[Psychological Sci-fi Spring 2018] Like Psycho-Pass? Watch This!

Psycho-Pass is an anime that looks beyond the typical tropes, giving viewers a deep discussion about topics like humanity and the morality our society encourages. Psychological anime allow us to objectively and closely see important questions we might have in our own lives. Combine this genre with a sci-fi setting, and the future of humanity comes into question as well! Psycho-Pass is a brilliant example of how the combination of these two genres can lead to a great anime. But Psycho-Pass isn’t the only show that can lead its audience into deeper discussions – there are a couple of anime airing this season that are quite similar in their approach.

Liked Psycho-Pass? Watch Persona 5 The Animation!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Apr. 2018 - ongoing

Ren Amamiya is transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo after a certain incident awakens something within him – but to his fellow classmates, he appears normal. As he slowly makes friends and learns to cope with the new world he has discovered, Ren becomes stronger. Creating the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” among their friends, the group sets out to reform the corrupt adults around them by stealing their desires in another dimension. The Phantom Thieves balance their nightly adventures with the day-to-day trudge of school. But with mysteries and criminal activity rising, where will these characters find themselves in the end?

3 Major Similarities Between Psycho-Pass and Persona 5 The Animation

1. Questions of Right and Wrong

Both Psycho-Pass and Persona 5 point out the questions of what is right and what is wrong in a world regulated by laws. The Inspectors and Enforcers in Psycho-Pass attempt to follow the Sibyl System’s rules as best as they can, with some characters breaking laws as they attempt to enforce their own morality. Likewise, Ren and the Phantom Thieves use their Personas to fight the immorality of the people with twisted desires, though it may not always align with the law.

2. Tragic Strangers Become Family

In both anime, the main characters find a group of strangers and gradually become a family after events tie them together. Though Akane Tsunemori is tied to her group because they are coworkers, she soon finds a strong connection with each one of them, often due to traumatic circumstances from their mutual job. And Ren’s unfortunate transfer to Shujin Academy allows him to meet and befriend several characters, all of whom share a tragic backstory of some sort that brings the group closer.

3. Technology Is Important

One of the biggest connections between Psycho-Pass and Persona 5 is the important role that technology plays in both anime. The Inspectors and Enforcers in Psycho-Pass use guns connected to the Sibyl System to catch those whose mental state has gone awry. In Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves are able to traverse to the other dimension via a mysterious app that appears on their phones, and they use cell phones to regularly communicate with one another, much like many teenagers today do!

Liked Psycho-Pass? Watch Caligula!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2018 - ongoing

μ is a virtual idol with artificial intelligence and the ability to create the perfect digital world for humanity. People who are suffering in the real world will hear the idol’s songs and be drawn into this alternate reality known as Mobius. Once you have entered Mobius, you will forget the real world even exists! But when a group of Mobius’ victims realize the truth of their situation, they decide to seek true freedom.

2 Major Similarities Between Psycho-Pass and Caligula

1. Ideal World, Yet Broken System

Psycho-Pass focuses on the Sibyl System, a ruling technological entity that governs all of the country, creating an ideal world free of crime. In the same way, Mobius is designed as the most perfect alternate world, where everyone continually goes through school life and only happy things happen. Yet both anime show how these utopian paradises are flawed and limiting, creating just as many problems as they generate happiness among the elite.

2. Rise Against the Machine

As in Psycho-Pass, technology plays a vital part of the world in Caligula, building up the façade that people are expected to accept. The students who decide to take back their freedom are rebelling against Mobius and its technological prison, following along with a common sci-fi trope of rising against the machine. The Inspectors and Enforcers from Psycho-Pass also face an intelligent tech that governs the people and must go against its wishes on a number of occasions.

Final Thoughts

These psychological anime allow us to see the “perfect” dystopian ideal for what it is, and assure us that the freedom to make our own choices is too important to give up lightly. The three shows we have talked about today all embrace the deeper discussions of humanity and the morality of our society. All of these anime make us appreciate the reality we’ve been given!

Have you watched either Persona 5 The Animation or Caligula? What do you think about these anime? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below!

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