More Sherlock Holmes In a Moriarty Series? - Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot) 2nd Cours

More Sherlock Holmes In a Moriarty Series? - Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot) 2nd Cours

Most, if not all of us will recognize the name Sherlock Holmes the moment it’s uttered. This esteemed fictional detective is known for solving cases of utmost difficulty through his remarkable deductive reasoning. He’s so good at it that he can acquire a lot of information (we may have exaggerated that) with a single glance. In Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot), however, Sherlock isn’t the main character. Instead, we have his greatest rival and adversary, William Moriarty, as the antihero protagonist.

We like this series, and here are the things we’re looking forward to this season.

More of Sherlock Holmes

Even though the series is about Moriarty and the justifications for his Machiavellian criminal plots, it seems like we will be getting more of the renowned detective. For the first episode of the second season, Moriarty barely has any screen time. In fact, the whole pilot episode is dedicated to Sherlock. It’s not that we’re complaining. On the contrary, fans of the detective are probably rejoicing, especially with Sherlock and Watson’s chic character designs.

The duo, Sherlock and John, are inseparable, and that’s good for us. The only thing Sherlock is interested in is solving difficult puzzles, which in this case means criminal cases. He doesn’t care about fame or fortune, which is where John comes in. John ensures that Sherlock’s works don’t fall under the radar, all the while making sure Sherlock doesn’t cross the line. We’re excited to see how these two will fall in the grand scheme of things, wherein Moriarty is supposedly the central clockwork.

Irene Adler Is On the Move

The first episode introduces a very interesting character, the most dangerous woman known as Irene Adler. For those who don’t know, we won’t be spoiling much. We do, however, want to note that Irene Adler is one heck of a woman. If Sherlock is known for his deductive reasoning, Irene Adler is known as a master in disguise. In fact, Sherlock has even failed to see through her disguise when she came to their office for a consultation.

With Irene Adler’s skillset, we’re pretty sure she’s already stirred a lot of pots, so we’d definitely love to see how she’ll affect our story. After all, the series has already shown Moriarty slipping Adler a letter at the end of the first episode.

Battle Of Beauty, Wit, And Brains

At present, we’re certain that both Sherlock and Moriarty are somewhat on the good side. Sherlock is solving crimes no matter who the criminal is. On the other hand, Moriarty is plotting numerous criminal plans for the greater good. He accepts clients seeking justice since the skewed system protects the nobles from being punished. That being said, the two are on opposite ends of justice. That means that their fates are bound to cross sooner or later, and it should be an epic battle of brains and wits.

The thing is, it’s not just about these two. Another piece, in the form of Irene Adler, comes into the playing field. We have no idea where Adler’s allegiance is at the moment, so she remains a mystery. What we’re certain of, however, is that these three characters are bound to meet this season.

Final Thoughts

Moriarty the Patriot, to say the least, isn’t like our usual anime. Other than being set in the 19th century, it also tells the story of British characters. The characters, however, don't seem foreign as we’ve already heard of their names long before the series came into our screens. The first season has done a great job doing justice to the original work of the great Arthur Conan Doyle, so we have high expectations for the second season too.

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