Super Cub: How Did The Main Cast Change (Us)?

Super Cub is a Slice of Life anime that recently aired in the Spring 2021 anime season, quickly entering our hearts and making us expectant to the journey of the protagonists involved. Out of all of the remarkable points to pick out from these series, we have decided to focus on the main characters and their development throughout the episodes. Let’s go through it together!

The Colorless Koguma

Although mean-spirited, colorless is the best way to describe the first character and the main protagonist introduced. Koguma herself recites her every day as plain, disheartening, and with no motivation moving her forward other than staying alive. We see the world through her eyes: the indefinitely colorless, gray-scaled, cold view she perceives. It has a nostalgic sense to it, but it could not be described as anything but bleak. Slowly, we see color gradually fill the atmosphere as she experiences different circumstances revolving around her Honda Super Cub. It was the push she needed to finally face and find interest in life, as she had never been a point of interest for anyone else. Koguma cannot describe her relationship with Reiko and Shii as a usual friendship, she finds comfort and a sense of comradeship, a deep amicable understanding in their acquaintanceship. It tugged at our hearts the first time we saw her genuine smile as the panorama changed every new episode.

The Headstrong Reiko

A girl who may come off as bold or impulsive, but is much more sensitive and true to her desires, if you may. Reiko is stubborn by nature, willful, and a brunt fellow who will not stop until deemed impossible (for now). Although there are times when we can indeed classify her as the impulsive type, she is usually quite level-headed on a daily basis. One particular aspect we admire of Reiko is how tenacious she is, how much she is willing to give to achieve what she has set out to do from the beginning. She plans ahead, looks for the medium needed to achieve it, and sets forward. We see this reflected in her (attempt at) climbing Mt. Fuji. We cheered for her as Reiko challenged the slope, wishing for her success and worrying every time she fell. We believe this was a particular turnaround point for her character moving forward. Her interactions with Koguma were a necessity that went both ways, Reiko depended on Koguma who is much more rational and level-headed, while Reiko proved crucial to allow Koguma to set herself free and expand her horizons.

The Sprout Shii

We find Shii’s character to be akin to a flower that endures the hardships to blossom at the end. Koguma and Reiko became nutrients in her journey, they are people Shii follows and admires to a certain extent. Before her interactions with these two, Shii is already doing her best on her own to achieve that wish she dreams about: turn her parent's fusion of an American and German café into an Italian one. Despite her hard work, we believe Shii’s conviction strengthened when she became closer to Koguma and Reiko, deepening their relationship as the girls frequent the café on their way home with their cubs. Although she has an accident later on, with Koguma rescuing her in a very Koguma way, Shii heavily relies on the girls to understand herself and what she wishes to do moving forward. The scene where she asks Koguma to take the winter away from her and lead her to spring gave us the necessary insight into her fears as she chased after the girls. Her anxiousness had been palpable before the breaking point, but she had yet to act upon her feelings. Ultimately, Shii is a particular flower that requires the warmth of spring to find courage in her heart once again. Koguma and Reiko are the only ones able to lead her where the cherry blossoms are.

Final Thoughts

Well-developed characters can easily carry the plotline and overall sentiment of a piece on their backs, or so the saying goes. The characters are responsible for the success or failure of the work in question, although this is subjective to the fans. However, it is not a lie that we look fondly upon some titles which had characters we could easily relate to.

Slice of Life anime is quite particular in the emphasis given to its characters, as we feel the storyline revolving around them. It allows viewers or readers to grow along with the characters and face themselves truthfully. At the end of the work, are we the same people we were before starting it?

Did you enjoy this series? Which of the characters became your favorite overall? As always, please let us know in the comments below!

by Mina Sandoval

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