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The little sister, or imouto, completely transcends what they are in anime. In reality, you can usually believe your little sister is exactly what they appear to be, no cuteness or anything else about it. But in anime, the imouto is an entity celebrated and admired for their cuteness and beauty. However, in reality, they are simply normal girls, completely separate from their anime portrayals. Fall 2017's season brought with it two shows which highlighted the imouto in its truest form. For fans of OreImo, here are two shows with a deep, deep focus on imouto this season.

About Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2010 - Dec. 2010

Kousaka Kyousuke is your typical Japanese high school student. He has a little sister named Kirino who he’s not particularly on good terms with anymore, but that’s to be expected. What’s not expected is that she’s deeply interested in little sisters herself. When he discovers his perfect and popular little sister is an imouto otaku, instead of ridiculing and condemning her, he quietly accepts her. Relieved by this, Kirino begins to open up to Kyousuke, and is finally given the push she needs to more openly accept her hobbies. As the two begin to grow closer, they find themselves meddling in each others lives and meeting new people. Kyousuke is slowly starting to think his little sister is actually cuter than he thought.

Liked OreImo? Watch Imouto Sae Ireba Ii!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017

There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that Hashima Itsuki loves more than little sisters. He is completely devoted to the idea of an imouto despite not having one himself. Not that this would normally be fine, but it’s made even more difficult given the fact that he’s a popular author chronicling his imouto-based fantasies. His editor is usually shooting down his crazier ideas, but his friends all know and support him. Despite repeatedly saying he can only love an imouto, he still has managed to find himself in a love triangle with his bubbly novelist kouhai and his former college classmate. Imouto Sae Ireba Ii focuses on Itsuki, his group of friends, and the way things are slowly changing for them as they grow as adults.

Three Major Similarities Between OreImo and Imouto Sae Ireba Ii

1. A Dedication to One’s Imouto

Neither Itsuki or Kirino have their own little sister, so perhaps that could be why they’re so devoted to the idea of the perfect imouto. Itsuki has often stated that the only thing an imouto has to be is an imouto, whether she’s ugly, mean, or a horrible person. It’s highly likely that both Kirino and Itsuki would read the same books, play the same games and attend the same conventions. They both have a caring and doting “brother” who tends to them and accepts them, even though they both treat having their interests being made public differently. Both characters could probably use a dose of reality, but as long as they’re happy and making their shows entertaining, no viewer is going to mind.

2. Both Shows Feature Imouto-crazed Novelists

Itsuki started out as an imouto-obsessed novelist in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, but Kirino grew into one in OreImo. Inspired by her brother Kyousuke to become more open about her hobbies, she approached a publisher and had her imouto-inspired book published. It became so popular she was approached to turn it into an anime. Her progress as a creator outpaces Itsuki’s for having so much success with her first work, but the two of them are clearly dedicated..

3. The Supporting Characters Steal the Show

In Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, Kani Nayuta is in love with Itsuki and goes to any and all lengths to completely blind-side him with her one-sided affection. She is joined by Shirakawa Miyako in a strange love triangle, as Miyako secretly harbors a deep crush on Itsuki as well. The series typically focuses on the two of them, as they steal so many scenes from the imouto-obsessed Itsuki. The three have a strange dynamic that often makes for some awkward laughs at the strange plot developments of the show.

Kirino in OreImo also has her own group of friends including Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) and Saori Bajeena. Her best friend Aragaki Ayase is a fellow model and classmate who just so happens to have a strong case of tsundere towards Kirino’s older brother Kyousuke. All these characters are great and make watching the show fun and interesting. Imouto Sae Ireba Ii delivers a similar feeling while watching, as each of the characters introduced brings their own uniqueness as well.

Liked OreImo? Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan R!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Beautiful, smart, responsible, caring - those are the traits that everyone who knows her would describe Doma Umaru as. Except for her older brother, who she projects an extremely different aura to. At home, she lets herself go, shrinking to 1/5th of her normal size, and donning her iconic hamster blanket, she becomes the incredible Himouto! In this second season, Umaru and Taihei’s life continues, and some old friends return joined by new ones. Will Umaru’s secret ever be revealed, or will she be able to continue living her double life?

Three Major Similarities Between OreImo and Himouto! Umaru-chan R

1. These Imouto Are Not Who They Seem to Be

Umaru and Kirino both appear to be completely perfect in the eyes of their friends, family, and anyone who knows them. However, they have no problem with revealing their true selves to their older brothers. Kirino doesn’t shrink down and act or speak differently like Umaru, but they both show a borderline unhealthy obsession with their favorite otaku culture. Games, anime, movies, it’s all fair game to these two imouto, and they’re compelled to consume it to an outrageous degree.

Umaru has everyone convinced that she’s perfect. She claims to make her own lunches (her brother does) and that everytime she’s scolded it can’t possibly seem to be her fault (she always leaves behind a huge mess). In reality, it’s hard to tell which is the real Umaru, the perfect imouto or the Himouto, but despite it all, Taihei cares deeply for her, and vice versa.

2. Both Feature Caring Older Brothers

In OreImo, with how things start out, one thing is abundantly clear: Kyousuke is a normal brother. He doesn’t get along with his sister as the two don’t speak, but if you need him, he’s there at the drop of a hat. That trait goes a long way in winning him fans and admirers, usually from Kirino’s group of friends, after the misunderstandings are cleared up. He’s self sacrificing, even willing to be labeled as having a sister complex to avoid his imouto being labeled as a pervert herself. Not too many people would be willing to go that far, even for a family member.

Kirino’s brother Kyousuke might not have everything in his life together like Umaru’s brother Taihei does, but few can say that they do. Taihei is perfect, so perfect in fact, that he actually has other imouto trying to get him to be their onii-chan, much to Umaru’s jealousy. Taihei cooks, cleans, works diligently, and handles pretty much every responsibility of his and his sister’s as well. Despite being easily frustrated by Umaru’s actions, he realizes he’d be less happy with her around. Such a caring onii-san!

3. The Best Friend Is in Love With The Onii-chan

Since they were formally introduced, Aragaki Ayase has claimed to have suffered varying degrees of inappropriate harassment from Kirino’s older brother Kyousuke. He does tease her quite a bit. Her reactions are comical, and she leaves herself very open to his jokes. Usually, he’s the recipient of some physical punishment in retaliation. Ayase is just one of many of Kirino’s friends to become infatuated with Kyousuke. Her new arguably “best friend” Kuroneko has a thing for him too. It’s entertaining to watch as these girls try to tiptoe around Kirino without upsetting the balance, but it doesn’t always work out.

In Himouto Umaru-chan R, best friend Ebina Nana continues her one-sided blush-filled crush on Umaru’s brother Taihei without anyone knowing. However, she is finally discovered by Motoba Kirie, who vows to help her friend bring her love to fruition. The schemes that Kirie concocts are actually pretty clever, but it’s hard to have something work out in this kind of show. Will anyone besides the two of them ever learn Ebina-chan’s true feelings? Only time will tell!

Final Thoughts

Is a little sister all you truly need? Can your little sister really be that cute? Does a hybrid imouto-hamster creature truly exist? These questions can only be answered in anime. Fall 2017 brought some exceptional imouto shows to fans of OreImo. Did you catch any aside from these two? If so, let us know in the comments!

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