Top 5 Sailor Moons Songs

Without including the numerous musicals, the live action adaptation, and the Crystal remake, the original Sailor Moon anime’s 5-year run produced some of the best soundtracks in the history of anime. In addition to its opening and ending themes, the franchise produced image songs sung in character by their seiyuus, insert songs, and even a Christmas album! Including the original Japanese version, the North American English dub even contributed some original tracks as well, most notably Rainy Day Man. So, what are some of the best songs that the original 1990s Sailor Moon series have to offer? Read our top 5 to find out!

5. Rashiku Ikimasho by Meu

Opening our list is Rashiku Ikimasho, the second ending theme to SuperS, which was written by the series creator, Naoko Takeuchi. The series tends to focus on Chibi Usa, and this is extended in the credits to this series as her image is plastered all over. Compared to most of the songs this series has to offer, Rashiku Ikimasho is probably the most upbeat since its hook makes you feel like you’re in a 90s dance club. Even when you see the Sailor Senshi in a silhouette accompanied by a laser show, it further amplifies that atmosphere. The lyrics and melody are also appropriately upbeat and optimistic of never giving up and that you still got your whole life to live.

4. Sailor Star Song by Kae Hanazawa

For the final season, the franchise decided to drop its iconic Moonlight Densetsu theme song and go for a fresher one, just simply called the Sailor Star Song, and is also written by Takeuchi. Though the song is still appropriately romantic, the melody and delivery of the lyrics are much more powerful and intense. Through most of the series, Mamoru is largely absent from the series and the lyrics do a great job of not just capturing Usagi’s loss and of wanting to find him again, but her resolve in doing so. Like Rashiku Ikimasho, the Sailor Star Song is also about not giving up, having faith and believing in the power of love.

3. Tuxedo Mirage by Peach Hips

From the S season, we have Tuxedo Mirage, which serves as the ending theme. In addition to also being written by Takeuchi, the main cast happens to sing this song. While the love between Usagi and Mamoru isn’t as emphatic in this season as it was in the previous ones, this is the song that 100% solidifies their feelings for one another. What makes this song stand out is certainly its chorus. While it is short, it is still very powerful. But what also makes the song unique is its visuals in the series is that is represents a music box with Princess Serenity spinning on top with Prince Endymion to show up at the end, which represents its chiming instrumentals. As for the rest of the lyrics, it is probably the most romantic of all the series.

2. Moonlight Densetsu by DALI

Moonlight Densetsu is probably the most iconic song in anime. The chord progression and melody just has this distinct rhythm that makes it captivating. The lyrics gives the audience a school girl’s view of romance and that one day, she will find the one destined for her, which pretty much sums up the story between Usagi and Mamoru, two reincarnated lovers who reunite. For many international adaptations beyond the English version, they still used the melody for their respective languages and put their own spin to it. With the English version, it introduces audiences to the Sailor Moon character, her teammates, and what they do. We can’t speak for the other languages since we can’t speak them, but based on what we heard, it gives a definitive feel to Sailor Moon for its respective target audience.

1. Moon Revenge by Peach Hips

For our number one pick, we have to go with Moon Revenge from the Sailor Moon R movie, which also happens to be sung by the main cast. What makes this song stand out is its much darker intensity since it is used in a moment when the Sailor Senshi feel they’re about to lose Usagi, and you see how much she means to each character as this song plays. The situation of the Sailor Senshi holding hands crying for Usagi amplifies those emotions of what it means to lose your friend in such a moment. It also reminds us who Usagi is and that she sees the best in people. The lyrics also share that even if you do lose that loved one, as long as you keep them in your heart they’ll live on or even if you lose them and if you’re desperate enough, do what you can to bring them back.

Final Thoughts

As you have read this list, you can see that Takeuchi contributed a lot of songs to the anime adaptation. Beyond what we just listed, if any of you readers happen to be a resident of a non-English speaking nation or have had exposure to a dub to Sailor Moon outside of Japanese or English, did the soundtracks to that respective dub also offer some unique original songs? If so, please let us know! However, if you think there are better songs that are worthy of being top 5, give us your thoughts in the comments!

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