[Small Children Anime Winter 2018] Like Barakamon? Watch This!

Sure, here at Honey’s Anime, we love our action anime or romance series. Though there are times we need something a little bit more unique. That’s why when Barakamon was released back in 2014, we loved its take on the slice of genre. Despite following a down on his luck main protagonist—in this case Sei Handa—Barakamon was full of humor, heart and fun characters. What stole the show in Barakamon was less of Sei’s antics but more of the kids who he came to know like Naru Kotoishi who is basically a bundle of energy and spirit wrapped in the body of a child. Shows like Barakamon aren’t seen often in the anime world but when they do come around, you can bet here at Honey’s Anime HQ we are tuning in to watch each episode as it releases.

In the winter 2018 season, we were shocked to see two shows release that reminded us of the style of Barakamon. Gakuen Babysitters and Mitsuboshi Colors have a central focus on the children rather than just the adults or teens. Now maybe you need more concrete proof before diving into either show since you’re like us and loved Barakamon. Well don’t worry folks we have you covered in that respect. Down below we have summarized both shows—all while avoiding spoilers of course—and have made some comparisons. We will tell you why Gakuen Babysitters and Mitsuboshi Colors should be watched if you liked Barakamon. Now let us begin this comparison in our article aptly titled Like Barakamon? Watch This!

About Barakamon

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul, 2014- Sept, 2014

Despite his young age, Seishuu Handa is a rising calligrapher with works already being featured in museums and even in various magazines. Just like any creative soul young soul, Handa is quick to get agitated when someone comments on his work and that leads him into a bit of an issue during a judging ceremony. When one of the high-end judges claims Handa’s latest piece was unoriginal, our calligrapher assaults the man and is thus hit with a rather large punishment. Handa’s father requests his son to learn to calm his spirit and sends him to live on Goto Island which is quite different than the hustle and bustle of Tokyo that Handa is used to. Here, Handa will try to gain the inspiration he needs to create a new calligraphy style but this might be a tad hard considering Goto Island’s residents are in one word, quirky. Can Handa survive his inner issues and the Goto Island setting?!

Liked Barakamon? Watch Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan, 2018- Present

Ryuuichi and Kotarou Kashima are brothers who have experienced a rather horrible incident recently. Both of their parents met an untimely death in a plane crash leaving them to rely on each other’s strength despite Kotarou being a young boy and Ryuuichi a freshman in high school. Taken in by a chairwoman of an elite high school despite never meeting her, the two brothers find themselves with a new place to call home. However, for Ryuuichi to continue living with his new guardian, he will have to join the school’s babysitter club which acts as a daycare for the teacher’s children. Ryuuichi and Kotarou begin their new lives together and somehow begin to find happiness once more.

Three Major Similarities Between Barakamon and Gakuen Babysitters

1. Expect to go “aww” a lot

Are you like us here at Honey’s Anime where we get true pleasure out of going “aww” during a cute scene? If you loved Barakamon then you probably are indeed one of those who gets a thrill out of a cute scene here and there. However, if you want even more aww filled moments, then you will thoroughly enjoy Gakuen Babysitters. Seeing the cute chubby face of Kotarou as he reacts to something sad or seeing Taka act tough and leader-esque despite being affected by his brother’s teasing never gets old. Then you have the baby Midori Sawatari who, despite doing almost nothing, just makes you smile when she waves or reacts with a cute baby noise. Even thinking about these moments in Gakuen Babysitters makes us go and smile with a big grin as we love cute stuff when it’s done right and it is done very well in Gakuen Babysitters.

2. Life Lessons Galore

Barakamon, in its 12-episode run, was chock full of life lessons to teach the audience. Often, we would find episodes where Handa realized he needed to sometimes just relax and let things flow or moments where Naru and her friends would remind us that the world doesn’t always need to be seen in a serious light. This sentiment of teaching life lessons is seen in Gakuen Babysitters where, thanks to the Kashima brothers and even the Hayato siblings, remind us what it means for family to be close and how not every family is the same in showing love. There are plenty of life lessons in Gakuen Babysitters and it makes the show very grounded in reality but in a good and pleasing way. Life lessons are good to remind us of things we sometimes forget in life and that’s why we recommend watching Gakuen Babysitters for some much-needed lessons that might even help you with your own issues.

3. Tons of comedy

While Barakamon and Gakuen Babysitters can often get serious at times, that doesn’t mean either show stays that way all the time. Each show is infused with tons of comedy thanks to the characters and their silly antics. For example, Handa’s overly aggressive ways with his kouhai in Barakamon makes us laugh each time it happens. We also love seeing Yoshihito Usaida—the main babysitter of the club in Gakuen Babysitters—sleep 90% of the time despite his primary job being to watch over kids. Gakuen Babysitters has more comedy in other episodes where we see the children act like kids and cause mayhem and for us that is pure comedy gold. Kids can be precious and hard to deal with, but if you see their actions as innocent then you’ll realize how silly they can be and this is conveyed so well in Gakuen Babysitters and equally Barakamon.

Liked Barakamon? Watch Mitsuboshi Colors!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan, 2018- Present

Kotoha, Sacchan and Yui are best known as the “Colors”. Typically seen wearing clothes that represent colors, these kids show that besides their outwardly child-like attitude there is a purpose in their actions. Protecting the city is what they claim to do even if sometimes it seems they really aren’t just acting like kids. Join the girls as they show the world their energy all while just being happy and saving the day. With a world filled with exciting everyday activities how can anyone ever get bored!?

Three Major Similarities Between Barakamon and Mitsuboshi Colors

1. The beauties of comedy and slice of life

Mitsuboshi Colors is a perfect show to watch if you loved the slice of life and comedy aspects of Barakamon. Both Barakamon and Mitsuboshi Colors incorporate the essence of just living day by day and dealing with the world in the process. However, unlike the real world, both shows bring forth the joys of simplicity that we often forget exist in our daily routines. Mitsuboshi Colors echoes Barakamon reminding us to take it easy sometimes. Why not make an adventure out of just going to the store or hanging out with friends like in Mitsuboshi Colors? Even as an adult, watching shows like Barakamon and Mitsuboshi Colors reminds us why we love slice of life and comedy anime, they can really just calm the soul.

2. The world through a child’s eyes

What we love about Mitsuboshi Colors and Barakamon is that it does what most anime don’t, it focuses on kids at times. We get to see a world not through the dramas of a teen but through the imaginary mind of a child. Kotoha, Sacchan and Yui are quick to make up adventures from seemingly ordinary things in the world and that reminds us Naru from Barakamon who seemed to take Handa’s residence originally as a secret base despite it being just an ordinary home. Watching shows like Mitsuboshi Colors reminds us of how we too saw the world as young kids way back when here at Honey’s Anime. If you found Barakamon to have a similar theme then you’ll enjoy Mitsuboshi Colors truly.

3. Quirky Cast

Any anime worth watching needs strong characters for true enjoyment. If the characters are lifeless and lack spirit, equally, the show suffers as well. Luckily, neither Barakamon or Mitsuboshi Colors suffers from overly weak characters. Instead, with both shows, we get a cast of colorful, albeit quirky, people who constantly do weird things but all in the name of fun. We don’t need to really explain how kids can be quirky, just look at Sacchan and her abundance of energy or Kotoha who can be stoic at times but equally silly. We then think back to Barakamon and remember some of the supporting characters like yaoi lover Tamako Arai or Hina Kubota who will be full of joy one moment, shy another and then crying at something seemingly irrelevant. We loved Barakamon because the characters—and we mean all of the characters—made us smile every time they appeared and that same feeling was experienced while watching Mitsuboshi Colors. Do you enjoy your anime with quirky characters? Then go check out Mitsuboshi Colors.

Final Thoughts

Action, horror, sci-fi, ecchi and drama are all great anime genres but sometimes shows like Barakamon are just perfect to let all that high intensity calm within our hearts a bit. Equally, the shows above—in this case Gakuen Babysitters and Mitsuboshi Colors—are perfect for that very experience. These shows make your heart laugh and equally remind you of the beauty of what it means to be a kid and how the world can change keeping that mindset alive. That’s why we know if you loved Barakamon as much as we did, you should definitely be checking out Mitsuboshi Colors and Gakuen Babysitters as soon as possible. Have you already watched either show, or even both? Let us know in the comments below and for all your anime recommendations and other articles like this one be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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