ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Sails Into Its Third Anniversary With In-Game Events and Updates

What You Need to Know:

  • To celebrate the third anniversary of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, Bandai Namco has decided to release an update for players to join and enjoy! Join in the festivities with a new Dressrosa Arc update, in-game events and rewards.
  • For a limited time, players logging in can participate in the “Adventure in Dressrosa” update. Pirates who are brave enough to clear the “Adventure in Dressrosa” quest before February 28th will be randomly awarded in-game items; including one grand prize winner of 3,333 Rainbow Gems!
  • The update will also include a Dressrosa Sugo-Fest. During Sugo-Fest, popular characters from the Dressrosa arc will be making an appearance in the game, giving players a chance at a huge power boost.
  • ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE will also be introducing a new Limit Break function, letting certain characters reach Limit Break once they’ve met certain special requirements, allowing them to unlock their Latent Abilities. Characters can then get huge Power Ups by unlocking these new abilities.
  • Lastly, fans of the game and the One Piece series will also find a new ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE trailer showcasing the battle between the Straw Hat Crew and the Doflamingo Family in Dressrosa. The new trailer is now available on the official Facebook page!
  • Newly registered users looking to join Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew on their voyage will receive 50 Rainbow Gems during the anniversary event. So be sure to grab the title from the Apple Store or Google Play, and take advantage of these wonderful perks!

Source: Official Press Release

honeys anime character
Great to see that more content is being added to keep the player base happy.

honeys anime character
I think I'll pass on this game and wait for the console title!