[Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

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yu-gi-oh marik ishtar wallpaper

Welcome to the latest installment of monthly Anime Astrology – where we take a look at the star signs of some of our favorite anime characters. This month we’re taking a look at Capricorns – the tenth sign in the zodiac. Those born under this earth sign are best known for their hard-working, tenacious approach to life.

Capricorns have an extremely strong drive to achieve their goals. It is no coincidence that the goat is the symbol associated with this sign – they are stubborn, sometimes to a fault. They are thoughtful creatures that weigh decisions carefully, and despite all appearances can tend towards extreme sensitivity. You might be surprised to learn which of your favorite characters are born under this sign. Let’s move on to this month’s list!

10. Utena Tenjo (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

shoujo kakumei utena utena tenjou
Shoujo Kakumei Utena-DVD
  • Birthday: December 29th

Utena Tenjo is an unusual character, to say the least. As a child, she met a prince who she greatly admired, and looked up to. In time, she decides to take up a sword and don a uniform, in order to protect a girl at her school from an abusive partner, and become a prince herself. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and does everything in her power to uphold her beliefs.

Utena has a typical Capricorn determination. Despite the obstacles that are placed in front of her throughout the series, she is unwavering in her pursuit of her objectives. Though focused on her goals, she also has the emotional depth associated with this zodiac sign. Capricorns also tend towards a very conventional notion of justice, and Utena is no exception.

shoujo kakumei utena wallpaper

9. Allen Walker (D.Gray Man)

Allen Walker D.Gray-Man
dvd D. Gray Man
  • Birthday: December 23rd

Allen Walker is a powerful exorcist. Despite his age he is a forced to be reckoned with. In addition to his accomplishments he is endowed with additional abilities including a cursed eye and a weaponized arm. He needs every advantage he can use at his disposal - after all, the organization he joins is fighting a battle against demons to save the world from almost certain destruction.

Allen comes from a very difficult past, but uses it as a source of strength in a very Capricorn fashion. However, he often puts himself in the line of fire to help further the goals of his organization - and example of this sign’s work ethic gone too far. Though Capricorns are stubborn, it doesn’t mean they can’t adapt and change, something Allen is able to do quite well.

wallpaper D.Gray-Man

8. Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Marik Ishtar Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Birthday: December 23rd

Birthday: December 23rd
Marik Ishtar is the leader of a group called the Rare Hunters, a criminal organization of card thieves. Marik and the Rare Hunters act as the main antagonists for a portion of the series. He uses all manner of tactics to control those that he commands, as well as to manipulate others to get what he wants. He suffered a great deal in the past, which has lead to his cold and ruthless disposition, as well as the birth of an even darker alter ego.

Marik has risen to a great level of power and prestige at a very young age. This manner of accomplishment is not at all unusual for a Capricorn. While members of this sign are excellent at achieving goals, sometimes this focus can become tunnel vision. Marik hurts many people in his endeavors, which is an excellent example of the dark side of Capricorn ambition.

Marik Ishtar Yu-Gi-Oh! wallpaper

7. Tsukushi Makino (Hana Yori Dango)

Hana Yori Dango Tsukushi Makino
hanayori dango DVD
  • Birthday: December 26th

Tsukushi Makino comes from a poor household - part of why her family is overjoyed when she is accepted to a prestigious high school, Eitoku Academy. Tsukushi herself is less than excited, as she will have to leave her old life behind. When arrives she almost immediately finds herself on the wrong side of the in crowd and is bullied mercilessly. On principle alone, she resolves to stay, declaring war on her oppressors.

Her name is a word that means weed in Japanese. This name is a good fit, considering her Capricorn mannerisms. She is strong willed and stubborn - and these qualities are part of what allows her to survive at her new school. However sometimes her hard-headedness gets her into trouble - eventually she learns to manage this Capricorn shadow and find balance.

hana yori dango wallpaper

6. Masato Hijirikawa (Uta no Prince Sama!)

Masato Hijirikawa Uta no Prince Sama!
Uta no Prince Sama dvd
  • Birthday: December 29th

Masato Hijirikawa is a student at Saotome Academy, a program for aspiring idols. He is a talented and disciplined piano player who comes from a background of nobility. Masato typically maintains a serious demeanor, due to his serious and strict upbringing.

Capricorns are often accused of being too serious. Masato is certainly an example of a Capricorn character who could stand to lighten up. Luckily the protagonist of the series,  Haruka, is able to help him do just this. Capricorns are able to let loose and have fun, but sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction from someone else to do so.

Masato Hijirikawa Uta no Prince Sama! wallpaper

5. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane Death Note
  • Birthday: December 25th

Misa Amane is a bit of an oddball. She is a famous model with an unusual fascination for the macabre. It is not surprising that she develops a fascination for the famous serial killer Kira after he murders the person who killed her family. It is even less surprising that after discovering that Light Yagami is Kira, she begins to develop feelings for him.

Misa does everything in her power to help Kira once she makes up her mind to do so. She ruthlessly romantically pursues Light in a very Capricorn fashion. However this dedication to Light and Kira causes her to discard any real sense of self preservation as martyrs herself, a real potential weakness that members of this sign would do best to be aware of.

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4. Koala Suu (Love Hina)

Kaolla Su Love Hina
Love Hina Christmas
  • Birthday: January 12th

Koala Suu is a rather eccentric character. She is an exchange student from a country of unknown origins. Her past is initially unknown, and she enjoys keeping an air of mystery about herself. Despite her free-spirit she also has very serious professional ambitions.

While Capricorns have an affinity for doing things they way that they believe is right, at times they ride the fringes of society - others may dismiss them when they behave outside of cultural norms. While Koala certainly isn’t an average girl, her eccentricity and goals are decidedly the manifestation of balanced positive Capricorn traits.

Wallpaper Love Hina

3. Mei Tachibana (Say "I Love You")  

Mei Tachibana Say I Love You
say love you DVD

  • Birthday: December 25th

Mei Tachibana has been burned one too many times. She now firmly holds the belief that she is better off on her own than trusting others. She is very stoic and serious, and keeps to herself. at school. One day she crosses paths with Yamato Kurosawa, a boy who is determined to pull her out of her shell and thaw her icy heart.

Mei showcases two important Capricorn traits. One one hand, she is very serious, sometimes to a fault at the onset of the series. Capricorns in all their intensity can also give a great deal in relationships - often too much. When they become drained, sometimes they need another person to help them recharge - luckily for Mei, Yamato shows up to do just that.

Say I Love You wallpaper

2. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Cowboy Bebop)

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop DVD
  • Birthday: January 1sti

Edward is a quirky little hacker girl who is the last protagonist to appear in the series. She speaks in whimsical words and phrases, and is truly a memorable character with her unique charm. One might find it hard to take her seriously but make no mistake - if you need anything done in cyberspace this brilliant young prodigy will be able to accomplish it.

Edward is not a typical Capricorn. The world is her playground - she approaches just about everything with an extremely carefree attitude. However, she is very serious about hacking and computers - these are her forte where she has chosen to excel. This dedication combined with her emotional sensitivity are certainly Capricorn tendencies.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV Cowboy Bebop wallpaper

1. Levi Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Levi attack on titan
attack on titan dvd1
  • Birthday: December 25th

Levi Ackerman is said to be the most formidable member of the Survey Corps - humanity’s last real hope against a threat that stands to wipe it off the face of the earth entirely. He can be a bit of a control freak, and doesn’t mince his words. He has a strikingly blunt personality and is generally well respected among his fellow soldiers.

Cold, calculating, and stoic - Levi is the stereotypical Capricorn character. He is a born leader and an extremely competent soldier. He has a fierce determination, and makes careful, calculated decisions. He has a very serious personality, and is rarely seen showing any sort of emotion. Levi is as Capricorn as it gets.

Attack on Titan wallpaper

levi attack on titan wallpaper

Capricorn characters are a special breed. Though on the surface they may seem very different from one another, there are overlapping traits that can be observed in all of them.

While astrology isn’t a perfect guide to an individual’s personality, it’s certainly fun to apply to your favorite anime characters. If you’re a Capricorn like myself, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this list in the comments below.



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