[Superpower Fantasy Fall 2020] Like Charlotte? Watch This!

Charlotte (2013) is an anime from the same mind that gave us Angel Beats and Clannad. The 13-episode supernatural thriller begins on a rather light note before throwing us for a loop, perhaps in the same way that the aforementioned titles did in their latter stages! Be that as it may, Charlotte is like many other anime in that it features superpowered adolescent characters who have to juggle their oft newfound powers as well as their daily lives as regular teens. This season, we have two shows that we think are quite similar to Charlotte; however, these 2020 titles have their own unique elements that have made them stand out from the crowd this Fall! If you like Charlotte, you’ll definitely be partial to these two anime!

Munou na Nana (Talentless Nana)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2020 - Ongoing

In the year 20XX, the Earth is ravaged by monsters simply known as “the Enemy of Humanity”. Some of these monsters are highly intelligent and even pass for human beings! Special schools were formed where teenagers with supernatural abilities could hone their skills and stand up as heroes against the deadly threat. The superpowered teenagers came to be known as “the Talented”. Hiiragi Nana is a transfer student who claims to possess mind reading powers and attends a high school for “the Talented”. Nakajima Nanao, on the other hand, is a completely normal teenager who is bullied by every last one of his superpowered classmates save for Nana.

From the very start, Talentless Nana appears to be a replica of Charlotte, right down to the main characters’ school uniforms! The basic premises of both anime are similar, with teenagers developing supernatural abilities and being placed in schools dedicated to teaching them how to hone their powers. Both Charlotte and Talentless Nana begin with a fairly lighthearted feel that soon spirals into something dark and convoluted. One major difference; however, is that in Talentless Nana, the superpowered teenagers are common knowledge to society, while in Charlotte, the special schools existed to protect ability users from scientific prodding and probing at the hands of adults. Charlotte protagonist Otosaka Yuu feigns lacking in ability to keep his a secret, which is the same as the Talentless Nana character Nakajima hiding his true abilities from his fellow classmates.

Senyoku no Sigdrifa (Warlords of Sigdrifa)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2020 - Ongoing

When the world falls under siege from “The Pillars”, huge monstrosities that pose an unholy threat against the human race. Humanity’s only hope appears in the form of the Norse god, Odin, who tells a collection of the world’s leaders that Ragnarok is nigh. Odin gives humanity the gift of the Valkyrie Schwertleite, piloted by Claudia Bruford. The Valkyries combat the Pillars with a little bit of help from special mechs known as Herocraft. However, even as several years pass, the war does not end. In Japan, the Pillar over Mount Fuji is engaged by three Valkyries with all kinds of magical abilities on top of their heavy artillery.

In a similar fashion to Charlotte and the establishment of supernatural abilities in teenagers, Warlords of Sigdrifa combines mecha and magic to create an interesting mix of special abilities and machine-based combat. Like Charlotte, Warlords of Sigdrifa is based in a post-apocalyptic landscape where teenagers are used for their special talents or abilities. Both series have a lighthearted feel from time to time, but use the dissonance between art style and themes to create a jarring story with quite a lot of human suffering.

Final Thoughts

It is fairly common for anime fans to think about what their lives would be like if they had powers or supernatural abilities; however, shows like Charlotte often flip that fantasy on its head, showing just how dark and treacherous having such abilities can really be. Both Talentless Nana and Warlords of Sigdrifa feature characters who have such supernatural abilities and have to use them for the greater good, which is what Charlotte develops into as the series progresses.

What is your favourite thing about Charlotte? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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Munou-na-Nana-dvd-225x350 [Superpower Fantasy Fall 2020] Like Charlotte? Watch This!

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