Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid (The Duke of Death and His Maid) Review - A Fairy-Tale Romance

The Duke of Death and His Maid has unfortunately ended and it’s time to say goodbye to one of our favorite anime of Summer 2021. While many people had complaints about the animation because of the CGI aspect of it, it was still a great anime that regales you once you get past that initial hiccup. The anime carried itself rather gracefully throughout the season and remained a comfort anime for many. Who doesn’t dream of living in the Victorian era with a beautiful maid and butler serving them? Minus the curses, of course! Read on to find out what our final review for The Duke of Death and His Maid is!

RomCom or Tragic Love? Make Up Your Mind!

The story starts off seemingly complicated with Bocchan having a curse and Alice being in love with him. While there is also some comedy involved from the very first episode, it overall set the tone as the tragic story of lovers who cannot touch each other no matter what. This gives purpose to the characters to try to overcome the curse but that purpose is never really resolved in the show. Instead, all we get are fluffy moments of romantic comedy of Alice constantly teasing Bocchan to elicit great reactions from him. While this was really heartwarming to watch, we do wish that the anime established its motive to be a romantic comedy without the heart-wrenching turns that it takes every now and then.

While the classical music and the oil painting-like background of the anime paired really well with the overall theme of this fantastical story, there were some times that our feelings were conflicted and confused about what this anime really was about. While The Duke of Death and His Maid starts off as a tragic love story of the Duke who is cursed and the maid he is in love with, there are also moments of comedy that really distract the anime watcher from the established tone of the anime. This inconsistency keeps messing up the feelings of the person watching it and we really wish that the anime decided on one theme and stuck with it till the very end.

Oh, Our Sweet Lovable Characters!

Alice and Bocchan are beautifully fleshed-out characters. There are many flashback scenes that add depth to Alice and Bocchan as more than typical anime characters. Instead, it makes them human. It gives them life because we see that they truly love each other, comedy and fun moments aside, and want to simply live a happy life together. But with the curse situation unresolved and Alice’s flirtatious teases, the anime often derails into its romantic comedy moments and we ultimately feel like Alice and Bocchan aren’t given the chance to be their own people, instead of merely typical anime characters that the anime forced them to be.

Final Thoughts

The Duke of Death and His Maid honestly would’ve profited a lot and could’ve been hands down one of the best anime for the season if only the animation was traditionally animated with some spectacular effects and if the plot stuck to a pattern. However, it still stayed true till the end and we still enjoyed it despite the ragged animation and plot issues. As a story, it was simply delightful to watch Alice and Bocchan do life together and make some wonderful memories trying to get rid of the curse that haunts Bocchan. What are your thoughts about this anime? Did you enjoy it or drop it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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