Super Cub Review - A Uniquely Soothing Experience

Koguma’s introduction is short and simple: she has no family, no friends, no hobbies. Every day, we watch her have the same breakfast and pack rice for lunch. Watching other drivers go over a bridge effortlessly while she struggles on her mom bike gives her the idea of looking for a second-hand motorbike. This is how she comes across her Honda Super Cub, which is not just a means of transportation but a new companion that opens up a world of possibilities.

An extended Honda advertisement, Super Cub is a great slice-of-life series in itself. A heartwarming iyashikei about a lonely girl and her motorbike that doesn’t base off its entire charm on moe but more on excellent art direction and character development, Super Cub was a uniquely soothing experience, even more so the story of a girl finding herself, becoming her own person, and making friends. Let’s take a look at our end-of-season impressions!

Beauty in The Details

The way Super Cub engages with the everyday is magnificent. The sparse dialogue, the beautiful images of nature, even the depiction of the mundane, are all picked carefully to introduce us to Koguma’s life. In this way, the difference between before and after Koguma has her trusty Honda in her life is stronger. The sun literally comes out when she acquires her motorbike, or when she finds a way to ride safely during winter.

Admittedly, there is not a lot happening in each episode but we like it this way. Apart from episode 11, which took a different turn with questionable success, when Koguma had to rescue Shii from falling off her bike and into the ice-cold river, Koguma and Reiko’s concerns are about looking for cheap spare parts, upgrading their Super Cubs to prepare for winter, and going about their lives. The Reiko-focused episode was great in combining elements of a simple, everyday life, and adventure, with feisty Reiko attempting to climb Fuji-san on her Cub.

Motorbike Nerds

So, how much do you know about motorbikes? If you are already a fan, it’s guaranteed that you will feel nostalgic while watching Koguma getting used to riding her Super Cub, and her excitement as she realizes all the options her own means of transportation gives her. If you don’t know much, or even care about motorbikes, you will still enjoy Super Cub, because it is, essentially, a story about being young and finding your own tribe. Koguma’s friendship with Reiko and Shii is fostered by their love of traveling on two wheels, but it’s not the only thing they share. They have fun times, snow fights, care for each other, and take trips to experience spring before it reaches their frozen hometown.

Final Thoughts

Super Cub is a lovely experience for fans of iyashikei anime, motorbike enthusiasts, and those who love elegant simplicity in anime. Koguma as a protagonist shows amazing growth and her smile is infectious. If the purpose of this series was to promote Honda’s Super Cub line, then it succeeded, because we really got a sense of wanderlust after watching Koguma’s adventures. Beautiful art and tasteful CGI complete a must-see iyashikei experience.

But, what did you think of Super Cub? Did you survive without getting your own motorbike? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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Super-Cub-Wallpaper-3-700x392 Super Cub Review - A Uniquely Soothing Experience

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