Get Pumped for These Fall 2019 Mystery & Drama Anime!


  • Genres: Drama, Shounen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Air Date: October 8 2019

A world in which carnivores and herbivores co-exist.

Eating meat is considered a serious crime. At the famous boarding school, Cherryton Academy, students are being killed and consumed as “eating crimes” are occurring. As the academy is being drawn into unrest, a strange humanoid wolf and member of the drama club, Legoshi lives a quiet life in contrast to his massive body and sharp fangs.

However, one day, Legoshi meets a small female student who is a rabbit named Haru. This shakes his heart to the core.

‘What are these feelings I have for her? Is this love? Am I hungry?’ The truth he arrives at is his true instinct...


2. Kabukicho Sherlock

  • Genres: Mystery, Drama
  • Air Date: October 11, 2019

On the east side of Shinjuku Ward, in the center of the city belayed with extreme disorder, the area of Kabukicho spreads under blinking neon lights. The lights are powerful, but darkness is thick. There, in the darkness where evil lurks, deep in the back, the light is on for the Nagaya Detective Agency.

The Nagaya agency is run by Mrs. Hudson, has its own tendencies and matches up well with the shady environment. There, a highly ambitious and clean-freak detective and the deceptively charming sisters that make up the agency. And, if you think that there’s an old, wannabe police detective, ‘Anchan’ is there as he’s been excommunicated from the yakuza. Finally, there is their star act: a genius detective who loves Rakugo, Sherlock Holmes.

The curtain for this story rises on a night where a bizzare murder was just committed by Jack the Ripper.

Detectives all trying to suss out each other, Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty, are all woven together with their camaraderie.

Kabukicho Sherlock Official PV

3. Psycho Pass 3rd Season

  • Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Police
  • Air Date: October 2019

‘Justice’ opens up a new world. Set in the near future, where a huge surveillance network called the Sibyl System digitizes people’s souls to maintain people's security. In this changing world, Inspection and Enforcement officers have guns called ‘Dominators’ which calculates people’s Crime Coefficients to follow people who have a ‘potential’ to commit a crime before they actually do. This anime, which will be the third season of the original TV animation series ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ which started in 2012, will focus on the story of two new Inspectors. Arata Shindou and Kei Mikhail Ignatov are Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau Inspectors seeking the truth in a changing world.

Psycho Pass 3rd Season Official PV

4. Stand My Heroes

  • Genres: Mystery, Romance
  • Air Date: October 7 2019

An independent investigation agency that handles drug-related cases is made up of those cut out for the job, regardless if they’re part of the government or not, such as drug enforcement officers, criminals, intelligence workers, celebrities, and those from wealthy families.

Rei Izumi is a newcomer to Matori and is appointed to the position of member scout for ‘Stand’ candidates.

She was waiting for a member who was selected as a candidate when an unsolved case ties a mystery drug with the conflict between two rivalry organizations who have different views on justice.

What’s the truth they’ll find?

Stand My Heroes Official PV

Psycho-Pass-movie-dvd-354x500 Get Pumped for These Fall 2019 Mystery & Drama Anime!

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