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Netflix has finally embraced the world of anime and might have become otaku themselves. More and more anime is being produced by the subscription giant and one more series to add to that list is the rebirth of an older anime film. Released back in 1998, Spriggan, which was originally a manga series crafted in 1989, was released as an anime film and gained quite a cult following. Now 20+ years later, Spriggan returns but not in a movie format but in a 6-episode series! Are you wondering as a fan/newcomer if you should dive into the land of ancient weapons and artifacts or should you keep Spriggan in your maybe/watch later list and forget about it? Let’s find out in our review of Spriggan!

He’s a Spriggan!

In case you have no idea what a Spriggan is or the concept of the series here’s a quick introduction. Spriggan follows a hidden battle happening between various countries over lost artifacts from an ancient civilization. Yuu Ominae is a Spriggan, a special soldier from the ARCAM organization who wishes to ensure no superpower gains the ancient artifacts which could alter the very landscape of the world if they do. Yuu is given a super suit that gives him extreme strength alongside his latent special abilities and he is always willing to kick-butt and beat down anyone who endangers his world.

The story of Spriggan is…very simple but it works as this is an action series and is best when it does just that, throws action at our faces. When Yuu is a student or is just chatting with friends—who usually die pretty quick—Spriggan kind of feels like it tacked on these ideas at the last minute. When Yuu is beating down a giant robot or fighting an esper, this is where we loved Spriggan!


The biggest shock of Spriggan 2022 isn’t that it was released after the movie came out before most of us could drive but that this, folks…isn’t a CGI anime! Most Netflix-produced series have CGI and we’ve grown accustomed to this animation style for Netflix-produced creations. Spriggan is more akin to the standard 2D animation and while there is an occasional 3D element here and there, which doesn’t look too bad, watching a more traditional anime format from a Netflix series is a nice change of pace. Spriggan won’t blow your minds away with a format you haven’t seen before but visually, the 6-episode series looks solid and there are some awe-inducing moments to be had during the more epic battles!

Some Questionable Moments

Let’s discuss one element that Spriggan does which could raise some eyebrows while you watch the series. Spriggan discusses religion, conflicts with various countries for power, and historically skewed theories. While the latter is just silly, the two former might be a bit hard to deal with as viewers could feel anger and/or annoyance as they use these extreme themes but remember folks, it is just an anime. To our knowledge, Moses never had a spaceship-like ark and there were no robots hundreds of years ago. Anime will always be fictional, though, sometimes we wish it wasn’t.

Season 2 Please

Spriggan ONA is only 6-episodes and while they are expanded in length compared to a regular episode, it still doesn’t feel like the world of Yuu and ARCAM have been fully fleshed out. That’s why we definitely need a second season to air! Episode 6 does have a possible revelation of more content to come, with a threat looming in Yuu’s future, but Netflix has been recently cutting corners and canceling their series after only one season. The future of our Spriggan is unknown as of writing this article but we hope it’s a bright one as we’d love a second season to know more!

Final Thoughts

Spriggan on Netflix was a welcome surprise. While the experience is short and probably won’t blow away many viewers, we did love that studio David Production released an ONA of a movie we have fond memories of. Spriggan is a fun quick binge, even though the episodes are 45 minutes each, they’re perfect to binge-watch on a weekend!

Spriggan fans out there! Did you guys/girls love Spriggan’s 2022 ONA release or did you feel it fell short of the original movie? Comment below to let us know! Keep stuck to our powered-up hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews and articles!

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