PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #2 Info

Miramar-PUBG-6-1-560x338 PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #2 Info

What You Need to Know:

  • With the official release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just a week away, the team at PUBG corporation are working tirelessly to ensure that fans get the best experience right out of the gates. One great they've done is allow players to experience all of the new changes all the way up to the official release, which is December 21st.
  • This is wonderful news for PUBG fans since we now have ample time to really come to understand all of the patch changes, plus spend a lot more time getting to know Miramar better. We must say that Miramar is just incredible and can't stop playing it, since there's always something fresh to reel you back into all the action. Whether it be a new hiding spot or testing out mechanics, PUBG is shaping up to be a powerhouse going into 2018.
  • Below we'll list all of the latest patch notes the team has released for you to take a look at, and we'll bold the ones that we feel stood out as great improvements. We hope to see you on the battlefield!

Source: Official Press Release

1.0 PUBG Patch Notes


Unlocked the rewards menu.
Players will now be able to check their performance in Career, and Leaderboard.


Erangel and Miramar - both maps are now playable
Which map is played will be selected randomly when a match begins - This is a great change and really creates a nice flow. You're never sure of what to expect and so things will never truly feel boring.

Added a wet effect to vehicles. This effect can be found in rainy weather on Erangel. - Perhaps this will make it so that vehicles swerve and behave differently under different weather conditions. This may also hint at possible future maps where other weather conditions could effect gameplay (Snow).


Miramar-PUBG-6-1-560x338 PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #2 Info

Added Aquarail on Erangel


Added Miramar's new Ghillie suit to the care package on Erangel


Helmet, vest, bag HUD UI elements will now be on by default.
Added a transparent background box behind HUD UI for clear visibility.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue with the insides of Erangel buildings being too dark.
Fixed the issue with players not receiving BP after playing in FPP mode.
Fixed the abnormal player shadow in FPP.
Deleted M16A4 from the tool tip of 8x and 15x scopes.
Fixed the issue where player's footstep sound was silenced when player moved diagonally or wore particular shoes.
Fixed the issue of two instances of player characters existing after reconnecting.

Miramar-PUBG-6-1-560x338 PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #2 Info
So glad the team are constantly making efforts to ensure future success of their title. It's nowhere near where it should be, but that's what progression is all about!
Miramar-PUBG-6-1-560x338 PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #2 Info
I'm proud of the team and continue to encourage their motivation to make a solid and groundbreaking title!