Little Witch Academia - Winter 2017 & Spring 2017

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Little Witch Academia

Fantasy, Comedy, Magic

Airing Date:
January 8 2017


Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy4 Little Witch Academia - Winter 2017 & Spring 2017
Cuuuuuuuuuute! This looks almost like Harry Potter but in magical girl form! I cannot wait for this!
mo-happy4 Little Witch Academia - Winter 2017 & Spring 2017
Nothing wrong with a bunch of cute girls, doing cute things, while using magic I suppose. I am sure I can add this to my list.
mo-happy4 Little Witch Academia - Winter 2017 & Spring 2017
Little Witch Academia kinda reminds me of Tweeny Witches, Majokko Shimai Yoyo to Nene, and Cardcaptor Sakura. It's so cute!
mo-happy4 Little Witch Academia - Winter 2017 & Spring 2017
Oh this is that series that did really well as an OVA and had a movie last year. I remember it now. This should be good then!

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A full-length television anime series based on the Little Witch Academia movies.

After seeing a show put on by the Witch Shiny Chariot, Akko became obsessed with magic at a young age. Now, she’s enrolled in a traditional European school famous for raising witches - Luna Nova Magical Academy! However, never mind riding a broom, she can’t even sit through a class without causing an uproar. What adventures will Akko and friends have in the television anime? Details to be announced soon!

Three Episode Impression

Overwhelmingly bouncy and colourful, once you start Little Witch Academia, it's hard to tear your eyes away. Like they did with Kill La Kill, Trigger has given Little Witch Academia a really distinctive look, that mixes Japanese and Western art to make a very bright and expressive style of their own. This really helps to bring the magical world of Little Witch Academia to life, and with each episode so far housing its own self-contained story, the world building has been both fast and exciting. Main girl Atsuko is so stupid sometimes you do kind of want to slap her and tell her to calm down, but without her excitement the show would certainly be less wacky than it is now, so this is perhaps a necessary evil. Her friends Sucy and Lotte provide a good balance to her eccentricity, with both of them being much more sensible and yet very, very different people. The question now is, where are they going with this? Everything so far has, at most, vaguely hinted at an overarching plot, so now it's a question of when is that plot going to start actually kicking in. At 25 episodes, though, in all fairness Little Witch Academia has plenty of time to mess around before getting serious. So far, it's proven to be a very unique series, that is difficult not to enjoy.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Atsuko Kagari

Voice Actor: Megumi Han

Fascinated by the witch Shiny Chariot’s show, she decided to enter Luna Nova Magical Academy. She’s cheerful and rash, often dragging others into whatever she’s doing. Nicknamed Akko.

Lotte Yansson

Voice Actor: Fumiko Orikasa

Akko’s roommate and friend. She’s always making calm retorts to the reckless Akko.

Sucy Manbavaran

Voice Actor: Michito Murase

Akko’s roommate and friend. She’s skilled at using magic potions and often uses Akko as a guinea pig for her experiments. Has a sharp tongue.

Diana Cavendish

Voice Actor: Yoko Hikasa

Akko’s classmate and an honours student. She’s been known as a brilliant student since she started at Luna Nova. She’s often sarcastic.


Voice Actor: Noriko Hidaka

A teacher at Luna Nova Magical Academy. Rumours have it that she used to be Shiny Chariot.

Amanda O’Neill

Voice Actor: Arisa Shida

An American from a group of new troublemakers. A compulsive thief who’s always playing pranks on the school security. Loves dancing and parties.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Shiny Ray by YURiKA
  • Ending Song: Hoshi wo Tadoreba by Yuiko Oohara
    Toumei na Tsubasa by Yuko Oohara

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Trigger, You Yoshinaru
  • Director: You Yoshinari
  • Editing: Kentarou Tsubone
  • Series Composition: Michiru Shimada
  • Character Design: Shuuhei Handa
  • Animation Director: Takafumi Hori
  • Sound Director: Jun Watanabe
  • Music: Michiru Ooshima

For more information: Official Website

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