Sweet and Sour Chaos - Senyoku no Sigrdrifa (Warlords of Sigrdrifa) Mid-Season Impressions

The Grim Reaper That Brings Good Luck

Claudia Bruford is a fighter pilot who has a 99.9% mortality rate for her comrades and is known as the Grim Reaper across Europe. After being the only survivor, yet again, she is transferred to Tateyama military base, in Japan.

Believing her Grim Reaper reputation is an omen of death to those around her, Claudia is shocked when the crew serving on base learns of her Grim Reaper reputation and claim it as their own good luck. After a few successful missions, her comrade-mortality rate has to have gone down a little… right?

Flight of the Valkyries, and Ragnarök

Cutie Pilots and a Dark Figure

Warlords of Sigrdrifa centers around the four Valkyries who protect Tateyama Base. The Valkyries are teenage girls with abilities, from the god Odin, to fight their world’s monsters. The Valkyries at Tateyama Base are four girls named Claudia, Miyako, Sonoka, and Azuzu, and they become fast friends. Each team member flies a fighter plane to defeat monsters that arise over the sea to protect people who live nearby.

While these loveable heroines conquer their missions and strengthen their bond, we should not turn our attention from Odin. After showing himself as a monstrous creature briefly at the start of the season, Odin appears as a child with an eyepatch and refers to the Valkyries as his children. He is a character whose makeup and motives are unknown, but it is clear that Odin has powers beyond that of anyone else. He has a dark countenance that suggests ulterior motives from the peace that will come after the enemy is gone. Now that the Ragnarök battle is starting, he has shown an excitement that clearly indicates his benevolence in helping with the mission is self-serving.

Dog-Fights in Early 1900’s Era Planes

Sonoyoku no Sigrdrifa has many influences from Germany and the first half of the 20th century across Europe. One of the most enjoyable cases is a look at some WWII era fighter planes! While watching Valkyries slay, the viewer will notice that each aircraft is a different style and enjoy a taste of history on these ladies’ missions to protect civilians.

These planes have designs from the early years of human flight, but their abilities are anything but classic. The God-given airplanes flown by Valkyries have some supernatural elements in addition to their ammunition on board. We have not seen all of the planes exhibit magical abilities (like sprouting wings), but with the episodes halfway published, we know there will be some unveilings in the latter half of this season.

Approaching Ragnarök

As of this publication, Sonoyoku no Sigrdrifa has the first half of its episodes issued. As of now, the main characters have strengthened their teamwork and grown faith in each other, but a dark event is about to unfold. An ever-present monster has a moment of weakness, and the decision was made to strike.

Ragnarök is a foretold cataclysmic event that the Valkyries will have to overcome if they want to survive. As the season is only half-over, how can this already be starting? Will Claudia be left as the only survivor once more? The other thing to think about here is Odin. He has a clear personal interest in this monster being defeated, and it is hard to imagine him having the same selfless aims as the Valkyries.

Final Thoughts

Though these kawaii cuties have built relationships and thrashed monsters in some great shounen scenes, the coming cataclysmic battle is going to be brutal. With this battle happening so early in the season, we know the Valkyries have a long road ahead.

Shoujou-level cuteness juxtaposed with deadly aerial battles, and a darker story lurking in the background keep you guessing as to what will happen next. To catch up and check out the next half of the season, check out Sonoyoku no Sigrdrifa or in English, The Warlords of Sigrdrifa! How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments!

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