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The summer 2017 season of anime has been a rollercoaster ride of anime shows to watch. From fantasy to comedy, you name a genre and this season has you covered. As we are still watching shows from this season we began to think back to summers of the past and were reminded of a show that launched in 2015 called Arslan Senki. We remembered the love we had for Arslan Senki that we here at Honey’s Anime began to think of a single question. What anime would you beautiful people out there like to watch if you loved Arslan Senki?

With our question thought up we came up with another amazing Liked That Watch This article for you to enjoy. Today we’re looking at two great anime—Made in Abyss and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni—that we felt would be perfect anime to watch if you loved Arslan Senki but don’t just want another show to be exactly like it. Below we have outlines some information for each show and have written up similarities to convince you into what you should be binging next. Are you ready for another adventure filled article? If you said yes—which we hope you did—then continue reading for more information on shows you may like if you watched Arslan Senki. We’ll also throw in an Arslan Senki summary to maybe convince you to check that out also if you haven’t already or if you just need a refresher.

About Arslan Senki

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 5, 2015- Sept 27, 2015

In the year 320, both the Kingdom of Pars and Lusitania are at war with each other. Meanwhile a young prince by the name of Arslan is showing that he can become a warrior and enters the fray on the side of Pars and hopes to prove that despite his looks, he can be a formidable prince. As Arslan engages the enemy a betrayal is occurring in the Kingdom of Pars which leads to Arslan having to run for his life. Though young, Arslan isn’t alone as he is joined by his faithful friend and servant Daryun and together they must survive to somehow stop the Lusitania army. This war will force Arslan to grow up and become not only a strong warrior but a future king that can reunite his now scattered people.

Liked Arslan Senki? Watch Made in Abyss!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 7, 2017- Present

Sometime long ago, a giant hole formed in the Earth. Dubbed The Abyss, this massive pit seemed to go on forever with dangerous beings and environments within its depths. Explorers who would be called Divers decided to venture into The Abyss to discover the secrets within but only a select few are deemed worthy or strong enough to handle the horrors from inside The Abyss. Riko, a young Diver in training, alongside her friends hope to prove they can become the coveted White Whistles—those who survive the depths of The Abyss—and continue to explore and train themselves alongside their mentors. However, when Riko discovers a young robotic human—who Riko names Reg—her life will change as she finds it possible to now dive into the further levels of The Abyss like her famous White Whistle mother, Lyza. Can Riko and Reg survive and prove themselves to be White Whistle material or will The Abyss and its countless threats devour not only their bodies but their minds as well?

Three Major Similarities Between Arslan Senki and Made in Abyss

1. Dangerous Adventures

Both Arslan Senki and Made in Abyss are very different in terms of how their adventures play out but these stories both have very large adventures nevertheless. Equally in both Arslan Senki and Made in Abyss, the journeys that the characters must ordeal are filled with excitement but also a large amount of danger. Take Riko and Reg from Made in Abyss. They must somehow survive in The Abyss which houses creatures and odd hazards with few resources to use. Likewise, Arslan and his companions found their adventure to be just as dangerous thanks to armies of warriors and dangerous lands.

It’s safe to say that Arslan Senki and Made in Abyss want the viewers to experience a large scale journey. Not just your run of the mill adventure but one that isn’t always pretty and filled with beauty. Reg, Riko and Arslan are all young and far from experienced in their stories meaning they have to fight even harder and survive against countless of trials and tribulations. While we know the fate of Arslan and his journey’s end we have to wonder if Reg and Riko’s travels will end well or horribly. If you want to know then you’re going to need to watch Made in Abyss alongside with us.

2. Growing of Age stories

Like Arslan, Reg and Riko are all young as we mentioned in the previous similarity. This allows the creators to make their stories into coming of age tales. Arslan had to grow up to become not just a capable knight but to be a leader for his party. Equally Riko is a young Diver with a lot to prove by going into The Abyss. Though you may wonder how this equates to these three growing up exactly. Sit right back and let us explain.

In the world of Made in Abyss, there are Divers known as White Whistles. Riko’s mother Lyza just so happened to be one of these White Whistles because she was known to have survived the depths of The Abyss and found plenty of relics as well. This makes Riko want to shine as bright as her mother Lyza and thus longs to prove she can be a White Whistle too. Isn’t that exactly what it means to grow up? The idea that you wish to prove you’re better than another or prove you can surpass your parents skills. That’s why we know if you loved how Arslan grew up and became a mature man as his story progressed in Arslan Senki you’ll love how Riko will become stronger as Made in Abyss continues showing her story.

3. New Allies and Friends

In Arslan Senki, young Arslan met many people on his journey. Characters like Narsus and Falangies to name a few. These two would end up joining Arslan and Daryun and become trusted companions as well as friends. The same theme can be found in Made in Abyss. Reg and Riko may not be fighting a war but their path will lead them to meeting new characters and allies that will make them stronger. Let us examine a few of them to prove our point.

Keeping spoilers to a minimum—cause we here at Honey’s Anime hate spoilers—we will only mention the names and the episodes of where Reg and Riko meet their allies. In episode 4, Reg and Riko meet Habo, a Diver that despite his weight and size moves with speed and cunning. Habo will become a valuable asset to Reg and Riko despite his brief time with the two. Then we can also mention Ozen—who is seriously amazing—who the pair meet in episode 5. Ozen is a White Whistle who has had years of training and has lived in The Abyss for some time making her tough but also very odd. These are just a few of the allies Reg and Riko will meet and like Arslan from Arslan Senki, these people will be what pushes our characters forward in more ways than one.

Liked Arslan Senki? Watch Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni!

  • Episodes: N/A
  • Aired: Jul 11, 2017- Present

Young Touya has just faced the worst possible life event, his own death. Despite being a teenager, Touya has died and his life is now over. However, Touya awakens in an unfamiliar place in front of a man who calls himself God. Apparently God accidentally killed Touya with some lightning and feels it’s only right to reincarnate him in a new world. Giving him not only his life back but a new place to explore, God then asks Touya to allow him to grant any one wish he has. For Touya this wish is that he wants to bring his smartphone with him. God grants him this request and even powers up Touya and his phone to ensure his life in this new fantasy world is one of excitement. What adventures await for Touya now that he’s been thrust into a fantasy world? Find out in Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni!

Three Major Similarities Between Arslan Senki and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

1. Tragic Beginnings

Arslan Senki may be more serious toned than Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni but their beginnings are similar. For Arslan, a betrayal in his family caused his adventure to begin and for Touya his own accidental death was the catalyst for a large adventure. It almost sounds ridiculous, right? Well don’t worry folks we have a valid explanation that will make you realize why we think this is an all too important similarity for both Arslan Senki and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Now then, let us prove our point, shall we?

Think about it like this, imagine if the stories didn’t start from such rough beginnings. Would prince Arslan become the hero he was destined to be? Would Touya ever be granted a cellphone that can do it all? It may sound silly but it goes to prove that each of these tales start—not end—with tragic events. Sure Arslan’s story will be more tragic filled and dangerous than Touya’s obviously but that doesn’t change the fact that both Arslan Senki and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni needed this type of beginning to start journeys that would change both men’s lives forever. Sometimes like in real life, characters like Touya and Arslan need to be pushed into the fray to show the type of men they can become.

2. Swordplay

Let’s be honest for a moment. No adventure story is complete without some action, right? While an adventure can be quiet and simple, the feeling of seeing swords clash just makes a story better in our minds. That what we love about Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Like Arslan from Arslan Senki, Touya is a quite capable fighter. Let us examine an episode where we can see Touya’s sword skill in action.

Episode 7 of Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni has Touya meeting with king of Mismede. The king who loves to challenge strong folks—as explained by his advisor—challenges the young Touya to a duel. It is here that while Touya show’s he all too capable of using null magic, he is also shown to be able to wield his sword just as well. Arslan may not be able to use magic like Touya can but these two are quite well versed in using a blade in their respected stories. Now we do have to wonder, who would win in a fight with just swords?

3. New worlds to explore

For young Arslan, the only world he knew of was the Parsian kingdom of which he was raised in. Likewise, Touya, coming from Japan, only knew his native world and not the new one of which he was whisked away to. That’s why ironically, in both Arslan Senki and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, both Touya and Arslan discover plenty of new places in their worlds. Yet what are some of the places Touya is bound to find? Let us look at that.

Touya’s fantastical journey in a new world will bring him to odd slime fortresses, which is seen in episode 5 as well as dragons in episode 6. In episode 7, Touya learns of new magic which allows his power to increase, though we won’t say what powers he gets. However, as you can clearly see, Touya’s new world is filled to the brim with things to discover. Sure they might seem silly like the slimes—”thank you slimes” is a phrase you will understand after you see the episode—but for Touya they are brand new concepts. Arslan in his journey discovered new types of people and lands which made his world bloom internally and that is the true meaning of discovery. That’s why we know that exploration is something both Arslan Senki and Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni share in common. Though we do wonder what else awaits young Touya in his adventure. Only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

Well we here at Honey’s Anime doubt anyone is going to say they don’t have anything to watch after this article. Both Made in Abyss and Isekai wa Smartphone Tomo ni aren’t yet complete—as of writing this article—but we know they are going to be shows that will be just as amazing as Arslan Senki. Hopefully folks you will agree with us and hey if you do, feel free to comment down below to let us here at Honey’s Anime know. As always folks if you want to support us further, make sure to keep coming back to our site for more articles like this. Now then we need a bit of a respite from all these adventures ourselves, so long for now folks.

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