Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

The Best Way to Communicate with Your Party while Still Enjoying Your Awesome Sound System!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to Honey’s Anime! It’s getting closer to the holiday season and we’ve been working hard to deliver the best unboxing reviews possible. Today, we’ll be checking out the LS1P (PlayStation) series from LucidSound which is a simple yet promising chat gaming headset. The LS1P is from a series lineup presented by LucidSound during E3. Without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s go ahead and dive into the LS1P chat gaming headset!


  • Type : Wired Chat Gaming Headset
  • Manufacturer : LucidSound
  • Distributor : LucidSound (NA), Snakebyte (EU)
  • Release Date : October 15, 2018
  • Price : $24.99
  • Bonus Content : LucidSound Sticker
  • Official Website : https://lucidsound.com/

About LS10P Wired Gaming Headset

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset is quality and performance at its core while being presented in the simplest way possible. The LS1P is specially made for gamers who not only love the quality of their gameplay but the sound that comes with it. We say this because many gamers have a PC sound system or entertainment system set up at home and when you put a good amount of money into your setup, you want to make sure you can still enjoy it without having to sacrifice the games sound and hearing your party while out on a quest.

On the Outside

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

When you first receive your LS1P chat gaming headset, it will come in a small size box which contains the headset and is in 2-pieces. The material is made of hard plastic that is flexible for comfort and also has a soft foam padding in the middle of the head frame where it rests on your crown. The earcups are of mesh material that is soft and has an ultra-soft spongey foam for cushioning of the ear and was made specifically for marathon gaming sessions.

The earcup is complimented with a baby blue color of the inside frame while the outside frame is black. Attached to the headset is the wired cable to use with your controller and it has an attachable boom mic for clear voice when chatting with your party. There is a mute button on the side of the headset for easy functionality to silence your party if need be, and when the mic is muted, there will be a red LED indicator to let you know your party can’t hear all the mean things you’re saying and how the healer is slacking it….by we digress!

Setting Up/Installation

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

Alright! You have your LS1P and are ready to get started. Well, luckily for you, the setup process is beyond easy! Once you receive your LS1P, you will notice it is in 2-parts. First, go ahead and connect the 2 parts and you will notice that one part is the headband and the other is the earcup headset itself. Once you connect the two parts together, it will form the headsets as a whole. Once that is done, all you need to do is plug it in, got to your setting via PlayStation—because that is the version we received—make sure your audio-out is set to chat, and you are good to go.

Items which come with your new headset are below:

  • Wired Chat Gaming Headset (In 2-pieces)
  • With attached Boom Mic
  • Quick Start Guide (not shown)

If you have any trouble installing the use of these headsets, make sure to contact LucidSound via the link towards the beginning of this article.

The Experience

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

The experience we had with the LucidSound LS1P Chat Gaming Headset was nothing short of greatness. And we say this with respect in the fact that it is a simplistic device design exactly what it was meant for: Chatting with your party or squad. The really cool thing about the design of the LS1P is that the headset is molded in a way that won’t interfere with your casual or competitive gaming experience. We say this because we have a setup which includes an audio system for gaming and when we use the LS1P during our playtime, we can still hear the audio system as clear as day!

This is great because it allows for the immersion to stay intact for the ultimate experience that is very valuable to us gamers. The design also allows for the headset to lightly rests on your head and doesn’t have too much tension on the headband when you’re wearing the LS1P so you can game for longer without interruptions. The last about the design is that the earcups frame is somewhat skeletal-like as you can see through its hollow structure. This also helps to allow airflow through the headset to provide cooling comfort without feeling damp from playing competitively, but also so you can hear more clearly as well.

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

There are many attributes to note with the LS1P as LucidSound has thought of it all! The last to mention is the boom mic is flexible and also has a noise-canceling feature to boast. You can also control the volume with ease as the adjuster is also on the side of the headset via a ring dial or wheel for optimum use.

Honey’s Final Verdict

Overall, the LS1P chat gaming headset is si the simple but perfect headset for enjoying your system build regarding audio, while also keeping in touch with your party or squad during missions or competitive play. The open-back design of the earcup on the headset also helps when you are trying to hear another individual next to you talking, a family member screaming form the other room or specific music you want to listen to while you game. Heck, we even had our audio setting to hear in-game sound instead of voice chat only and it was surprisingly nice in producing the sounds but, of course, your audio system is probably much better!

What do you think about the LS1 series? Does this sound like a great gift for someone you know or even, yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments below and we hope you have a great day!

Ja ne!

LucidSound-LS1P-Image-8-700x216 Unboxing LucidSound’s LS1P Chat Gaming Headset

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