LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

Hello Folks! Welcome to Honey’s Anime for another event coverage at E3. This is our 3rd year at the event as a company and we are thrilled to be able to meet more people, new and familiar, alike. LucidSound definitely made their presence known at E3 and it all started with a kickoff party. Interestingly enough, we figure this a regular mixer but, alas, there was something afoot that would surprise all of us for the rest of our lives!

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

LucidSound announced their new headsets, the LS1X/P, LS10P/X, LS25, and the Rose Gold LS35X. That was not it, ladies and gentleman. The LS50 was the feature for the event and it was an upgraded version of the LS35X and the one and only, Snoop Dogg, partnered with LucidSound to collaborate on a new style of headphones that is the LS50. There is a Snoop Dogg emblem on the headband of the headset which looks super cool and sleek. The other cool thing is that Snoop Dogg had agreed to help out and promote the headsets at the kickoff party by DJing for a good 2 hours. That’s when they made their announcement.

Already an epic experience to the start of a great show. LucidSound also invited us to a preview of the E3 lineup of headsets which 3 of them were their newest releases. First, if you haven’t heard about LucidSound, they are a technologies company manufacturing in wired and wireless headsets. LucidSound dedicates their time to listening to the consumers and designs their products with them in mind. Their philosophy is if gamers evolve with their games, then a gamers gear should evolve with them, which is why LucidSound is committed to giving gamers the best sound possible in order to experience a game the way it should be and sound.

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

Everyone knows, you start with something simple and then you establish yourself and want to upgrade to something better. LucidSound provides that and then some. Now, they aren’t only thinking about how you can get the best experiences while gaming, but also when you aren’t gaming and need to be out and about. You can now take the headset that you can wear outside of gaming. Audio gear for the grown-up gamer! Let’s start with the LS35X.

This new headset, the LS35X, launched last year and is stylish and sleek with quality fabrics and materials used for its construction. The LS35X has a removable boom mic so you can have the professional sound while chatting away with your friends on or off the air. You can also enjoy the outside world without having the extra attachment with you the whole time. Even though you’ve removed the boom mic, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your phone calls. The LS35X also has a built-in mic so you can take phone calls and not miss a beat.

Another great thing about the LS35X is that it uses the Xbox/Microsoft proprietary wireless technology so it syncs perfectly without problems to your Xbox controllers and eliminates the use of dongles or extra connectors that cost more and are bulky and annoying. This makes it 100% wireless and also gives you the ability to display the battery life of the headset on the Xbox. This will notify you when your battery is low and any other features for the headset. There is a PS4 version of this same headset available as well with its own unique upgrades since both Xbox and PlayStation are different when considering sound quality and source coding. So, each type of console headset is unique to the console but still provides the same experience nonetheless, but that isn’t really what we’re here for. What we’re here for is knowing more about the LS50 version which is a step up form the LS35X.

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

The material used for these headphones is an update from the previous version. LucidSound made the headbands very durable and almost industructable, especially, pulling the headset off from the side, which a lot of gamers do. LucidSound aimed to eliminate the damage in regards to that and feel they have been successful in their efforts. The headset also features a grommet and peg system which allows you to remove the ear cups from the frame of the headset making it easy and affordable to replace, eliminating the need to purchase a whole new headset. These replacements can be found on their website: ear cups, boom mics, cables, etc. LucidSound has been known to replace your product, if it has suffered damages that warrant a replacement, on the spot. They pride in their customer service and they want to make sure you are happy even for years to come.

The next thing that is a selling point which existed in their previous products of a 15-hour battery life, and now with the new LS50, you can enjoy a 20-hour battery life that extends past normal headset from a different manufacturer. Their LS35X and LS41 have a 15-hour battery life and even with that, LucidSound felt it wasn’t enough so, with this new LS50, you can enjoy longer battery life and play for hours on end and really only need to charge your headset 2-3 times a week depending on the length of time you game on the daily.

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

This is all done wirelessly but if and for any reason your headset is near death and you aren’t close to an outlet, you can still use the cabled connectors for the headset to the controller to continue your experience and gaming. This gives you the backup you need just in case you forget because let’s be real, it happens from time to time. LucidSound also knows that their products are usually over $100 but they are also launching their LS1 Mono Chat headset which still provides the sound they need but catered more towards chatting with their friends. This is under $100 and is definitely more affordable to the gamer who is looking for something more stylish compared to the mono headsets you get by default with consoles.

An additional cool feature about LucidSound and all of their headsets is that they have a dial function which allows you to adjust the volume of the headset for in-game sound and the center of the wheel/dial is the mute button. This is for both in-game and chat volumes, one on each side of the headset. To be able to have the controls right at your ears makes things easier for us when streaming online, especially when you’re rage quitting or intensely immersed that you don’t want to take your eyes off the game. It’s easy to use, and easy to locate for immediate use.

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

The inside of the headsets ear cups for LucidSound, they have a cooling gel on the top layer inside the fabric with a thick layer of memory foam for extra comfort and support. The ear cups are nicely designed to fit ears with jewelry on and glasses, as the company has had this in mind when initially designing the headsets. The cooling gel layered on top of the memory foam pulls the heat away from your head and allows for extra comfort.

Honey’s Final Thoughts

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

The basic concept for LucidSound is that they are gamers so they too want to have maximum comfort while also having amazing sound quality much like you badass sound system for your gaming setup. So the basic rundown of LucidSounds lineup of headsets is as follows: for the gamer with more focus on gettin gud than sound because you have a badass system, the LS1 is right for you; the LS10 is their entry level around Wal-Mart price for those looking for a more affordable product that won’t hurt their pocket; LS25 is the start of the eSport headset and from there, the models begin to have added features that use the LS25 base frame ranging from your lowest cost models to the more high-end; the LS31 is pretty much their work-horse headset that works on all platforms but they recommend it is best for PC and streaming; the LS35X is the Microsoft certified version; LS41 is the PlayStation certified headset; and the newest one which is the Snoop Dogg Edition, the LS50. This is the lifestyle headset and is the only one with Bluetooth!

The last thing that is really cool about the LS50 is that you have a Dual wireless setting that allows you to hear the game you are playing but once you get a phone call, you can easy switch and take the phone call with the ease of just pushing a button. This also automatically mutes the chat while your streaming so no one makes the mistake of broadcasting their conversation to the world! That is a life-saver right there! The LS50 is also compatible with Alexa and Siri for voice activation and is scheduled to release in Sept of 2019 at around $250 USD for each unit.

With that, LucidSound has wowed us from the second we arrived in LA for E3, to the moment we had this lovely presentation regarding their Lineup of headsets as well as their new collab headset with Snoop Dogg, the LS50! If any of you aren’t sure about what type of headset you want or even which brand to trust, LucidSound has got you covered! Don’t take our word for it, reach out to them and I’m sure they will gladly assist you!

If you ahve any questions or comments about the contents of this article, please let us know in the comment box below!

Ja ne!

Feature-Image-LucidSound-at-E3-2019-and-the-LS50-Headset-Capture LucidSound at E3 2019 and the LS50 Headset

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