Top 10 Fights in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Now that the fifth season of My Hero Academia has drawn to a close, we thought it fitting to look back on some of the greatest fights we've witnessed so far. Naturally, we won't be able to include every Detroit Smash, Full Cowling, or Grape Rush on this list so feel free to let us know which fights we missed! MHA has risen from humble beginnings into a mainstay of the yearly anime lineup. The fights we've seen thus far have been exhilarating, moving, and everything in between! So, without further ado, let's get started!


10. Bakugo, Jiro, Sero, and Sato Vs. B Class (Season 5)

Let's kick things off with a fight from the latest season but perhaps not one you were expecting. During the early portions of season 5, the Class A we all know and love were pitted against their underdog peers of Class B. Each team was paired into groups of four and forced to capture the other team's members to win. With Bakugo in the driving seat, things didn't look too great for the whole "teamwork" aspect of the trial.

However, what no one was expecting was just how far Bakugo had grown from the earlier seasons. Not only did he rely on his teammates to support him but he actively tried to save them as well. As Class B noticed that Bakugo would carry the opposing team, they immediately targeted the backline. However, Bakugo was ready and put a stop to the enemies' attacks. Then, later in the fight after Bakugo found himself trapped, he did not panic and trusted his teammates would free him from his binding. Bakugo stated before the fight began that he would not be satisfied with anything less than a complete victory (four captures, zero casualties). And, when his team stood victoriously having achieved their goal, it sent tingles up our spine. This was truly a great moment for Bakugo's development as a character.

9. Kirishima and Fat Gum Vs. Rappa and Tengai (Season 4)

We'd witnessed a few great Kirishima moments before this bout but this was where Red Riot really made a name for himself. Partnering up with his work-study Hero, Fat Gum, the two make their way through the Hassaikai establishment before being reprimanded. There, they are forced to do battle with a pair of persistent enemies.

Kirishima has always prided himself on being indestructible, which made the first half of this battle incredibly tense as Red Riot is reduced to near ruin by a flurry of powerful attacks. Not only that but Fat Gum, another hero designed to take punches, looks to be receiving heavy damage as well. However, the two persevere and finally manage to break their way through the opposing forces. It was great to see Kirishima grow as a side character and this fight cemented him as a member of the secondary cast to look out for.

8. Deku Vs. Bakugo (Season 1)

At this time, Bakugo had yet to receive any development past screaming abuse at anyone who walked by him, and Deku, unfortunately, walked by him a lot. Donning their costumes, Deku and Bakugo find themselves on the higher floors of a large building, duking it out for survival.

Bear in mind that Deku can barely use One for All at this point without breaking a number of his limbs. This means he's forced to not only rely purely on his physical strength but to do so against someone who utterly terrifies him! Nevertheless, Deku pushes past his inhibitions exclaiming that he is "no longer afraid of you (Bakugo) anymore!" This fight was the domino towards the second Bakugo Vs. Deku showdown later in the show and the eventual coming together as partners we've seen more recently.

7. Deku Vs. Goto (Season 3)

During a training session up in the mountains, Class A finds themselves ambushed by a group of enemies. One such enemy is Goto Imasuji. With his back against the wall and forced to protect Kota Izumi (a young child who had wandered off from home), Deku gives it his all against this seemingly unbeatable opponent.

Goto's ability to manipulate and enhance his muscles proves to be too strong for Deku in the early periods of the fight. Deku is thrown around and sustains heavy injuries during this time and is ultimately forced to use Detroit Smash at 100% just to stay alive. However, taking the ideals of his Master to heart, he reassures a crying Kota that everything is going to be fine and he will save him no matter what. Then, as if things weren't epic enough, Deku ends the fight with a Detroit Delaware Smash utilizing 1,000,000% of One for All's power! Absolutely amazing!

6. Deku, Iida, and Todoroki Vs. Stain (Season 2)

This fight was great and one of the first fights we saw where the stakes were truly high. Up to this point, there was always a safety net surrounding Class A that, if things got too out of hand, the teachers would step in and all would be fine. However, after Iida sneaks out to try and avenge his older brother, he comes face-to-face with the Hero Killer; Stain. Iida is no match for Stain by himself and this humbles him immensely. Sure, Iida is fast but his inexperience leads to a quick sword in the back from Stain. Then, after licking up Iida's blood, Stain uses his Quirk to immobilize him. Luckily, both Todoroki and Deku could sense something was amiss with him and quickly join the scene to help!

After some ice and fire support from Todoroki, Deku and Iida manage to take Stain down with a Recipro Burst kick to the waist and a One for All infused punch to the face! This was a great fight where we could see the potential of these students we had been following and how they would fare in a truly dire situation. After all, all of the students who attend U.A are aspiring heroes and will need to complete acts like this on a daily basis. Watching the three of them work together to take down Stain was absolutely breathtaking to behold!

5. All Might Vs. Nomu (Season 1)

This one may anger some people because this fight is often cited as one of the best in the entire series. It just goes to show how many amazing bouts there are in this show for this one to place halfway down the list! That isn't to say this fight is lackluster, however. Far from it! After the League of Villains invades Class A's training session and unleashes what will come to be known as a Nomu on the kids and All Might, we finally get to witness just how strong the Number 1 hero truly is.

The animation in this fight, good lord! As All Might's flurry of rapid-fire punches connects with the Nomu's, sending a wave of wind scattering about the arena, the onlookers can barely keep up with the movements they are witnessing! This all culminates in a final punch from All Might to send the Nomu crashing through the ceiling and into the stratosphere! Poetry in motion!

4. All Might Vs. One for All (Season 3)

Again, to be placing the two best All Might fight scenes outside of the top three may seem like sacrilege but it had to be done. This fight sees One for All pitted against All for One in a showdown for the ages. Bakugo had been kidnapped and rescued by his friends but it was All Might who was forced to intervene when things got too out of hand.

The two threw down a flurry of strikes and both sides sustained tremendous injuries. Then, All Might let out that phrase we had all been longing to hear. "United States of SMAAAAAAAAAASH!", absolutely obliterating One for All and sending him toppling into the ground below, All Might uses up the last of his powers and is forced into retirement. He points at the screen to say "now it's your turn." Does he mean us, the general public? Does he mean the rest of the heroes? Or does he mean a certain green-haired heir that has been entrusted with his powers? Only time will tell.

3. Deku and Togata Vs. Overhaul (Season 4)

This fight is actually around ten people fighting against Overhaul but, for the sake of brevity, we'll limit it to just Deku and Togata. Lemillion is the first on the scene and tries with all his might to protect Eri. Unfortunately, after taking a hit, he is down for the count and loses access to his Quirk seemingly forever. Nighteye is next and suffers injuries that would eventually prove to be fatal. Last but not least, we have Deku. Let's see what he can do.

Deku also appears to be no match for Overhaul during the early proceedings of their fight. Deku has still been unable to tap into the full power of All for One and can only use a small percentage without suffering any injuries. Luckily, Eri's Quirk allows her to rebuild was has been broken and heal Deku's injuries. Eri's power is too strong for her to control and she will eventually destroy that which she tries to help should they be fully healed. So, as long as Deku keeps destroying his body using One for All, the two are a match made in heaven! This proves to be true as Deku finally takes down Overhaul thanks to Eri's help!

2. Endeavor Vs. Nomu (Season 4)

Ooh, what an ending to that fourth season this was. As Endeavor is thrust into the number one hero position due to All Might's retirement, many were skeptical as to whether or not he would actually be able to fill such plentiful shoes. Endeavor would receive a chance to prove himself as he battles against an extremely powerful Nomu alongside Hawks.

Endeavor suffers heavy damage and a facial scar that would persist through the rest of the series. However, he eventually manages to destroy the Nomu in a supernova of flame and ash! As the dust settles, everyone looks on in suspense. All Might was a symbol of peace. No need to fear, because All Might is here. It's important for a hero to stand strong and show that they can take whatever the world throws at them. So, as we see Endeavor using the last of his energy to stand and raise his fist, we know that he has earned the right to be known as the number one hero.

1. Deku Vs. Todoroki (Season 2)

As much as the Endeavor Vs. Nomu fight could easily have been pushed up to number one, the showdown between Deku and Todoroki just cannot be overlooked. Todoroki has always stated that he will never use his fire side. His father, Endeavor, had torn their family apart with his relentless insistence that Todoroki become stronger. As such, Todoroki resigned himself to becoming stronger only using ice.

As the fight progresses, Deku is forced to break each of his fingers in succession just to stave off the most basic of Todoroki's abilities. Still, he does all he can to convince Todoroki to use his fire side, claiming that it's his power and not his father's. Todoroki sees the light and, for the first time, we see him utilize his flame abilities. Then, as the two fly towards each other for a final clash, the animation shifts into overdrive as Todoroki powers up an insanely powerful finisher. Deku glides through the ice but, before they can strike, the officials are forced to intervene. Thank goodness they did.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing fights in the My Hero Academia franchise and we were pained to only select ten of them for this list. Still, stay tuned for future updates as, with each new season, we'll be sure to come back and do some reshuffling as needed! What is your favorite fight in all of MHA? Were there any fights that you think should have been included that were missed out? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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