The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague First Impressions - A Simple Office Romance With Yokai Descendents

Koori-Zokusei-Danshi-To-Cool-Na-Douryou-Joshi-wallpaper-1 The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague First Impressions - A Simple Office Romance With Yokai Descendents

This season we are blessed with a good handful of romance anime. Whether it's a romantic comedy or a fantastical romance, there is always some anime for everyone. One anime, in particular, brings in a simple office romance in a unique way that includes yokai, or the descendants of yokai.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague are about new office workers Fuyutsuki-san, a calm and collected young woman, and Himuro-kun, a descendent of the yokai snowwoman with a warm and kind heart despite creating snowmen and snowstorms. On their first day of work, a chance encounter brought them together, with Fuyutsuki-san helping Himuro-kun with his nerves and breaking him out of his ice, and they later became coworkers. Thanks to Fuyutsuki-san's kindness, Himuro-kun begins to adore and fall in love with her, which leads to his emotions being shown quite openly through his strange powers to everyone except for Fuyutsuki-san herself. This starts an office romance between a snowwoman's descendant and his cool, calm human coworker.

Unique Characters or Yokai's Descendents

What's a romance anime without a unique set of characters? Like other romance anime, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague also have many distinctive characters. One thing that the anime brought in, though it is unique, is using yokai to inspire some of their characters. It's not just the actual yokai, but the descendants of the yokai. Although the anime mainly focuses on Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san, from what we could see in the first few episodes, using descendants of yokai is a fascinating concept to see. Each descendant of yokai has a unique personality that matches their yokai ancestors and unique traits such as Himuro-kun's icy powers and a female character's fox ears and tail popping out. Not to mention the gap between Himuro-kun's personality on the inside and outside and how his powers made his apparent love towards Fuyutsuki-san so fun to watch.

A Simple Office Romance

You know what they say, "simple is best." Sometimes it is better to have a simple office romance with little drama to make it a good romance anime. For the Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, that simplicity made this romance anime charming. In fact, using that simple office romance works well with the fantasy part of the anime, where the descendants of yokai are all living and working as usual in modern Japan like any other ordinary people. It even adds some comedic elements when the descendants of the yokai powers were used unconsciously, like Himuro-kun and his snow woman's abilities. Unfortunately, this simplicity might not be for everyone. So, if you are looking for more action and drama in your romance, you will have to look for that somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is a charming romance anime between Himuro-kun, a descendent of a yokai, and Fuyutsuki-san, his cool, human colleague. Although it's considered taboo to have an office romance in Japan, the simplicity of an office romance works very well with the unique characters that this anime offers. As we continue to watch, we hope to see the rest of this anime's supporting couples and how Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san's relationship develops.

Are you enjoying The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague so far? Or was this anime just too simple for you? Let us know in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”