Isekai Quartet Review - "An Isekai Within an Isekai"

Isekai-Quartet-Wallpaper-700x496 Isekai Quartet Review - "An Isekai Within an Isekai"

An Isekai Within an Isekai

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Parody, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : April 2019 - June 2019
  • Producers : Studio PuYUKAI

Contains Spoilers

Isekai Quartet Introduction and Story

One day, a mysterious red button with the ability to transfer people to a new world appears across multiple universes. The button is pressed by the protagonists of KonoSuba, Overlord, Re:Zero, and Youjo Senki and they are all transferred to a new world. They end up in a plain world were they are now all attending school. Isekai Quartet follows the characters and their hilarious struggles to adjust to their new lives as high school students.

Why You Should Watch Isekai Quartet

1. The Comedy

Isekai Quartet is all about the comedy. Each episode is filled with loads of ridiculous but hilarious situations that the characters find themselves in. Each episode is filled makes the most of its short runtime never focusing on one joke too long and utilizing as many of its characters as possible. It is always fun seeing how the characters from different worlds react to different situations.

2. The Characters

The main draw of Isekai Quartet is getting to see your favorite characters from four of the most popular isekai anime interact with one another. Seeing the characters interact is very enjoyable and provides you with tons of laughs. There isn't much in terms of an actual story, but it is still great seeing how all of these characters deal with being trapped in this new world.

Why You Should Skip Isekai Quartet

1. The Setup

Isekai Quartet brings together characters from four different anime. Most of the characters in Isekai Quartet come from worlds that aren't filled with much humor. While it is nice seeing these characters and their interactions with one another, it can be quite distracting seeing all of these characters that come from more serious situations being stuck in a high school comedy.

2. Barrier to Entry

Because Isekai Quartet brings in characters from four different franchises, the enjoyment of the series depends on how many of the series you have seen. Isekai Quartet relies heavily on you having seen the four anime it brings its characters from and it doesn't really spend any time developing characters or giving you any info about them. The series can still provide you with some laughs if you have only seen one or two of the series, but Isekai Quartet is at its best when you have experienced all of the shows it is based on.

Final Thoughts

Isekai Quartet is a fun little series that has a lot of payoff if you are familiar with all of the source material. While the story and comedy might not be for everyone, it is worth checking out if you really like any of these characters. What do you think of Isekai Quartet? Do you think it is worth watching? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

Isekai-Quartet-Wallpaper-700x496 Isekai Quartet Review - "An Isekai Within an Isekai"


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