First Impressions of the Mini Bus in PUBG

pubg-mini-bus-560x338 First Impressions of the Mini Bus in PUBG

What You Need to Know:

  • When the Mini Bus was revealed for the first time to the world about a couple months ago, our first impression was that this vehicle would definitely hold its own in squad based battles. Now with the test servers allowing us to experience Miramar among a myriad of other things, the Mini Bus was a priority and needed to be tested. At first glance this 6 seater looks like it runs sluggishly on the road but in fact, after hitting the long straightaways in Miramar it was a wakeup call.
  • Its acceleration is nothing to get excited about but once it starts to get moving, we reached a max speed of about 116km/h which is incredible for such a vehicle. Going uphill the Mini Bus struggles to do so but going downhill is like being on a sled and racing down a snowbank, and that was fun to do. It handles very well in terms of steering which helped out a ton when trying to take some tight corners last minute. The engine as well sounds awesome and just hums beautifully as you cruise down the long strip of roads.
  • What also surprised us was that the Mini Bus could handle all the bumpy terrain when we needed to take shortcuts to avoid being seen, so that in itself is a huge plus. The HP on the Mini Bus is pretty strong and could hold its own when being shot at from a number of enemies. There was a time when we had to take cover behind one as we were being targeted by two enemies in a building, and once we managed to get into the driver's seat to race off it barely took any significant damage.
  • The only scary thing as we stated was the acceleration was abysmal for lack of a better term and so trying to escape the scene had us clenching our butts to ensure we didn’t get killed. Nevertheless the Mini Bus is impressive and truly feels right in the world of Miramar. We only hope to see more unique vehicles joining the ranks of the Miramar lineup, so to know when breaking news happens for PUBG\PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds be sure to keep it locked here!

pubg-mini-bus-560x338 First Impressions of the Mini Bus in PUBG
Such a throwback vehicle to the 70's. This was the hippie cruiser!
pubg-mini-bus-560x338 First Impressions of the Mini Bus in PUBG
A lot of people still use it to this day actually, since it does accommodate a lot of people