How Super Cub Cured Our Anxiety

The quiet force of the season, Super Cub, is here! We follow lonely high school student Koguma as her world opens up to previously unimagined possibilities, thanks to her second-hand Honda Super Cub. More of a scooter than a motorbike, and associated with postmen and other professions, Koguma’s Super Cub is a catalyst in the high schooler’s life, how she makes friends and grows as a person.

Iyashikei anime give us wholesome experiences. We were already missing Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp) which recently concluded its second season, and now we get another iyashikei set in the same prefecture, Yamanashi. A minimalist, serene, and crisp experience, Super Cub gave us a delightful premiere. Here's why you should check out Super Cub if you haven't already.

ASMR for the Soul

Welcome to Koguma’s peaceful and lonely world. The first few minutes are filled with classical music by Debussy, introducing us to Koguma’s surroundings and morning routine. This is a world where each morning sound gains significance, the incoming train, the rustling water, the alarm clock. If there was an ASMR anime genre, Super Cub would be that.

Light, Photorealism & Less is More

Super Cub gives us an almost meditative experience, pausing to linger on all the small details. The first minutes are all about setting, serenity, and loneliness. Until we meet Koguma, there is no human presence.

The setting itself is a joy to behold - Nature, small-town details, the train station, traffic lights, Koguma’s school, and empty classroom, all are presented photorealistically, like still images. The camera lingers on all the spaces Koguma occupies in her daily life and we get to know her before we even get to her home.

Then, Koguma is introduced through her room, a minimal space with the bare essentials. Her room shows her withdrawn and lonely life, without family or friends. It is an almost meditative experience, following her through her daily routines, preparing the same toasted bread and butter for breakfast, packing the same lunch of white rice, and rotating through different precooked toppings.

Koguma hasn't uttered a word yet but we already know that cycling with her old granny bike is a routine that doesn't fit her life anymore. We follow her look, staring with quiet envy at the motorbikes that pass her with ease. In class, the English lesson foreshadows what is going to happen – the sentence they are learning today is “They knew that they could go anywhere with the motorcycle”.

We get to hear Koguma’s voice, once she gets to the motorbike shop. When she tries out the used Honda Super Cub, her whole world lights up when she gets on the motorbike, as a ray of sunlight comes through the clouds. This is when we understand that the soft and chilly palette so far has been affected by Koguma's view of the world: small, grey, predictable. With her new motorbike, she opens up new possibilities.

A Girl and her Motorbike

Super-Cub-Wallpaper-3 How Super Cub Cured Our Anxiety

This is the sweetest look that made us think “look at me like Koguma looks at her Super Cub!”
Koguma's design parallels that of Yuru Camp's Rin, the cool solo camper. We even get a hint of Kino from Kino no Tabi, who finds freedom through her endless wandering on trusty motorbike Hermes. The Super Cub is not just a means of transportation, it is a companion, Koguma's first friend, a way to connect, and to be independent. Even when she comes across trouble, due to her inexperience, she manages to figure things out by herself, which boosts her confidence. We love seeing Koguma happy and hope that her adventures get less lonely along the way, as it's teased by the official anime art.

Final Thoughts

With Super Cub what you see is what you get - its visual and thematic economy is refreshing, Koguma is a sweet, lovable MC, and the whole vibe is chill and serene. We love the premiere and can't wait to see which adventures Koguma is heading to.

Your anime therapist prescribes a weekly dose of Super Cub. Would you follow this advice? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

Super-Cub-Wallpaper-3 How Super Cub Cured Our Anxiety


Author: Andromache Kokkinou

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Super-Cub-Wallpaper-3 How Super Cub Cured Our Anxiety

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