Persona 5 The Animation Review – A Brief Glimpse Into The Metaverse

A Brief Glimpse Into The Metaverse

  • Episodes : 26
  • Genre : Action, Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : April 2018 – September 2018
  • Studios : CloverWorks

Contains Spoilers

Persona 5 The Animation Introduction

The idea behind most anime based on video games is simply to promote the game to a wider audience while giving fans of the franchise an opportunity to see their favorite games in a different light. The Persona franchise is wildly popular, with each game flying off the shelves as it is released. Unfortunately, each subsequent anime adaptation has not done nearly as well, often limiting the game down to the barest of plotlines and skimming by on poor animation.

However, given how much content the Persona 5 animation was able to cover, those who are being introduced to the series for the first time are able to find out a lot about what the game is like! While some character introductions were shortened or rushed, Persona 5 The Animation seemed to find its stride toward the end of the series, even adding depth to a few more relationships you might not have been able to see from the game. If you go into the anime understanding that it is an adaptation, it doesn’t have to be all bad!

Why You Should Watch Persona 5 The Animation

1. Another Look At Our Favorite Characters

As with every part of the Persona franchise, the strongest draw comes from the characters. Persona 5 The Animation spends time introducing all of the characters who awaken to their persona, from Ryuji Sakamoto to Haru Okumura. The animation also tries to spread out the main character’s time spent with each of these characters, giving each of them an equal chance at the spotlight. And though most of the detailed animation is reserved for the fight scenes, a good portion of it is saved for these one-on-one moments as well!

2. Different Perspectives

Persona 5 is a game of choices, and every minute of each day counts toward the end goal. The animation does a great job of showing off a little bit of several choices you can make with your day, even including a few more details that players would not have seen before, such as the scenes between Futaba Sakura’s uncle and Sojiro Sakura. For those who have already played through the game, there are a few small new scenes scattered throughout to show off more of the character’s relationships, with each confidant from the game even getting brief moments of screen time.

3. Does Its Job

In the end, the main goal of Persona 5 The Animation is to introduce the plot of the game to newcomers and to get more people interested in the game. The animation includes everything it needs to in order to get the audience hooked, even ending the series on a bit of a cliffhanger, with viewers unsure whether this is a good or bad ending.

Why You Should Skip Persona 5 The Animation

1. Drags Along From The Start

Though Persona 5 The Animation seems to find its stride toward the end of the series, it struggles along in the beginning. The pacing is not consistent, with Ryuji, Ann, Takamaki, and Morgana introduced relatively quickly one after another. Even most of the boss fights aren’t given much time in the early episodes, with the characters rushing through palaces and changing hearts quite quickly.

2. Poor Animation Throughout

The fight sequences and one-on-one character time seem to be some of the only scenes with real effort put into them. Background details and far-off animation for characters is so poorly done that it’s often comical. On the other hand, the 3D animation sequences from certain parts seem to blend well with the animation style used for most of the series. Yet, overall, it doesn’t seem that much detailed effort was given to make Persona 5 The Animation truly shine.

3. Shortens Key Character Plot Points

In essence, this is an adaptation, meaning that much of the specific character development, especially early on in the anime, is cut or skipped. If you want to see each member of the Phantom Thieves with all of their individual plots intact, it is probably best to just play through the game itself.

Final Thoughts

Persona 5 The Animation is best for what it was made to do – introduce new viewers to the game. If you’re already a fan of Persona 5, the 26-episode anime might not be worth a full watch unless you want to see a different perspective on the choices made.

Talk to us! Did playing the game ruin Persona 5 The Animation for you? Did you decide to play the game after watching the anime? Tell us in the comments!

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