Our Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far

Miramar-PUBG-1-1-560x560 Our Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far


When the sheet was finally lifted and Miramar was the official name of the ‘Desert Map’, we were truly stoked not so much for the name itself but that the map was finally given a name overall. Always calling it the Desert Map came off as bland and so finally being able to call it by an official name is quite fulfilling. To see just how far the team has come from its early access origins back in March of this year, to where we are now is exceptional and we’re confident the team at PUBG corporation aren’t going to put their foot on the brakes anytime soon. Since this map is still very much a new area for everyone and best locations to hide are still being investigated by players, it gave the game a breath of fresh air because now everyone is on the same level.

No one person has the upper hand in terms of map location and so now, much of the game really comes down to individual skill or in the case of a team, strong teamwork. We spent a great deal of time running around Miramar and thought that perhaps it would be the right time to make an article about our favorite areas so far, while discussing some pros and cons along the way. So with that all out of the way here’s our top picks for cruising around Miramar!

Puerto Paradaiso

Miramar-PUBG-1-1-560x560 Our Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far

This small resort is one of the only locations that’s situated near a large body of water, meaning that you have various escape options which aren’t limited to the road. We love Puerto Paradaiso because despite its small size it provides players with ample cover, a nice Church in the middle for protection and just across from the resort are 3 other islands. These 3 islands are great options in case you need to escape by water and once you approach the first island, you’re greeted with perhaps the best sniping spot in Miramar thus far. The red and white lighthouse sits atop the apex of the mountain and looks out towards the main city of Los Leones, with Impala also being visible to the far right.

If you happen to have a top tier sniper in hand and mid to end game has you situated around this area, then taking advantage of the islands are critical. So in a way, these extra islands become somewhat of an extension of Puerto Paradaiso and allow players to really find a nice place to hide and take out unsuspecting players. The only negative to this location is that weapon selection is quite sparse and is hit and miss a lot of the time. You’ll run into Sawed-Offs and M16A4’s with the occasional Win94, but if you’re looking for something a little more consistency then it’s perhaps best to go elsewhere like our next favorite: Campo Militar.

Campo Militar

This gem is nestled in the very top right corner of the map and is Miramar’s version of Erangel’s Military Base. The big difference right off the bat is that for some reason, Campo Militar gives off this impression of being more open than the Military Base. What we mean by that is the buildings felt more spread out and not just condensed in one area, which means that players will have to do a lot more running around to secure a weapon. Perhaps this fixes the issue where it was just too easy to die in the Military Base since everything was so condensed, and so if you happen to eject from the plane a second too slow you’d be dead when you hit the ground.

Campo Militar eases that greatly so that more action can take place, with a handful of vehicles lying in and around the base should you need to make your exit. With it being a Military Base you’d expect to find level 3 helmets and armor, along with weapons like the SKS and Kar98. There’s a wide assortment to choose from and so players will not have a hard time grabbing something. As far as cons we honestly can’t say that there is because as we stated earlier, what plagued the Military Base was greatly improved for Campo Militar and so the freedom to roam just felt more endearing.


Chumacera is one of the first cities you’ll run into if you were coming from Valle del Mar to the south, and it has a lot of potential despite its small size. Compared to El Pozo and Los Leones which is just massive and creates this maze of buildings that you’ll need to navigate through, Chumacera encourages very strong tactical play since houses are tightly squeezed together. For this reason it’s very easy to just nestle yourself behind a building and listen out for footsteps, since there’s ample cover just about everywhere. There’s no room for error when playing in Chumacera since most buildings do have windows and if you’re one of the unlucky few that are caught outdoors, a few well placed shots to the body and it’s lights out.

Another aspect about Chumacera and its small size is that it encourages players to really duke it out and not sit around idly. Since there’s not much room to work with you’ll often see players racing around corners hoping to find cover, or someone running through a house looking for ammo. So it forces you to play the more aggressive role and take out as many threats as you see fit, should you manage to find a strong enough gun to do so. Speaking of guns, Chumacera provides an ample supply of good equipment like level 2 backpacks, Win94, M16A4, Sawed-Off Shotguns, and tons of healing items. Once you’ve gathered all the right resources it’s time to get out and shoot anything that moves, then find a getaway vehicle to move onto the next town. Since Chumacera is connected to the main road it’s very easy to find vehicles readily available so once the assault has been taken care of, race out of there and find a place to snipe.

Honey's Final Verdict:

This list of course may definitely change once we spend a lot more time playing around in Miramar, but so far these areas have provided us with ample resources in order to stay alive and secure top 10 placings. We'll cover more areas as the release date for 1.0 draws closer, so be sure to keep it locked here for all the PUBG related news! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now truly feels like a brand new experience and so let us know how you feel in the comments below.

Miramar-PUBG-1-1-560x560 Our Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far
I really liked El Pozo the best because it isn't as large as Los Leones but still allows for some great action.
Miramar-PUBG-1-1-560x560 Our Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far
Valle del Mar was my favorite so far since it's like the only city that has a bridge, and it's the only bridge into the main core of the map.