Phantom in the Twilight Review - No Imagination is too Small

No Imagination is too Small

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Supernatural, Vampire
  • Airing Date : July 2018- September 2018
  • Studios : Liden Films

Contains Spoilers

Phantom in the Twilight Introduction

When Baileu Ton sets her sights to study abroad in London, she believes that she will be the average student with her only worries being grades and tough professors. However, when an app called Magic Mirror misleads her and her friend Shinyao Mu, they discover a much darker and scarier world hiding in plain view. Creatures in this world are born from the human imagination and take a very real and dangerous form. Thus she meets a brooding vampire, an upbeat werewolf and a mischievous ghost that are tasked with protecting the city of London. As they band together, they must work to overcome the darkness that plagues the streets of London.

Why You Should Watch Phantom in the Twilight

1. The Animation

The animation in Phantom in the Twilight is almost surreal. The entire anime has an Instagram-y feel because it looks like it constantly has a filter over it giving the anime an aura of mystery.

2. The Characters At First Glance

The characters were likable and the show had a promising set up in the first few episodes to be something truly special. The romance that was set up between the vampire, Vlad Garfunkel and Baileu Ton was interesting to follow since Ton’s grandmother, Rijan Sha, played such a pivotal role not only to Vlad but also to the London’s underground society.

3. The Mythology

Phantom in the Twilight contains a variety of mythical creatures from around the world. The premise is that umbra, or the mythical characters referenced in the show, are conceived from human imagination. We enjoyed seeing the assortment of cultures displayed in this anime.

Why You Should Skip Phantom in the Twilight

1. The Character Development

Unfortunately, the characters were underdeveloped. We do not get any of Ton’s or Shinyao’s backstories before coming to London. The most backstory was given to Luke, the werewolf and his brother who weren’t main characters.

2. The Plot

The plot had some major gaping holes such as why she disregarded school which was her whole reason for being in London. There was also the romantic gap that is only slightly touched on throughout the anime then given major attention only in the final episode.

3. The Conflicting Genres

Based upon the otome game, we expected to have the anime follow in the reverse harem elements. However, this anime only slightly alluded to its original content and the genre of the anime seemed to be changing constantly. It made the anime a rather confusing watch because of the romance that was set up in the first episode then casually flipping to action then back again later in the season.

Final Thoughts

Phantom in the Twilight is not what it initially seems going into it. There is no vampire love story or reverse harem elements given that there is one girl and a bunch of guys. This is the perfect anime for someone looking for a deep friendship, supernatural elements, and a dark storyline. The mythology brought up in this anime is from around the world so you may even learn about new and interesting cultures as you watch through it.

We hope that you have enjoyed this review and it has encouraged you to watch Phantom in the Twilight. There is no perfect anime so don’t let the negative points throw you off. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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