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Many anime watchers know the horrors of school life. The pains of studying, waking up early and writing tons of essays just pains every young man and woman out there. However, as bad as school might be for some in the real world, it can’t be as bad as what the students of Danganronpa have to deal with. Instead of tests and pop quizzes, the students of Hope’s Peak Academy dealt with trying to escape from a school that has become a prison and where the student who wishes to graduate must kill off a fellow classmate without being found out. Needless to say, school can be bad but it will never mirror the nightmare that is Danganronpa.

Speaking of nightmares, that brings us to an interesting revelation about this fall 2017 anime season. While there have been a ton of anime out there, this year has definitely been filled with some dark stories of the academic persuasion. By that, we here at Honey’s Anime are looking at the shows known as Evil or Live and Ousama Game. Both of these anime remind us of the dark themes found in Danganronpa and made us think maybe those who liked Danganronpa might want to check these two programs out. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime HQ decided to write this Nightmare School Fall 2017, Liked Danganronpa? Watch This! article. Below are a few reasons why Ousama Game and Evil or Live might appeal to you if you loved the horrible school world of Danganronpa.

About Danganronpa

  • Episodes: 13 (Season 1)
  • Aired: Jul, 2013- Sept, 2013

Makoto Naegi one day receives in the mail a letter that makes his eyes light up with utter surprise. Naegi has been chosen to go to the illustrious Hope’s Peak Academy where the best and brightest—known as Ultimate Students—study to gain a chance at becoming big figures in the real world. While Naegi doesn’t have an ultimate skill like the others, he has apparently been drawn from a random lot and has thus been given the role of the Ultimate Lucky Student. However, Naegi will soon learn that his luck isn’t that true when he and other Ultimate Students are thrown into a twisted version of Hope’s Peak Academy and are told that they will remain prisoners there until one graduates by killing someone and getting away with it…

Liked Danganronpa? Watch Evil or Live!

  • Episodes: N/A
  • Aired: Oct, 2017- Present

Society has become more and more reliant on the internet and technology as time has moved forward. That’s why in this world, a disease has grown rampant called Net Addiction. In an attempt to cure those afflicted by Net Addiction, a facility has been created to cure those afflicted. Hibiki, a young man who has just been told he is to go to this rehab center is horrified to learn that it is nothing more than a deadly prison for those who are sent here. Now, Hibiki must find a means to survive in this dark place.

Three Major Similarities Between Danganronpa and Evil or Live

1. Escape is futile

From the moment both Danganronpa and Evil or Live start, the audience comes to understand one simple rule: Escape is futile. That creates an interesting environment for both shows and makes their relative places which should be beacons of hope turn into prisons. Now, we just have to wonder if Hibiki will find a way to escape the rehabilitation facility. Though for now, we’ll just have to keep watching, which you should be too just to see if there is a way out for Hibiki and those trapped in Evil or Live.

2. Dark psychological themes

Evil or Live might be not everyone’s favorite show—it’s getting some mixed reviews online—but the psychological themes within are very intriguing to us here at Honey’s Anime. It truly reminds us of Danganronpa as we see Hibiki and the others in the facility begin to go mad in a multitude of ways. Some of the inmates also begin to get aggressive—as we see from some characters in Danganronpa—and take their anger out on innocents there. That makes Evil or Live a great psychological anime that keeps you wondering what will happen to each character as the facility continues to remove their freedoms and inflicts more despair on their psyches. Thus, even if you’re hearing a lot of negatives about Evil or Live, give it a try if you were a fan of psychological themes in Danganronpa.

3. Odd group of characters

Danganronpa and Evil or Live truly share one thing with each other: the cast of characters. Each character in both series are truly odd in nature given their strange addictions to the internet world. While Danganronpa characters are ten times stranger—seriously—Evil or Live characters can be considered weird in the ways they react to this dark situation. However, we love that about Evil or Live. Instead of the usual generic cast, Evil or Live gives you characters that can, at times, feel relatable and truly different. Since we’re talking about characters too, why not comment down below to let us know who you love from both Danganronpa and Evil or Live.

Liked Danganronpa? Watch Ousama Game: The Animation!

The Ousama Game, a deadly game where participants must follow the orders of the so-called King unless they wish to be penalized in horrifying ways. High school student Nobuaki Kanazawa had recently endured the nightmarish game and was deemed the winner after seeing those closest to him perish. Having transferred to a new school to hopefully live a peaceful life, Nobuaki is still haunted by the events of the Ousama Game and wishes to just move on however he can with his life. However, when Nobuaki’s class receives a strange text, he is horrified to see the Ousama Game has once more started up in his new class. Now, Nobuaki must try to once more try to find out who the King is and see if he can help his new classmates survive this deadly game.

Three Major Similarities Between Danganronpa and Ousama Game: The Animation.

1. School turned hellish

Now, in the literal sense, Hope’s Peak Academy became a hellish landscape once Monokuma and the mastermind—we won’t say who this is just in case you never saw Danganronpa—but the same can be said of the school in Ousama Game: The Animation. Nobuaki and his new classmates found their normal school life turning into a death game with no means of escape. Ousama Game: The Animation takes the safe environment school is supposed to embody and throws that out the window. School for Nobuaki and his new class is just a place to gather and figure out how they will suffer today. But at least Nobuaki can leave school, Makoto and the Ultimates can’t leave Hope’s Peak Academy…at least not alive.

2. One with hope

While Makoto Naegi and Nobuaki Kanazawa might be from two radically different worlds, they both are the living embodiment of hope. Despite having lost everyone in the last Ousama Game, Nobuaki doesn’t lose hope and pushes forward to try and save his new classmates. Even after he fails on several occasions, Nobuaki continues to stand tall and that is the exact thing we loved about Makoto in Danganronpa. Makoto lost many friends in his attempt at escaping Hope’s Peak Academy, but he continued to stay hopeful and only waivered a few times only to quickly recovered thanks to characters like Kirigiri Kyouko and Asahina Aoi. Both Makoto and Nobuaki should be idols for you when you’re about to take your next test if you lose hope, you’ll do well, though studying also works quite well too.

3. Mystery personified

What’s great about both Danganronpa and Ousama Game: The Animation is there are tons of mystery themes to both shows. In Danganronpa, the main form of mystery was in the form of trying to figure out how to escape the school and who was the killer when a classmate died. In Ousama Game: The Animation, the main mystery is trying to figure out who or what the King is and put a stop to the terrible game to spare anyone else from dying. Needless to say, there’s more to each story but if we went too far into details, then there would be no point in watching either. That’s why if you want an anime with mystery elements like Danganronpa, you should definitely check out Ousama Game: The Animation. Just be prepared to have your minds blown when some of the revelations of both anime actually come forth, even here at Honey’s Anime, we found ourselves surprised on more than one occasion.

Final Thoughts

School is always explained as a nice place where people grow, friendships are made and young men and women learn new things. Though anime likes to rip that ideal apart in shows like Danganronpa, Evil or Live and Ousama Game: The Animation. These shows make the worst of school seem twenty times worst but it equally makes for entertaining shows in the long run. If you haven’t seen either Ousama Game and or Evil or Lie, we recommend checking them both out and comment down below what your thoughts are about either show. For more articles like this one, feel free to keep returning to our nice hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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