some nice perks of the first week’s release. Right now we’re working on logging in for 7 days consecutively so we can get a new Valkyrie girl to try out! Also, there are official in-game bonuses that have become available now for you all to take advantage of, so be sure to use them when you can! Have you begun to play Honkai Impact 3rd yet or are now excited to download it for yourself? Let us know and for all gaming news and recommendations be sure to get stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

HN-1-Honkai-Impact-3rd-Capture-560x315 Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game - What's It All About?


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