My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer Volume 1 Review [Manga] - Murdered by Cuteness!

Murdered By Cuteness!
  • Mangaka : Kousaka, Donten
  • Publisher : Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Genre : Seinen, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance
  • Published : November 2021 — present

The hardest part of any newly married couple’s life is navigating some of those classic awkward moments, like your wife disposing of weapons in the trash, trying to kill the door-to-door salesman, or planning your shopping trip down to the second!! Wait, that’s not normal?!

When your wife is a professional assassin, things can get a little crazy, but when she’s also adorable and sappy, can you really complain? Such is life with Setsuna-san, an emotionless killer who uses her terrifying ‘career skills’ to great effect at home, and whose custom-made suit can handle just about anything life could throw at either of you!

Welcome, newlyweds and assassins, to Honey’s Anime’s review of Haikei... Koroshiya-san to Kekkon Shimashita (My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer) Volume 1!

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

In many ways, My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone-Cold Killer feels like a genderbent counterpart to the rather excellent series, Gokushufudou (The Way of the Househusband). Instead of a ruthless yakuza boss, we have an adorable assassin and her awkward but well-meaning husband – the perfect recipe for a slice-of-life romantic comedy!

With a character design that’s deliberately at odds with her profession, Setsuna is simply cute wrapped in even more layers of cute – something that has the potential to come across as too saccharine, but is thankfully saved by the manga’s comedic beats that continually catch you by surprise.

The first volume is mostly told through 1-2 page long skits, reminiscent of yonkoma (four-panel) comics (which was indeed the format of the mangaka’s first published work). These cover the husband’s general daily life with an assassin for a wife, with some hilarious short stories such as Setsuna getting jealous of the attractive woman next door; Setsuna’s little sister (a very bad assassin) popping around unexpectedly; or cleaning the house using chemicals and techniques that were definitely designed for covering up a murder!

Why You Should Read Haikei... Koroshiya-san to Kekkon Shimashita (My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer)

1. Sugary-Sweet Comedy To Heal Your Soul!

Let’s be honest, life has been pretty rough lately, no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes you just want to indulge yourself in a manga that doesn’t require too much brain power – and My Love-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer fits that bill entirely.

This manga just oozes adorable charm. Setsuna is short, busty, and never fails to produce the cutest of expressions in just about any situation, even when she’s trying to be tough and professional. There are some great fanservice moments with Setsuna too, so there’s something for the ecchi-loving crowd as well!

Overall it’s just an easy read that puts a smile on our face!

2. Newlywed Hijinks!

Aside from the more obvious comedy around Setsuna being an assassin, some of the best moments between the newlyweds come from their seemingly short time together before they tied the knot. Setsuna’s husband still gets flustered seeing her breasts, and Setsuna gets worried that she isn’t communicating properly with her new spouse. Even sharing a kiss is something that gets both of their hearts racing!!

This dynamic adds another soft layer to this slice-of-life comedy, bringing their relationship closer to ‘early stages of dating’ rather than true marriage, but it’s welcome all the same!

Why You Should Skip Haikei... Koroshiya-san to Kekkon Shimashita (My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer)

1. No Name, No Plan?

It’s a little early to call based on the first volume alone, but much like other slice-of-life comedies, it doesn’t seem as though there’s going to be a connecting thread between volumes. This is definitely a light and fluffy comedy with adorable characters and some ecchi moments on top, but if you’re hoping for much in the way of character development, we’re not sure that’ll be coming.

Additionally, Setsuna’s husband is nameless, which feels really odd, almost like he’s a stock protagonist in a visual novel. Maybe he’ll get a name after another volume or two, but it’s a strange decision that felt disorientating to us.

Final Thoughts

Haikei... Koroshiya-san to Kekkon Shimashita (My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer) does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an adorable comedy with a cute, busty assassin, and some newlywed hijinks thrown on top. The art style is gorgeous and the comedic pacing is nearly flawless, making it a thoroughly well-made slice-of-life about a killer’s daily life as a new wife!

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and wholesome, go pick yourself up an assassin wife today… or maybe just read My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer instead!

Have you already read this manga? Are you thinking about picking it up after this review? Let’s chat down in the comments below!

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