Startled By Astarte in Child of Darkness [Honeyfeed Novel]

Startled By Astarte in Child of Darkness

  • Author : AuthorAtish
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Isekai, Philosophical, Shounen
  • Publisher : Honeyfeed
  • Published : March 2020 - Ongoing

Contains Spoilers

Child of Darkness Introduction and Story (No Spoilers)

Isekai, swords, and magic are always welcome here in Honey’s Anime. After all, we all love reading a good fantasy story. More so, reading a protagonist living the life we’ve always wished to have makes our hearts pump a little bit faster. We mean, who doesn’t want to experience doing some hocus pocus minus the gimmick and trickery? On top of that, we get to experience some real medieval hack and slash action. Oh wait, we don’t do well with blood, so never mind that. Just focus on the hocus pocus part.

Discussion Time

Child of Darkness is all about Aiden Kualasis, a reincarnated human. He came from the world known to us. When things get rough on his side, he decides to escape it all by ending his life. Fate, however, has other plans for him. Instead of going to heaven or hell or anywhere people are supposed to go after death, he is sent into the world of Aviona. Aviona is something similar to our planet’s past. For example, they use bricks instead of cement to build houses. It’s not entirely clear if this is a whole new universe or just some sort of far-fetched parallel universe. After all, they still somewhat have to study math, social sciences, and languages.

Why You Should Read Child of Darkness

1. Magic That’s Not Magic

What’s isekai if there was no magic, right? Well, there’s Child of Darkness. Instead of mana and magic power, Aviona functions with Astarte particles. Just like in most worlds, Astarte builds up most of Aviona. The author describes it like oxygen on Earth, so we presume it’s very important. Although, it isn’t really specified as to how these particles function, it is specified that they have a lot of uses. As to what the limits of those functions are, we have no idea. Regardless, it’s nice to see an attempt to deviate from the norm.

2. Easy Jump

The first few chapters of the novel only have a few paragraphs. That makes it easy for new readers to have an idea as to what kind of story they’re reading. This also gives the readers some leeway to decide whether or not to continue reading the story. On the other hand, that does not necessarily mean every Child of Darkness chapter is short. In fact, it actually becomes quite long quickly. The third chapter is around one and half to two times longer than, including the prologue, the first three chapters.

Why You Should Skip Child of Darkness

1. Typical Isekai

So, we have a main character who dies. Unfortunately, though, truck-kun is a bit too late on this one. After dying, he gets transferred to another world. As to how and for what reason, we absolutely have no idea. During his supposed daily life, he encounters a rare being that other normal beings can’t really see. It is then revealed that he is some sort of special human. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Yup, that’s what we think so too.

Final Thoughts

Child of Darkness has a good, although a bit generic, story. It’s a good story to read while waiting for the bus, taking a break, or snacking on something. Although there are quite a lot of grammatical mistakes, they don’t necessarily affect the story. On the other hand, the unique take on magic is quite interesting. We can’t really say that the story is unique, but it definitely has its own flavor. Like how homemade coffee differs from another homemade coffee.

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