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Harems have a special appeal outside of regular romance anime in that multiple romantic options are presented to the viewer for them to cheer on! Usually, only one will receive a romantic ending with the main character but with just a little imagination, we can concoct our own scenes for the characters we feel most attracted to. They may not have the most thought-provoking storylines but often prove to be a funny and enjoyable experience. Akatsuki no Yona is a reverse harem meaning one girl, many beautiful guys! While it is engaging as a show about a girl setting off on an important mission, it also plucked at the heartstrings of bishounen lovers. Yona's comfortable life is ripped from her and she is forced to deal with many trials unfairly thrust upon her. It helps, though, that her comrades are dashing men with a soft spot for her. Nothing gets the heart beating like adventure and romance, so check out these anime that will set your heart ablaze!

About Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct. 2014 – March 2015

Yona loves her father and her kingdom and lives a relatively peaceful existence as Kouka's princess. This peaceful life comes to an abrupt end for her in one night when her father is murdered by her beloved cousin. With no one but her bodyguard Hak to protect her, she is forced to flee her home and learns the thriving kingdom she thought she knew is full of poverty and suffering. Yona's pain becomes her determination to set her kingdom right and take back the throne. Hak and Yona chase after the legend of the dragon warriors that can lend the true heir their power. These powerful and charming men find themselves quite moved by the resilient princess and would give her both their lives and maybe even their hearts!

Liked Akatsuki no Yona? Watch Code: Realize: Sousei no Himegimi (Code: Realize ~Gaurdian of Rebirth~)!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2017 - Ongoing

Cardia has accepted her lonely fate to waste away in her abandoned castle to atone for being a 'monster' no one can touch without being poisoned. On the night Queen Victoria's royal army attempts to snatch her for some nefarious purpose, she is stolen away by Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief. He takes her to his home base where Cardia meets a genius mechanic, shunned alchemist, and wise noble, and learns of her role in their plot to stop a terrorist attack. Her hesitation vanishes when she realizes this plot holds the key to her lost memories and the poison in her body.

Three Major Similarities Between Akatsuki no Yona and Code: Realize: Sousei no Himegimi

1. Daddy Issues

Much like Yona, Cardia had to suddenly face the realization that her father was not as good a person as she thought him to be. Both girls have to listen to people they don't know accuse their fathers of terrible things. While Cardia was not as close to her father as Yona was, Cardia's father is a far more evil presence in the show, which weighs heavily on a girl looking for a place to belong.

Despite being forced to see their fathers in a new and unsettling light, both girls face these accusations head-on without trying to hide from the truth. Yona and Cardia carry their memories with them, unable to hate their fathers, yet vowing to undo the damage the men have done. While family should be the ones you can count on, theirs aren’t there for our heroines. Both Cardia and Yona prove though, that they can push forward without being sheltered by family thanks to the new bonds they've made.

2. Girls are Fighters

As the daughter of a powerful noble, Cardia has a beautiful dress and lives in a castle and is unused to manual labor. Much of that is due to the fact that anything that comes in contact with her bare skin will be melted, but her father never imparted to her the value of hard work. Yona grew up with a father that loved her but also had her act like a princess, not someone of the working class. He even forbade Yona to learn how to use a weapon. Cardia and Yona throw off their traditional gender roles to become valuable members of their team. They both feel that the only way they can accept others to fight for them is if they too learn how to fight. They want to do more than passively accept love and protection. Both girls seek to train in fighting and learn other important skills they can use to aid their new friends. Yona takes up the bow and arrow and Cardia learns martial arts, and both girls kick serious butt against those that wish to hurt their friends.

3. Party of Social Outcasts

In Akatsuki no Yona, a few of the party members, including Yona and Hak, are considered fugitives and find themselves often chased by authority. Cardia and company are wanted by both an intelligence agency and the British Royal Army. While it's somewhat earned by the self-proclaimed gentleman thief, Fran and Cardia are both unfairly blamed for things they were victims of themselves. Cardia of Code: Realize and Shin-Ah of Akatsuki no Yona are called monsters and forced to live in isolation and must often fight off attempts on their lives. Both groups must sneak around and hide their intentions against the rulers of their lands.

Liked Akatsuki no Yona? Watch Sengoku Blood Night!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2017 - Ongoing

One day, Yuzuki is transported from her world into a fantasy world version of the Sengoku Era. As if the warlords of the past weren't frightening enough, in this world, they are powerful beings with inhuman powers that rule over the different states, all with the ambition to unify Japan. After being taken in by the slightly flirtatious but kind Hideyoshi, it is discovered that Yuzuki carries the legendary blood of the late Himemiko that can awaken the warlord’s true powers. Because she holds the key to victory, some will come for her blood, but others will come for her heart!

Three Major Similarities Between Akatsuki no Yona and Sengoku Night Blood

1. Battle for a Kingdom

In Akatsuki no Yona, Yona fights to take back her kingdom and overthrow the one who killed her father. In Sengoku Night Blood, a battle between enemy states rages on regardless of Yuzuki. However, both wars will be greatly affected by the choices our heroines make and their ability to influence others. One can argue that war is bad and perhaps the right ruler is the one who ascends with the least amount of bloodshed. Neither Akatsuki nor Sengoku want to give you easy answers to who is an enemy and who is an ally, which makes each relationship the girls make more complicated and meaningful! It's not about simple good-versus-evil, but different ideologies which make these reverse harems more interesting than others.

2. Magic Warriors

Fitting of the fantasy worlds these two stories take place in, both magic and mythical creatures are very present in both shows. The warriors that surround Yona are known as the dragons and they each have special, unique powers. In Sengoku, the feudal lords and their trusted vassals are members of the Gekka tribe which include vampires and werewolves with superior healing and magical powers. Their abilities set them apart from their regular human counterparts, and while many humans are seen dying on screen, there is not as much attention given to them. If anything, the foot soldiers only serve to show just how immensely strong these magical warriors are as warlords and dragons rip through numerous humans in the blink of an eye.

3. There Will Be Blood

While not the only reverse harem to have a darker theme, neither Akatsuki no Yona nor Sengoku Night Blood shy away from showing bloodshed and suffering. Many times, you'll see characters fighting to the brink of exhaustion or suffering through the pain of an injured limb, desperate to complete their missions. This pain is not limited to our host of handsome men either, as our lovely ladies also take a beating. Yuzuri often plays off her pain, but she often finds herself bleeding or even too wounded to walk. Yona often suffers abuse at the hands of her cruel enemies. No one is safe from harm in either of these shows, which makes sense considering they take place in the midst of war, but it can still be jarring to see deep gashes and pained expressions on girls not accustomed to fighting. Too bad Yuzuri's magic blood seems to hold no healing abilities for herself!

Final Thoughts

Reverse harems tend to have different formulas than male-centered harems but each have their own appeal. Often times crude humor like accidental gropings are replaced with guys becoming flustered while the main girl remains unaware. Often times, there's a bit more sentimentality and a serious lack of physical activity. Akatsuki no Yona stands out as a reverse harem for its extraordinary characters and battle scenes which it shares with both Code: Realize and Sengoku Night Blood. Our comparison anime share a unique theme themselves as they have characters popular from history, be they real or fictional. Of course, the big theme they all share are all the lovely potential romance options for our lovely leading ladies! Whether you were pulled in by Yona's fierceness or her handsome entourage, you'll surely find something you like in Code: Realize and Sengoku Night Blood.

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