Music Anime for Spring 2017 - Returning superstars and newbies with heart!

Listen… do you hear that? Riding on the wind, a melody! Music is transcendental, capable of guiding us to unknown places and delivering us to fond memories. Whether it’s lullabies, cutesy pop, or hard rock, music can evoke powerful emotions. This spring season brings with it some endlessly entertaining musical anime!

When we have shows we really enjoy, bringing parts of it into our lives can help us feel closer to the characters and stories we love. One of the benefits of musically-themed anime, other than having new catchy tunes to listen to, is that you can, in effect, bring part of the show into your world. Many people feel a special connection when singing or playing songs from anime they’ve fallen in love with. In order to bring you this same joy, here is our list of the musical anime airing in spring 2017!

4. Aikatsu Stars 2nd Season

  • Episodes: unknown
  • Air Date: April 2017 – ongoing

Welcome to the shining world of Aikatsu! Young girls work hard to achieve their idol dreams at their school, Yotsuboshi Gakuen, and create a brand for themselves! Idol enthusiast Yume has finally established herself as a talented and sparkling idol. Working with her friends every day makes her endlessly happy, and she even has a healthy ‘rival' relationship with an old friend, so they can push each other ever forward. Performing as a team and making their own path, the girls of Aikatsu Stars 2nd Season will chase their dreams all the way to the top.

Following the events of Aikatsu Stars, the second season, also known as Hoshi no Tsubasa (Star Wings), focuses on Yume and her three friends having entered the top ranks of S4. While they’re regarded as the top idols at their school, these girls continue pushing themselves and encouraging others to follow their dreams, even if they don’t coincide with their own. Even though Yume has a complicated relationship with her rival Rola, who she greatly respects, and top idol Elsa Forte; she’s determined to keep her convictions even if it makes the road to stardom harder. The songs in the show are obviously idol-y, with a range of topics and styles to fit the individual girls singing. While you won’t be able to mimic the array of crazy sparkles and glowing stage effects, you can follow along with the dances of each performance to really help you feel like an idol too!

Aikatsu Stars Season 2 Wings of the Stars Trailer

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Aikatsu Stars! 2nd Season

3. Idol Time Pripara 4th Season

  • Episodes: unknown
  • Air Date: April 2017 – ongoing

Yui dreams of being an idol. Every day she thinks of pretty clothes to wear, practices her dancing, and yearns for the day she can go to a Pripara! Her friends have no interest in such ‘boyish’ activities and her popular older brother is constantly telling her to give up. Yui won’t give up on her dreams that easily, though, and her conviction can stand any number of non-believers! When she finally gets her chance to enter Pripara with her companion Laala, who’s unable to transform inside, she’s excited to get started on the road to the big stage.

Idol Time Pripara is a fun show to look forward to because it breaks the mold a bit compared to other idol anime. In this setting, female idols are considered weird and unpopular, and boy idols are all the rage. Usually, most girls want to be idols in these shows, or at least have an interest in them. Thankfully, Yui is obsessed enough to make up for her friends’ disinterest. With a similar pattern to Aikatsu, the girls don special coordinates when in Pripara and an array of visual effects take place. Even their bodies’ appearance changes! The songs are much like other idol songs about doing your best, being yourself, and friendship. It’s a very cute show with a soundtrack to match.

Idol Time Pripara Trailer

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Idol Time Pripara

2. Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: April 2017 – ongoing

Nino stands every day on the shore before school and sings a haunting melody. Every day, she looks over her shoulder, but no one comes. When her childhood friend and first love left suddenly, Momo thought she would never sing again. That is, until a fiery yet brilliant boy named Yuzu starts composing for her and encourages her to keep singing until her beautiful voice reaches Momo. Yet, he too leaves suddenly one day. Now in high school, Nino continues hoping she’ll see these important people again someday, and the day might come sooner than she thinks.

Fukumenkei Noise shows the importance of music as it connects people, as opposed to a love of performing. The bonds represented by these songs last through time and act as a guide to bring lost friends back together again. Within their melodies, they hold a power that can either bring characters to their knees or give them the strength they need to face each day alone. The music is more diverse in Fukumenkei Noise, and while the songs and lyrics don’t perfectly verbatim what the character is thinking or wanting like in Pripara and Aikatsu, they act as a window into the characters’ mindsets. The familiarity of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will evoke a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity even if you’re not that into Japanese music in particular. The music tends to be edgier, apart from a more calming, classical piece from Yuzu. If music is a necessity in your everyday life, especially as a way to channel your emotions, definitely tune into Fukumenkei Noise.

TV Anime Fukumenkei Noise PV

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Fukumenkei Noise

1. Starmyu 2nd Season

  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: April 2017 – ongoing

Hoshitani is a laidback guy with a desire to perform, but he lacks the ambition of some of his classmates. He's easily impressed by those before him and eager to learn from those with more experience. After working hard to get into the musical department at their school, as a second year, he has the chance to perform in the traditional school musical alongside his senpais. The competition is fierce and there are those who couldn’t care less about being liked, as long as they become number one. For five friends wanting to combine their love of performing and their desire to remain together, they have a rough school year ahead of them!

If you love music and pretty boys, Starmyu is there for you. Whether you want to sing a cool song about being the best and practice your showiest moves, or if you just want to fawn over hot guys doing just that, this is a great choice. Everyone is eager to show who they are through their performances and it really shows the power music can have on people. The songs are a bit more adult and edgier, which is great if you want a more mature anime where everyone is singing. Starmyu is like sports anime meets singing. It’s intense and fun, and our number one choice for musical anime this season!

Starmyu PV

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Starmyu 2nd Season

Final Thoughts

Music is a tool, a joy, a talent. It can mean so much to people, whether it keeps them connected to those they love, or whether it’s a rock from which to carve a solitary existence that doesn’t need the acceptance of others. Music in anime, especially anime that really resonates with us, helps to give the world a deeper dimension. It can be pulled out of the 2D world and played throughout our day, a gentle reminder of strong feelings. For those able to sing or play instruments, it’s a blessing to be able to connect more intimately with a show you love.

Aikatsu and Pripara talk about music as if it’s magic, with tons of beautiful, futuristic technology that creates performances as if the idols were powerful witches. Watching these shows is like stepping into a whole other world! Fukumenkei has, by comparison, a much more intimate narrative about how music, in its most basic form, can be an incredible force for bringing people together as well as allowing them to be themselves. Starmyu is a wonderful show for a more mature, musically-driven audience. The diverse cast, dance numbers, and songs will definitely get stuck in your head!



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