Super Cub

Super Cub

Slice of Life, School

Airing Date:
Spring 2021

Studio KAI

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Koguma is a lonely girl without any family, friends, or even hobbies, who always used to ride her bicycle to school. One day, she decides to buy a Honda Cub scooter for a bargain price at a local shop and her life slowly starts to change. She experiences a new kind of speed she had never felt before and learns what it's like to run out of gas and to travel. Then one day, Koguma meets another girl who is also riding a Honda Cub, Reiko.

Characters & Voice Actors

Koguma: Yuki Yomichi

Koguma lives in Hokuto and is in her second year of high school. Her looks are very plain; a medium build and short black hair. Likewise, her grades are mediocre. Koguma’s dad passed away when she was still young, and just as she started high school, her mom disappeared. Left alone without any relatives to rely on, she now lives alone in an apartment by Hinoharu station and survives on student loans. She doesn’t have any hobbies or friends and in school she’s often looked over. However, upon buying a Honda Cub she slowly starts changing.
Reiko: Ayaka Nanase

Reiko lives alone in a log house, in a villa area in the part of the city that was once called Mukawamura. Reiko is the complete opposite to the plain Koguma. She’s beautiful, has top grades and excels as sport, which makes her stand out in the class. However, she has no interest in anything except for Honda Cubs. Once she notices that Koguma is driving one as well, Reiko starts having lunch with her and eventually she ends up becoming Koguma’s first real friend.
Shii Eniwa: Natsumi Hioka

Shii is in the same class as Koguma and Reiko. Back in winter, Shii fell into the river in an accident where Koguma ended up helping him. Ever since, he has fallen for both her and the super cub. He lost his Moulton bike in the accident and thus he ends up buying a small, light blue super cub.
Emi Eniwa:

Emi is Shii’s younger sister. She used to go to a middle school in Tokyo, but she decided to return to Hokuto and start high school in the same school as Koguma and her friends.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Mahou no Kaze" by Akane Kumada
  • Ending Song: "Haru e no Dengon" by Yuki Yomichi, Ayaka Nanase, Natsumi Hioka
"Super Cub" (Light novel)
Super-Cub-KV Super Cub

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Koken Tone
  • Director: Toshio Fujii
  • Script: Toshizo Nemoto
  • Series Composition: Toshizo Nemoto
  • Character Design: Ryo Imanishi
  • Original Illustrator: Hiroshi
  • Music: Tomohisa Ishikawa / ZAQ

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