Pop Team Epic Season 2 First Impression - Anime…Can Be Really Weird

Comedy anime can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Everyone’s definition of what makes a good comedy anime is different but usually, when a studio really focuses on a comedy series…things can get wild. Enter Pop Team Epic, which is the prime example of just how weird comedy anime can be. Pop Team Epic was literally akin to a skit series where two rather weirdly drawn anime girls—who also had male voices occasionally—would end up making fun of various anime/mediums and it was quite bizarre, to say the least. Yet, Pop Team Epic was a lot of laughs and when we heard season 2 was released, we knew our curiosity was going to make us watch it. Here’s our first impression of Pop Team Epic Season 2…which is just as bizarre as season 1 but now, 100x weirder.

The Girls Are Back in Town

Popuko and Pipimi are back and…strange like before. These “girls” literally spend several minutes in episode 1, talking about their teeth and how they can move them. Yes, Pop Team Epic Season 2 clearly wanted to make even more weird comedy, and that works for the most part. They even joke about how they feel they aren’t a good series—they use a more inappropriate word we won’t share—but that is why the humor works for this bizarre 4-Koma adaptation. Usually, many guess what will happen next in a series but in Pop Team Epic, you’ll never be right as the strangeness keeps you on your toes. In a way, though, we are super happy Pop Team Epic Season 2 kept true to its original form as we doubt this series could do it any differently. Also, in case you’re wondering, Pop Team Epic Season 2 continues the trend of having male voice actors take over the latter half of the episode… Why? We don’t know, but it is still funny to see the comedy done from a female and male perspective.

The References...Find Them All!

One of the most hilarious bits of Pop Team Epic is how many media references can be found in every episode. Season 2 doesn’t hold back with references to Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy, Pixar, and the list goes on. We kind of made it a game here at Honey’s Anime to find all the references we can. The jokes won’t always land with some of these references, especially if you aren’t versed in Japanese culture, but when they land…they will have you on your floors laughing to death.

Animation That Is All Over

Just like before, Pop Team Epic’s second season can look almost movie-quality animation-wise and then, can look like it was taken from an Adult Swim cartoon. Yeah…the animation is all over the map with this series and we literally are more surprised how much production quality was put into Pop Team Epic Season 2. Episode 2’s giant mecha sequence was actually gorgeous…and this is the same show that has a skit where characters are drawn like Beavis and Butt-Head.

This Comedy Might Be Found in Another Dungeon

Okay, obviously with skits like Bob Team Epic—the really weird and oddly drawn sequences we mentioned before—Pop Team Epic’s comedy will not always land. Really, this is a series that lives and dies with how viewers find weird comedy. Yes, the anime/media references will often make you smile or chuckle, but even they can sometimes miss the mark. Pop Team Epic Season 2 has definitely missed the mark with a lot of comedy and we have found some of it is not as hilarious as season 1, but we’ve only seen the first half of the series so we have hopes for some better jokes later. If you didn’t care for Pop Team Epic season one, then season 2 won’t change your mind and we can bet.

Final Thoughts

Pop Team Epic Season 2 is a weird comedy that we both love and find ourselves questioning at times. There are times we literally were crying laughing and then other times, rewinding a joke just to see if there even was a joke. Yes, this is a comedy anime that might not be the best but we know some of you probably are loving the odyssey and weirdness of this series, and we have to wonder where the rest of the season will go.

Are you loving or hating Pop Team Epic Season 2? Why not comment below to let us know? Be sure to keep stuck to our semi-comedic hive here at Honey’s Anime for more articles, first impressions, and coverage of this fall 2022 winter anime season!

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