Monthly Manga Moments: Star and Stripe’s Grand Entrance from My Hero Academia Chapter 328!

A lot of things are happening in the world of manga, which isn’t a bad thing. Just like that, another month has come and passed. Even though the first week of November has already gone by, we figure it would be nice to feature a certain manga moment that captivated us in the month of October. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the only good thing that happened the previous month, but it definitely is our favorite. Without further ado, our manga moment for the month of October is Star and Stripe’s debut in My Hero Academia!

Contains Spoilers

Epic Entrance, Epic Quirk

While Japan’s Pro Hero Association is at an all-time low, Star and Stripe - America’s no. 1 hero - confronts Tomura Shigaraki. It isn’t just any confrontation, either. Heck, she makes her debut standing on a fighter jet. Unlike a lot of powerful characters, Star and Stripe doesn’t underestimate Shigaraki. She meets him head on and at full power. In fact, she doesn’t hesitate to execute lethal moves on him right from the get-go. Thanks to that, we also get to see her quirk, and it sure is powerful.

Her quirk “New Order” allows her to give anything she touches a new rule. As we've seen, she’s able to even create a vacuum by saying a single sentence. She can also impose a new rule on a living being, such as herself, by saying their name and the rule. It’s not like her quirk has no limits, though. According to her, even her powered-up self is still a shy away from All Might’s power. Nonetheless, her quirk is one of the strongest quirks we’ve seen yet.

Why is This Cool?

Star and Stripe stepping up simply proves that Shigaraki is no longer a normal villain. He’s already an international threat. This is further backed up by the fact that she literally has to pull one trump card right after another, only to see Shigaraki somehow survive each attack. While we like the idea of Shigaraki hogging more and more of the spotlight, what we like to see more is how Midoriya will improve to match Shigaraki. Recent chapters of the manga show Midoriya madly pushing himself to the limit. Not only him, but other members of Class 1-A are probably going to get great power boosts too, especially Bakugo and Todoroki. Star and Stripe’s appearance serves a good breather for them.

Are More Heroes Coming?

With Star and Stripe’s debut, we see that the other parts of the world aren't as devastated as Japan. Of course, that also means that other countries, especially powerhouses like Russia, have formidable heroes in their roster. Since Shigaraki’s demise is probably still far away, there’s a good chance that he’ll only get stronger. That is, assuming he won’t be able to acquire Star and Stripe’s quirk. If he does, then he may instantly become the world’s biggest threat. Star and Stripe is personally connected to All Might, but since America has already stepped in, we may be seeing more foreign heroes in My Hero Academia’s future updates.

Final Thoughts

My Hero Academia is only getting better and better, and we can’t wait to see what else the manga has to offer. While Star and Stripe’s debut is undeniably cool, it serves a greater purpose than showing off. Star and Stripe’s appearance offers new possibilities for the series, while also serving as a warning as to how dangerous Shigaraki has become. That’s it for this month’s manga moment. Did you like Star and Stripe’s grand debut as much as we did? Do you want to see more of our monthly manga moments? Make sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Buku-no-Hero-Academia-My-no-Hero-Academia-Wallpaper Monthly Manga Moments: Star and Stripe’s Grand Entrance from My Hero Academia Chapter 328!


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